Monday, August 12, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini Sunday at Mr. Peeps in Portland on 8/4/13 (w/NEW PIC)

Doc here...The hero Gotham deserves, but not right now.

Here is the first of two incredible Couple's Flash Reports from the beautiful Gemini in Portland, OR. Gemini has been submitting some terrific reports lately, and this one may be my favorite.
This first report focuses on her visit to Mr. Peeps in Portland, and it is pretty fantastic. You just may enjoy this moonwalk with her and this scene. 
Open up two cans of Fresca (*wink*) and enjoy Gemini's words...
Keep on with the force, don’t stop… don’t stop ‘til you get enough…
Hello Doctor,

Jordan and I woke up very early to some noise outside. Once we got back in bed, we couldn’t sleep.  I played “hearts” on the laptop and ran the hand.  “You want to really impress me,” he said “find a cock to suck right now.”  Hmmm, I thought.  We could actually slip out while the house is asleep for an hour or so.  I clicked on to Craigslist and showed him a listing within 10 seconds.  “Here.”  I said.  “Reply to him while I shower.” Jordan emailed the man who was “frisky and looking for someone right now”.  I fit the description of the type of woman he wanted. 
The Lovely Gemini
We got out the door as quick as we could and headed towards Gresham, still not knowing where we were meeting.  We figured he could jump in the back of the van and we could play in the back.  He replied that he was interested, but never gave us a place to meet.  We ended up at the truck stop, and let him know we were there….with limited time.  He never showed.  Why would you post something and not show??  Oh well, his loss.

I figured we would just grab some breakfast and head home, but Jordan had other plans.  He drove me to Mr. Peeps.  There were only a few cars in the lot, but a big pick up truck pulled in as we got to the door. 
We headed straight for our favorite booth – glory hole on one side, viewing glass on the other. Mr. Pickup Truck got into the glory hole side immediately. Jordan fed the machine and started taking off my clothes.  He started to caress my breasts which got me all hot and bothered, then I offered them to the man watching through the hole.  He played with them for a minute or two and I reached through to rub his cock.  He put it through the glory hole for me to suck, which I did, but then I invited him into the booth. 
He was in there in seconds. I was sitting on the towel covered chair, pants off, and he got down on the floor and starting eating me like nobody’s business.  Another guy in camo was now at the glory hole watching.  When Pickup Truck was done between my thighs, he stood up and let me suck him off. 
As he left I turned towards the young guy in camo’s.  I wasn’t sure if he was shy or just a voyeur since he hadn’t put his cock through the glory hole. I figured I could ease him in by having him touch my breasts, which he did.  But then he wanted to feel my pussy.  I got up against the wall as he reached through and slid his fingers inside me.  Jordan reached around and fondled my breasts.  Oh my god, this felt so good!  I grabbed the two hand rails and leaned my head back into Jordan’s chest.  Camo was very skilled with his hands…especially working through the glory hole.  He continued to bang me and work my clit as Jordan spanked me.  I was dripping wet.
Next thing I knew, there was another voice behind me in our booth.  He watched politely until Jordan gave him the go ahead and exchanged places with him.  I now had my head back against his chest while he fondled me. 
Camo was still fingering me and had me worked into a frenzy.  “More!” I cried.  Meaning ‘don’t stop – keep going’.  He must have thought I meant ‘more fingers’ and tried to work his entire hand into me.  Although I have always fantasized at the thought of this, I’m not sure my body is built for it and I had to have him back off.  I was still craving that ultimate orgasm so he carried on running his fingers in and over every part of my pussy.  Guy 3 was still behind me and I led his hand down to my wetness. He banged me as Camo massaged my clit.  God, I was in heaven.  I grabbed the bars and let out loud moans as I came with intensity.
I sat in the chair and began sucking off Guy 3.  He moaned and mumbled something about missing church.  Ha ha!  Yeah, this Jezebel has got you in her crosshairs!  Guy 4 was now watching through the glass, and Camo through the hole.  I slurped on his cock and started licking his balls.  He reacted as if he’d never experience it and it sent him through the roof.  It wasn’t long before he was cumming in my mouth.

By now Camo was over the shyness and put his cock through the glory hole.  Jordan grabbed my hair, piled on top of my head and thrust my mouth down over his shaft, continuing to force me in the rhythm he wanted.  Camo came – shooting in my mouth and all over my face.  Guy 4 watched and then made his way over to the glory hole when Camo left.  By this time we realized we were waaayy late and had to head home.  I felt bad leaving Guy 4 hanging, but I think he was a voyeur who just wanted to touch by breasts anyway.  I let him fondle for a moment, and we were on our way home.

