Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Couple's Flash Report: M&M on Saturday Night @ The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with an incredible Couple's Flash Report from M&M.  M&M sent me an e-mail Saturday about the visit they were planning for that night at Hartford's Art Cinema. They wanted to get an additional word out about this visit, so they provided The Good Doctor with two very hot pics, and the particulars.

Now fast forward to Monday Night... The Good Doctor had just finished his last Bloody Mary of the night, when into his in-box dropped this great couple's report.  Well written by M&M, full of hardcore detail, and it paints a picture for those of us who were not there.

So here is M&M and their account of Saturday night at The Art Cinema...


Hi Doc,

We are always a little nervous before we go into the Art Cinema, 255 Frankin Ave in Hartford. Last night was no different. When we got inside, we were told that a lot of guys had shown up, due to the fact M had put a blurb in CL. There were a lot of guys, and M had to lay down the ground rules. I had to tell several guys not to sit behind us (that makes M nervous) and I started out by say that M was not going to do everyone, maybe a lucky few, but that everyone would enjoy the show if they were respectful. Everyone did pretty much fall in line for the rest of the evening. What you can tolerate is different for every couple. Given no explicit advice, the guys will sit close, and try to cop feels, not in a rough way, but it can be pretty overwhelming.

We started by sitting and watching the movie, which was actually pretty interesting, in that it wasn't just porn, but actually tried to have a (thin) plot. The women were very attractive so M did get turned on by the first few scenes, especially with a beautiful asian woman sucking a large, hard cock and shaved balls. M took my cock out and started stroking it while watching the movie. There were guys to our left a few seats away and guys to our right across the aisle. About 20 all told. I sized up the crowd as best I could in the dark and enjoyed M's attentions. After a bit, she bent over and started taking my cock in her mouth. I could see smiles appear on faces in the crowd. A few new guys had since entered the theater, one of them, sat behind us, so I had to repeat my rule, and reluctantly he complied and moved.

When M took a break from sucking me, I had her stand up and then slowly removed her panties (she had on a very short, print skirt) in full view of everyone. When she sat down again I had her spread her legs so I could slip a finger in her wetness. The guys sitting in front of us (the row immediately in front of us had been removed, probably for exactly this type of activity) craned their necks to get a glimpse of her shaven pussy.

I finger her for a while, kissing her lips and neck. We had now been in the theater at least a half hour or so. I told my beautiful wife to get up and kneel in front of me to really start sucking my dick in earnest. She proceeded to do so. I glanced to my right and chose one guy by pointing my finger, and motioned him to come over. Several guys jumped out of their seats so I quickly said in a strong whisper, "one at a time!"

The Real "M"
He came over and stood by her. I told him to take out his dick, which he promptly did. M continued to suck my hard cock until I told her, "Honey, check this cock out." Keeping her right hand on my penis she straightened up and put her left hand on the stranger's cock. After a quick smell check (you never know if some idiot is going to expect a woman to suck him without a shower) she took his dick into her mouth and swallowed it. She sucked his average size, (6.5?) cock for a few minutes and then returned to mine. I instructed the guy to sit down and then, a few minutes later, motioned another guy over. He repeated the scene except that when his cock came out of his pants, it was enormous! Probably 8-9 inches, with a big head and slight curved downwards. I again told M there was another penis to inspect and she raised her head to confront this beautiful specimen. She smiled and immediately took the second strange cock into her mouth.

I love watching my wife suck another guy's cock, and this was an awesome sight. In the dark theater, 20 guys around us, most of them stroking, a porn film on the big screen, and my gorgeous wife kneeling in fornt of me with her lips around a big, thick dick, sucking the shaft in and out of her mouth. I was loving it, and so was she! She sucked the monster cock for a few minutes and then returned to her seat. The guys were all watching but still keeping a respectful distance.

M then asked me to lick her pussy for a while. So, with my shorts still down around my knees, I got down in front of her seat, spread her legs so they draped over the armrests on either side, and started licking her from clit to ass and back to clit again. There is nothing more delicious then my wife's ass and pussy, so please forgive me when I say that at this point I did not notice that one of the guys had moved to the seat immediately to her left.  When I did come up for air so that I could slide three fingers into her soaked cunt, I noticed the guy sitting there and started to tell him to move. I was interrupted by M saying, "It's all right." It was then I realized the gentleman's 8 inch cock was not only out of his pants, but that M was stroking it's length with her left hand.

The Real "M"

Now that I had stopped licking her wet crotch, she brought her legs together and leaned over the armrest to get her third taste of stranger cock. I rubbed and kissed her exposed rump while she went to town on this guys hard member. She sucked him eagerly for quite while as I watched. He gently told her that he was about to cum and she backed off, since we had talked earlier about how we were going to deal with any guys we wanted to make cum. She sat back upright in her seat and unbuttoned her sheer black shirt. Before entering the theater, she had removed her bra as we drove on the highway. Now her tits were bare for all to admire, and she slumped slightly in the seat to make her chest available to receive his load, then looked up at him and smiled, beckoning this stranger to empty his balls on her breasts. I moved to make room, intoning for all to hear, "shoot your cum on her tits!"

