Wednesday, October 6, 2010

House Call! The Jolar Cinema in San Diego by The Good Doctor

Doc here with a long overdue House Call report from The Jolar Cinema in The Whales Vagina San Diego, CA.  The Good Doctor finds himself frequently in San Diego, and over the past year have been there 6 times visiting patients and administering care The Lizardo Way.

San Diego has three adult theaters worthy of mention here at The Journal:
  1. The Jolar Cinema on University Avenue
  2. The Barnett Avenue Superstore
  3. Adult Depot on Kurtz Avenue
On this particular Tuesday evening in August, I started at Adult Depot and encountered a sausage fest. No surprise, as the M on M action at this place can be pretty hardcore.  So I moved onto Barnett Avenue, where it was very quiet for the hour plus I was there.  It was at this time I jumped into The Lizardo 3000 and headed across town to The Jolar Cinema.
The Jolar is my favorite of the San Diego adult theaters. In previous reports, I have described The Jolar.  But because I am having an outstanding hair day, I will review it again for you.

In my opinion, The Jolar is the most couples-friendly of the 3 theaters in SD. Wednesday and Saturday Nights are couples free nights (after 8 if memory serves me correct), and that is always a good thing.  The Jolar has private fantasy booths, which line the hallway on your way to the theater.  I have to say that the quality of these dancers is very good, and not a bad alternative if you strike out in the theaters. But I digress...

Upon getting buzzed in (A good idea that many theaters employ), you walk down a long-ish dark hallway (to be mentioned later is this report) and turn right into the first theater.  This theater features home theater style chairs and viewing of 3 different screen showing Lifetime Channel XXX movies. There is also a window that is placed between the hallway and this theater.

Theater #2 is larger (twice the size of the first), and in addition to the home theater chairs, has 2 sets of leather love seats on the back wall.  There is passage between the two theaters at the front of the theaters, and this is traveled frequently by the patrons.

OK...Onto the actual House Call.

The Good Doctor (after being underwhelmed across town), got to The Jolar about 10pm this Tuesday night (please note my spectacular timing of going to The Jolar on a non-couple's night). My expectations were realistic, but hopes high as always.  15 Minutes after my arrival, the buzzer rang and the sound of two sets of footsteps traveling down the hallway began.

The couple paused for a minute in the hallway, but I could see them through the aforementioned glass between the theater and the hallway. She was an attractive Hispanic girl, curvy but not heavy at all. She was about 5'5", and looked a bit like America Ferrera (with longer hair).  She was wearing a white floral print dress that went to just above her knees.  Suddenly, The Good Doctor's Tuesday night was looking a little bit better.

The couple walked into theater #1 and took up a seat in the front row, but seemed restless... Soon, they were on the move to the larger theater and again took a spot in the large chairs.  It was at this time I had a flashback to adult theaters from my younger days as an intern in the 80's and 90's.  During those visits, there was often a cat and mouse game between couples and guys hoping to hook up with them.  The game consisted of finding seats in the theater, and the counter-move by the guys... Eventually, the couple would either find a guy of their liking, or continue their search for one.  I was getting this type of vibe from them...Was it fact, or just the wishful thinking of a guy wearing a stethoscope?

After a few minutes in the larger theater, they left and headed down the hallway heading for the door. Luckily, they stopped back near the window, while your narrator positioned himself in the field of view so I could see them and they could see me.  "E" (as I would later find out her name) was standing in front of her guy while she was slightly grinding into him with her body... It was a very hot show they were putting on.  This lasted a few minutes, and they moved back to theater 1, and back to the front row.  I took up residence in the back row...

Much to my surprise, they got up again, and moved back to my row, with "E" sitting in the high backed and sided chair next to me, and her guy next to her. The game was afoot. 

