Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini's Seattle Sexcapade with Jordan and Brent

Doc here, a man who some say has the recipe for Fresca memorized, with an outstanding Couple's Flash Report from my good friend, the amazing Gemini.

You see dear friends, Gemini, along with her hubby Jordan, and the poet laureate of adult theater reports, Brent in Portland, hit the road two weekends ago. Their destination was Seattle, and their intent questionable.  Adult theaters and ABS locations were programmed with their GPS lady, and off they went in search of hi-jinks. 

Here we go... Please welcome back the sexual dynamo known as Gemini.


Seattle Sexcapade


With excited anticipation, Jordan, Brent and I planned our trip up to Seattle.  It would be an overnight road trip to explore any and all adult possibilities along the way. 

We left about noon on Saturday and headed north on the I-5.  We made great conversation as we drove in search of truckers to flash.  I had a red blouse unbuttoned dangerously low with a red lacey bra underneath.  Brent sat right behind me with a hopeful view of a trucker’s reaction, shielded by a dark tinted window.  To our amazement, all prospective truckers were either driving too slowly for us to ride alongside on the two road highway, or completely oblivious to the little peep show I was more than willing to provide. 

We continued on, stopping at every rest stop available.  It was obvious at our first stop that parking on the “automobile” side would only reap droves of families out for a busy weekend.  We got out to stretch, I gave a hobo a fistful of coins, and we proceeded on.  At another rest stop, I tried to persuade Jordan to park in the “trucks only” side, but he is not quite the rule breaker I am.  However, I did get him to park next to a large pickup, where two guys were standing smoking.  

They were large framed men and looked of the country.  One had a t-shirt with an alcohol reference, so I lit up and tried to make conversation as Jordan and Brent waited in the car.  “Do you guys know the Olympia area very well?” I asked.  “Um, a little – what are you looking for?” the larger man asked.  “Well, I’m out for a little weekend adventure heading north, and looking for any adult bookstores along the way.”  I said with a naughty smile.  Stammering and nervous the men looked at each other and one replied, “No, I’ve never been to one.  I wouldn’t really know.”  “Yeah, we wouldn’t know” said the other.  They crushed out their cigarettes and jumped in their truck and drove off.  I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of it all.  It was pretty plain they each had been, but couldn’t admit it in front of the other.  I wondered if they had hard-ons as they drove away.

Couple's Flash Report! Loving Husband & Loving Wife Visit Xposed in Dallas, TX on 6/13/15 for a His & Hers Report

Doc here, a man who some say finished 5th at a blueberry pie eating contest on the 4th, with a special Couple's Flash Report (for a couple of different reasons).

First of all, please welcome to The Journal, first time contributors Mr. Loving Husband (LH) and his wife, LovingWife (Love). 

LH and Love have done a tremendous job on their first report, and it's a tag team effort!  Love goes first with her point of view on an evening at Xposed in Dallas, TX. And when she is wrapped up, LH steps up and gives his perspective on the evening and events.

This is some great stuff...So sit back, pop open that Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this great report.

Take it away LH and Love!



Mr. LovingHusband (LH for short) and myself LovingWife (Love) had our first visit to an adult theater this past weekend and we thought we'd share a His/Hers review of our experience at the Xposed Theater in Dallas on Saturday 6/13.

Ladies first, so here is LovingWife's review-

I was lucky enough to connect via email with The Oral Reporter and he was very helpful in answering some of my many questions about what to expect and that combined with his previous review made me pretty sure we were going to have a great time on our first adventure. He was going to try and meet us there but unfortunately that didn't work out. There's always next time. I'll apologize if this is too long but I tried to include the kind of information I was looking for a few weeks ago before our first experience.

We weren't really sure what the best time to show up would be and since it was a bit of a drive we decided to err on the side of being early and first arrived to check it out around 7pm. When we first got there we walked around the retail section looking at the toys and movies available. The staff at the front desk were friendly and didn't bat an eye when we asked how the whole theater thing worked. The gentleman we were talking with explained that, since it was a Saturday, after 9pm would be couples only and gave us the basic run down of what we could expect (it was BYOB, there was a theater, playroom etc).

We paid our entrance fee and went back to take a look around. There was really no one there so we poked around and just got the lay of the land. The first thing we walked by were the private rooms. They were all very roomy and I was impressed with how clean everything seemed. We turned the corner to the theater room and it was a nice big area with a lot of couches and they were showing a porn on the wall. It wasn't at all like I was expecting. It was dim but not dark and dirty and my only real complaint is that with all the options out in the front it seems like they could show better porn in the back. Although it did give us something to comment on later while we were relaxing on the couches.

We went back to the playroom and looked around. The huge bed looked like fun and the swing and pole were a nice addition. I'm looking forward to seeing it all in action.