I thought about the Craigslist guy who missed out, but I had a hell of a time.  I had hoped that this story would end with another evening encounter, but it wasn't in the stars.  It was a nice Sunday morning, but I am still extremely worked up and can’t wait to see everyone at the Paris on Wednesday night.  See you then!


Doc here again... Many thanks to the lovely Gemini for another heart-pounding report.  And for you Gemini fans out there, another report goes up Tuesday at 3PM CST on her adventure from last Wednesday at The Paris Theatre.


Cathy Report #1! One Shot at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on 8/9/13

Doc here with the first of the "Party with Cathy" reports.

In this initial entry, regular contributor One Shot has filed an excellent report on the goings on at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, Indiana (Friday's first of two nights in an adult theater). Apparently there was action going on in the theater while Cathy was in the booths, and One Shot has us covered...
Take it away, sir!
Good Lord! The woman is a sexual athlete!
Cathy got there a little late, around eight thirty. There was a nice crowd, the guys were organized into a snaky line around the lobby of CT’s. She walked in, went to the back, and then in no time she was on her way to the glory hole.
There was an all business sense to this visit. She arrived alone (girl-wise), with no fluffer-helpers. And she drained them all. I have never seen anything like it in my life. One guy after another, they left the glory hole with that cloudy look in their eyes.
Now my observation of “all business” could have more to do with her arrival time because when she took the show into the theater itself where I actually saw her in action first-hand, she was very engaged and sweet. She egged the guys on, telling them to cum, between quick flickering motions of her tongue around their cock-heads. The Doc and her husband were filming.

The guys in the theater were literally walking over chairs to get a better position. Not in a disrespectful way, cause it’s a small theater. Some of it was the logistics but the enthusiasm was a rush. Cathy joked about the guys beside her. They were piling the loads on her shoulder. A few guys got to turn her around and get to that nice pussy. Some unlucky bloke pinched her nipples—the crowd found out real quick what she’s not into that. But she was good natured about it and kept draining the guys with a mix of hand and blowjobs. It was awesome to see.

Yes. I did say see, because “She cries when she cums hard” was also there that night. My one shot landed inside of her. I’m a local and she’s a regular and one of my favorites. So I guess I was for the home team that night. She’s a vivacious forty-something with tits and an ass to die for. It was an interesting dichotomy.
Apparently she wasn’t in the mood for sucking cock, while Cathy was in the glory hole draining every cock in sight. “She Cries” just wanted to be fucked well, and the boys obliged. They stepped up one by one. After about the fifth or sixth guy we could care less about no cock sucking as she serenaded the entire theater with our favorite song “The I’m Cumming Allegro” from that famous “God Yes, Fuck Me Harder” symphony.
This woman loves it, Doc, and it shows. And the look on her husband’s face is priceless. I don’t know what he gets for letting her go out to play—although he plays too, but I saw a bargain in them there eyes. I chatted with him a little bit. He’s laid back and quite funny actually. As he noted that we were chatting over his wife’s back as some BBC tore her a new one. He paused to ask her if she was enjoying it. To which she answered, “I don’t know!” She was cumming and crying at the same time. Pete and a few others have seen it and now I got to see it. “She Cries” and Cathy on the same night, I’m starting to think that someone “Upstairs” gave a nod to this thing of ours on Saturday.
There was another woman in the glory holes after “She cries” had retired to her favorite spot to relax.  I tell you, there was a lot going on. I left while Cathy was still in the theater. Don’t know how it ended, but wow!

Lastly, Doc, I have to say... We should thank these husbands who let their wives and girlfriends live out their desires. We’re all libertines here. Of course, sssshhhh don’t tell anybody, but a lot of the guys in the theaters are married themselves and wishing their wives would go along. So some of us sneak out, some of us bring our wives or girlfriends, but we all meet up for special nights like Saturday.

One Shot


Doc here again... Many thanks to One Shot and his excellent report from CTs on Friday night. Keep up the fine work, sir!

Cathy had a great time on Friday night, and said to me that it even exceeded last year's visit in terms of quality and quantity of guys.  And she also enjoyed the girl-on-girl action she received as well!

More reports are needed from both of Cathy's visits!  E-mail me directly at with your reports, and please put "Cathy" in the subject line.