Saturday, December 21, 2013

Slow Jamming with Jessica! Tonight's Episode: "Let's Talk About Etiquette"

Doc here with the third installment of "Slow Jamming with Jessica", titled "Let's Talk About Etiquette".
In case you have missed the first two installments, Jessica works at Portland, Oregon's classic vintage adult theater, The Oregon Theater (address in the dB).  Her insights and fresh perspective have been a breath of fresh air in this thing of ours, and thus she has her own column here @ The Good Doctor's Journal.
In this installment, Jessica addresses issues that are not just germane to The Oregon Theater, but across the spectrum to all adult theaters.
Read them and heed them.
Here is Jessica's outstanding column...
 Porn theater etiquette is very important. It ensures that everyone has a good time and that is what keeps people coming back. After all, most people can masturbate at home. We come to porn theaters to show off, watch, and/ or fuck. We have had a lot of etiquette problems here lately so I figured a reminder was in order. I prefer not to be mean (except to Dog Boy but he begs for it!) so perhaps this little reminder will allow me to avert unpleasantness.