Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Daddysprincess76 at The Paris Cinema I & II in Syracuse, NY (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say placed 4th in the men's luge competition in the 2002 Winter Olympics for the Italian national team, with a GREAT first time couple's report from Daddysprincess76.

Daddysprincess and her Dom visited The Paris Twin Cinema I&II in Syracuse, NY and has filed this report with The Good Doctor, along with two very nice pics!

Take it away, Daddysprincess76!


Hi Doc,

Going to The Paris Cinema I & II (the Syracuse porn theater), is a fun thrill I have been enjoying. This last visit was fantastic. 

First a little touch and feel with my Daddy Dom. Then after some bouncing from movie to movie we finally found another couple playing.

It was hot, so we eventually got closer. Then standing leaning against his chest I propped a leg up on a seat and started touching myself to the hot action happening before my eyes. I was looking at the man of the couple in the eyes as he was touching his girl. Multiple men were watching them and watching me watch them.

I was getting warmer and squirming to my own touch and out of the blue Daddy pulls the butt plug I had waiting in my cleavage and bends me over the seats. He shoves the plug in my drenched pussy and then into my ass. Multiple men woah-ing when they saw this happen to my eager ass hole.

I was so hot and Daddy knew it. He urged me to walk about a foot away from them.

Within seconds of standing near them, the woman reached out for me and started pulling my tits out. She was nibbling and sucking them, talking dirty to me about our show. I touched and kissed her tits as my hand went down her body. I teased her pussy and rubbed her clit as her man finger banged her. 

His hand slid into my pants teasing my pussy as Daddy pushed over and over on my butt plug. The woman tells me to suck her man's cock, and after gaining permission from Daddy, I do so. As hot as he was from all this happening it didn't take long. I start licking and sucking and he starts moaning. His hand speeds up on my clit as I bob my head faster and spit more to make him oh so slippery. 

As I get him close, his hand slows down and he whispers he's gonna cum. I humm mmmhmm as I'm Daddy's cum slut and was wanting that cum. A couple seconds later and he exploded so hard he was half in my mouth and half in his lap from jumping so fiercely... Silly man I would have swallowed it all. He was immediately exhausted and the couple left.

Daddy and I went out for a break and went back in to find more people to play. As some know, it's difficult to find the right people to want to play with. It all worked out and I got 3 more cocks into my mouth! Daddy ordered me to suck before the end of the night and they feed me substantially.

Later when we got home, Daddy destroys this pussy after all the hot cock sucking and cum swallowing His slut did. Daddy came so hard and so much in one shot, as so I did at least 30 or more times throughout the night.