Friday, September 23, 2011

Couple's Flash Report: Lisa and J Report on 15th Ave Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a brand new reporter here at The Journal, Lisa.  Lisa and her hubby "J" are regular patrons of the arts at 15th Ave Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  The Good Doctor has had the opportunity to perform a full physical and work-up of Lisa, and can declare that she is in excellent health.  And by "excellent health" I mean "she is very naughty".

Please enjoy Lisa's first terrific report from 15th Avenue...



As you know, this is my first time as a "reporter" at 15th Avenue... so be gentle with me ;-)

"J" & I arrived about 10pm, on Saturday 9/17. We were promptly informed that our intent to raise some ruckus was welcome, as things had been pretty quiet all night. This didn't really surprise me as I knew some of our favorite playmates were off being "responsible" that evening and would be MIA... 

15th Ave Adult Books & Theater
2125 N.15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL
We entered the theater, and we were the only couple with about 15 single guys.  I was wearing a black bodysuit that was cut below the breasts (with the idea that you could wear your own bra underneath, but what fun would that be??) and a skirt for easy access...We started off in the couples section, with the guys quickly gathering around, reaching for my big tits and my already-moist pussy. We all moved down to the front row as another couple entered the theater.

Now anyone who is a regular @ 15th knows that I LOVE to give BJs, but only with condoms.  Word must be getting out, because the guys are "suiting up" a lot faster these days!!  I got down on my knees and sucked 2 beautiful cocks as the light from the screen flickered behind me.  I sucked and deep throated them, and fondled their balls until they both came hard in my mouth.  

Normally I love having an audience, and move between the theater and spa frequently.  This Saturday
was different though.   I wanted to be in the arcade, watching movies and being naughty.

The first guy I took to the arcade was tall & good looking.  I was a bit surprised when he called me a dirty little slut (DLS), and had to reassure him that I was only that way on weekends....and occasionally during the week.  He was surprised to find out this DLS has a nice tight pussy, and it wasn't long before he shot a big load deep inside it. 
My second playmate was very sensuous and really wanted to please me.  As I went down on him, I discovered that his cock head was so big, I almost couldn't fit it in my mouth.  Never being one to turn down a challenge, I rose to the occasion and so did he.  Each touch, lick and thrust brought moans of pleasure from him, and from me.

After #1 and #2, I met "J" back in the theater & told him of my adventures so far.  He was turned on, and began to touch my swollen pussy.  As he finger fucked me, I rubbed my clit and quickly came all over his talented hand.  

My third playmate was all kinds of amazing!  He was very sweet and gentle, and as he pushed his hard prick into my soft wet cunt, I had no idea what type of a ride I was in for.  If I had brought with blue ribbons for enthusiasm and duration, he would have taken both.

“J” and I went home late that night, tired but very satisfied.  All the festivities of the evening provided plenty of material for pillow talk to hold us over until we return… which I am certain will be soon.



Doc here again... Congrats to Lisa for a fine first report, and I am sure the first of many more to come.  It always great to have a fresh female voice added to this thing of ours, and I know that Lisa will put in the long, hard hours in order to provide us with her latest exploits. 
Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the front page of The Journal?  Just e-mail Tobor the Great The Good Doctor at with your report, and I'll do the rest:  edit, format, drop in a few pics.  You know the drill.  And you get the glory and the byline.


Flash Report: JaxBchBum Throws His Dice @ Deja Vu in Las Vegas

Doc here with what may be my favorite all-time JaxBchBum Flash Report.  Our parrot shirt wearing, cocktail swigging friend found himself in Las Vegas, and by pure accident found himself at Deja Vu on Industrial Blvd. 

What did he find?  How did he do? Was there nudity?  Your questions are answered below...



A business convention caused me to pack my bag, wax and stow the surfboard, and get on the great silver bird and fly out to Las Vegas.  Who would have thought that the International Swizzle Stick Collectors convention would be a 5-day event.  That wasn't the convention I was attending, but I sure would have loved to drop in and see what could keep your interest for 5 days.  I am sure there was every color drink umbrella imaginable there.  But back to the reason for my report - a return visit to DejaVu on 3247 Industrial Blvd. where I had good fortunes on my last visit to Vegas, and hoping my string of luck would continue.

Deja Vu Love Boutique
Las Vegas, NV
It was a Sunday evening when I arrived about 8:30 pm.  I skipped the valet parking at the front (for the showgirl part of DejaVu) and drove around back to the well-lit back entrance.  About 8 cars parked back there so didn't know what to make of that as the place is so big and has so many different components: showgirls, retail store, arcade & theatre.  Paid my $10 and got buzzed in to the theatre.