He positioned himself in front of her, clumsy with his pants down on his ankles, and stroked his cock. After a few seconds M put her mouth back on his dick, to help him back to the point of climax. Then, abruptly, she pulled back and on the next stroke he started spewing wads of sperm onto her breasts as she held them together. He coated her chest and both globes with 4 good spurts. Her large brown aureolas glistened with fresh cum. "Clean his dick," I commanded her, which she gladly did, taking the head into her mouth to enjoy the last few drops of semen. He pulled back and I moved to admire his work, and then brought my mouth to her breasts, tasting the sticky load. I licked up most of it from her nipples, in between her tits and then kissed her deeply so we could both taste his issue. It was sweeter than most cum and I heard a few soft exclamations from the onlookers, "ooohhh." Clearly they enjoyed the show.

I then beckoned the huge-dicked guy to make a return appearance. M put him back into her mouth to bring him to the second climax of the evening. Shortly thereafter he pulled back and painted her tits with another load of hot sperm. I repeated the enjoyment of his load, again sharing what I licked from her sticky chest with my slutwife in a deep kiss.

At this point M declared "Ok, that's enough for now," and we buttoned our various garments and made our way out of the lower theater and up to the balcony. M made a pit-stop in the bathroom and then we continued our ascent only to find two couples already enjoying the balcony seating. Each woman had her partner in her mouth. We choose a spot between the two and Meg soon had my pole at attention with her tongue. I turned her around and bent her over, spread her cheeks and drove my tongue into her ass. I alternated between her ass and pussy until she was dripping wet again, at which point I rose and proceeded to enter her from behind. Slowly at first, then faster, and louder I pumped her while firmly grasping her at the hips. The slapping of my balls on her clit and my torso on her ass was almost loud enough to top the film. I looked at the theater below, and noticed many of the guys had moved to the front and turned around, no longer interested in the film but rather, intent upon the scene in the balcony, which by virtue of us being in the top-most section, provided them with a final scene of erotic frenzy for them to feast upon. I emptied my balls into her tight cunt, which was slick with desire.

M enjoys fucking intensely but does not climax from it, so to give my wonderful slutwife the orgasm she so richly deserved, I spun her around, had her sit and splay her legs, and then ate her to a noisy climax, tasting the delicious mixture of her sweet pussy juices and my hot cum injection.

We dressed and talked with one of the couples for a while. As we descended the stairs to the ground floor, a fourth couple was on their way up....wow, the place was hopping this nite!


Doc here again... I will wait a minute until you towel yourselves off.

OK, all set?  Now that was Couple's Flash Report!  Great insight into a couple's approach inside an adult theater, and what behavior gets you noticed in a good way.  I am looking forward to the next Couple's Flash Report from M&M like nobody's business.

Are you part of a couple that has an adult theater report that you'd like to share with the thousands of readers each day to The Journal?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com (just like M&M did).  I will format, edit, and insert the photos.  All you have to do is provide the words and get the credit.


Coming Attraction! Tasha's Bukkake Party at CTs Adult Theater in Gary on 8/11/11 (w/10 HOT Pics!)

Doc here with a stone cold lead pipe lock of a Coming Attraction for this Thursday, August 11th, at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  The center of attention will be Tasha, a very HOT 25 year old brunette with quite the oral fixation.

Here are the details, ladies and gentlemen of the jury:

Tasha, 5'4", 110 lbs, brunette

Bukkake Party

CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway, Gary, IN.

Thursday August 11th, 2011
Starting at 7PM CDT

Quote From George and Tasha:
"Tasha is planning a Bukkake party at CTs on Thursday night around 7PM If you have not met Tasha yet, this is not to be missed. Tasha is a sexy, gorgeous 25/YO hottie (5'4", 110#) who loves sucking cock n eating cum!

For this party, instead of her sucking the cum out of everyone and swallowing it, she wants the guys to shoot their cum in her open mouth, on her face or on her tits, neck etc.... The party will begin on Thursday evening around 7PM.  Lets get as many guys out as possible and make this a night to remember!"

Note From The Good Doctor:
Tasha is the real deal folks... I have seen her in action, and she is everything advertised.  The bukkake element is something new for her @ CTs, and not to be missed. 

The Photo Gallery:
(Click on the photos to ENLARGE them. Trust me, you will want to.)

(Disclaimer: Plans can change at the last minute within this thing of ours. The Journal is not responsible for last minute cancellations or no-shows.)