Over the course of a few minutes, we exchanged glances...First eye to eye, then eye to body.  Mine to her ample chest, her's to my crotch.  The vibe in the room was getting hotter, and drawing on my experience in "this thing of our's", took control being the alpha dog in the room.  The other guys in the theater didn't seem to know what to do, whereas I was dusting off the Lizardo Handbook. 

"E" gave me a final glance, and she and her guy moved to the larger theater again, this time to the back row. Now here is the twist... The back row has two love seats, but there are two single seats separating them.  "E" sat on the love seat, whereas her guy sat next to her in a single seat. It was time to make my move...

I walked up to "E", and politely asked her if she minded me sitting on the love seat with her. She shook her head in a "why not" manner, but did not say anything (more on that later). During the course of the next 10 minutes, we moved closer to each other, finally touching thighs.  Going back to those days in the old school adult theaters, the rule of thumb was always "when sitting next to a woman, always let her make the first move with her hand".

Sure enough, she moved her hand to my thigh, and then to my crotch. My hand was stroking her thigh, and gliding up to her panties.  Shortly afterwards, she was stroking my cock while I was continuing to caress her soft skin.  This was getting good...Real good.

She motioned me to follow them...Again, no words, just a gesture. 

We walked back to the hallway and stopped. She again stood in front and to the right of her guy, her back to his front. I stood next to her, stroking her back and ass...She once again reached for my hard cock.  Things now progressed to me facing her, while my hand was buried inside her panties, fingering her sopping wet pussy. "E" then buried her head into my shoulder, exposing her neck, which I kissed and nibbled on.  Her moans got louder, and she was grinding harder into me. She then returned the favor, kissing my neck and continuing to moan softly into my ear.  My head was swimming, trying to anticipate what would happen next. The rougher I got with her in that hallway, the more she was responding. At one point, I had her arms pinned her sides while I was almost fucking her...

What I could have never anticipated was what came next.

After 15 minutes in that hallway, she again motioned me to follow them again.  This time, we headed out the door and out of the theater. OK... Was this going to be an in-car thing? A parking lot dogging thing?

E's guy went down to get their conversion van (perfect for an in-car thing)... This left me alone with "E" in the parking lot of The Jolar, and I asked her name.  She also told me she spoke no English, and asked if I spoke Spanish. The Good Doctor is a paesan, not an amigo.  Suddenly, things were getting real complicated.

To the left of The Jolar is a white circular building housing a custom glass showroom, facing University Avenue (you can see it clearly in the photo of The Jolar).  E's guy backed the van in facing University Avenue.  I thought I was confused before...Now I was just baffled.  We walked over, and "E" began talking with her guy.  E had hopped into the front seat, and they left the door open while I stepped up to check on the story. She then asked me in very broken English..."condom?".  I pulled out one and responded the way any American would talking with someone who doesn't speak English: Way too loud.

The second I responded, E spun around in the front seat and now was facing me...She laid down, and pulled her panties off. At this point, I'd like to remind the jury that it is now about 11:45pm, on a pretty busy street, and "E" wants me to fuck her right then and there. In the open. In public. In the well-lit parking lot.

So I did.

E's pussy was still slippery, and incredibly tight.  This was going to have to be quick and intense, given the geography and conditions. "E" wrapped her legs around my waist while I slid into her wet pussy. As I was fucking his girl, the guy was playing with her ample boobs.  Within a minute, she started bucking wildly while yelling "Si, Si!".  She came as I did...

I got my stethoscope and lab coat back in place while "E" did likewise... I gave her a hug good-bye, and shook the guys hand.  They fired up the van, and off into the darkness they drove.

And that was that. It was one of those "Holy shit, what did I just do?" moments... It was also an all-time top 5 adult theater experince for The Good Doctor.  It had it all...The chase, the teasing, the foreplay, and an element of uniqueness.  Check.  To top it off, "E" was a hottie.

It has been years since I had a theater sex experience remotely like that.  The Good Doctor may not be the young intern he once was, but his experience in the field paid big dividends that Tuesday night.