I know in a recent report you regarded some other theatres as clean and well maintained, but you have to add DejaVu to that list as well.  i know the place is only a couple of years old, but they have done an excellent job of keeping the place spotless and odor free.  I walked by the straight theatre on the left and it was empty.  In the gay theatre there was a guy sitting on the back row that appeared to be totally nude, but I couldn't be sure as couldn't see below his waist.  Moved on to the big theatre, opened the door, let my eyes adjust and VOILA - it was completely empty!  In my past visits I have always been struck by the small number of people frequenting this establishment when I have been to other Vegas adult theatres over the years that were dirty and nasty that always seemed to be packed - yea, 99% guys, but still busy.

Realized the night was still quite early by Vegas standards, but I had an early breakfast meeting so was hoping activity would pick up before I had to depart by midnight.  The clock ticked on and by 10:30 it was still deserted.  A couple of guys, including the guy who was indeed totally naked, came in during the time, looked around and then went elsewhere.  But being the good and patient voyeur that I am, I kept my vigilant watch from a chair on the far wall. 

A little after 10:30, my patience paid off.  In walks a couple.  From the light coming from the hallway when they entered the theatre, she was petite in height and dressed in a short denim skirt and a blue halter top that was just busting to let the ladies out.  She appeared to be in her late 20s with long black hair.  He was similar age and husky, like a college linebacker.  They stood by the wall for a few minutes to let their eyes adjust.  I politely coughed to extend the courtesy of letting them know I was there and they glanced over my way a couple of times.  I am sure that it was difficult for them to see much of me as the theatre is quite wide and lighting is primarily from the videos playing on the 4 screens.  I got a good sense they were comfortable as he stood behind her and began rubbing her stomach and then upwards to her breasts.

After about 10 minutes of foreplay, they moved to the seating area and selected the row in front of me but down towards the other end so I didn't have a good vantage point from where I was sitting.  I didn't want to spook them off, so I just kept my place but stood up against the wall to have a better viewing angle.  Turns out that she had sat down on his lap in the same big lounge chair.  Viewing angle from the chest up wasn't great due to the height of the seat backs, but I got glimpses that he had undone her halter and he was rubbing and tweaking her breasts.  I could see her and him glance over my way a couple of times so I just smiled and gave them the thumbs up.  They seemed to relax after a bit. 

A little later, she stood up and I could see definitely that her top was gone.  She had a marvelous set of breasts that were probably only B size due to her petiteness but they were perky and the nipples were radiating light from where he had been moistening them.  The next thing I know she was kneeling down in front of him and beginning to suck him from the sounds she was making.  I took the chance to move down my row closer to them to get a better view.  I got alarmed at first when the guy looked my way and was prepared to keep walking by, but he just smiled and went back to watching her bob up and down on his cock.  So I began stroking along with her rhythm.  He began to verbally command her to suck harder, faster, slower, etc. and she obliged quickly.  He told her to stand up and he reached forward and removed her shorts and red thong panties. 

He had moved her to the side a little so the light from the screen illuminated her smooth look down below and those delicious perky breasts.  He also stood up and removed his shorts and he laid their clothes in the chair next to them.  She leaned forward holding onto the back of the chairs on the row in front and he started spooning with her and rubbing her breasts, ass and pussy.  He leaned back and put his cock inside of her and started a slow rhythmic stroke in and out.  He kept glancing back at me and smiling and then seeing that I was stroking, he nodded his head which I interpreted as it was OK to join them. 

I walked across to the aisle and came back down their row.  I reached in and began rubbing her shoulders and then moved my hands down to the side of her right breast and began cupping it and tweaking her nipple.  She moved her head back and I could tell she was enjoying the attention.  Her right hand came down from the back of the chair and search out my cock and she began stroking it very slowly.  She had a great touch and alternated pressure and speed and a couple of times I had to grab her hand to stop for a minute as she got me on the edge of cumming.

She then sat down in the seat and he got on his knees in front of her and started fucking her.  She motioned to me to kneel in the chair next to them and she bent over and began sucking my cock.  Oh, that warm mouth and lips felt warmer than the Vegas desert mid-day.  I reached down and continued to play with her breasts.  We alternated positions several times.  Then he sat down and she bent over and started sucking him off, putting her ass up in the air. I glanced at the guy, he nodded OK, so I put on the raincoat and began fucking her from behind.  It wasn't too long after that I exploded as she pressed her ass up against me to feel me as deeply as possible.  After I pulled out, he got up and started fucking her until they both came together. 

We all collapsed after that and talked a little.  They are locals.  He works in one of the hotel casinos as a dealer and she is a bank teller.  They said they started coming there on Sunday nights about 3 months ago and always had a good time.  Said about a third of the time nobody else is there the entire time they are playing.  I was lucky that night and the dice continued to roll in my favor at the DejaVu.



Doc here again... See?  This is a strong candidate for Report of the Year.  JBB paints a vivid picture for us, takes us through the scene, and then has a nice payoff.  This is a great template for those of you out there considering your first adult theater report.  Follow this template, and you will have a great report on your hands.

I am still in dire need of reports... Send them along to The Good Doctor at  I will edit and format your reports, and you get the byline and the glory.