Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flash Report! Candi O'Leary @ Theater X in Hawthorne, FL by JaxBchBum

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from senior reporter, JaxBchBum.  Tampa hot wife, Candi O'Leary was visiting the Gainesville area, and made a visit to Theater X.
Here we go!
From the couple of reports I have been getting, Candi O'Leary was a huge, hot hit at Theatre X in Hawthorne, FL  last Friday night 2/15.  I haven't gotten much in the way of details, but they are hoping to make a return appearance on March 15th and I plan on being there if all comes together. 
Sorry there has been a long stretch between reports, but my visits before the holidays were largely uneventful.  I did have one good visit in mid-January that I need to write up.  Sadly, I will be working overseas beginning at the end of March for an indefinite period of time.  I will be coming back to the States every now and then, but primarily to the West Coast so hopefully can provide some reports to visits out there.
Hopefully Candi's and my schedule will gel on 3/15 and I can wrap up this stage of my field reports with a bang.
Doc here again... JaxBchBum was one of the first reporters contributing to The Journal, back in the Fall of 2009. His reports are clear, concise, and detailed filled, and will be missed once he is on assignment in parts unknown.  Thank you for your service, sir!

Art Cinema Event Report #3: QT Wife's First Time @ The Art Cinema

Doc here with Report #3 from The Art Cinema's Valentines Event this past Saturday in Hartford, CT.
In this report, Art Cinema virgin QT Wife gives us her take on this memorable night and a few suggestions as well.
So everyone, please welcome QT Wife to The Journal and enjoy her first report.
Hi there Doctor!
First I wanted to tell you that I attended The Art Cinema's Valentines Night Event last night (2/17). Thank you so much for the gift bags; very sweet thing to do. This was my first time visiting the theater so I was a little less as adventurous as I usually am, as I needed to soak it all in. I have had past experiences in the late Paris Cinema in Worcester MA. but as you must know it has been shut down for many years. Anyway,  as I woke up this morning I was very disappointed that I did not embrace the adventure more than I did. I am hoping to visit again soon to get a second chance.
Art Cinema Upper Balcony
 On to my question.. Do you by any chance know of any glory holes that are in New England area?? 
It is also my understanding that you are good friends with the owner of Art Cinema. Please pass on that I enjoyed his hospitality very much. I would however like to offer a suggestion to add to the experience: I think more light is needed!!!  Not only for safety reasons (the stairs were very hard to see while walking), but it would enhance the fun of it all if you could see the males/females to know if there is an attraction. I personally am also into video taping myself and in there it was impossible to do with no light.   Just some friendly suggestions to pass on ;)
 Thank you again for a memorable night!
QT Wife
Doc here again... Thank you QT Wife for the terrific report!  I hope it is just the first of many!
So let's help out QT Wife in her search for glory holes in New England... Please drop in your recommendations into the COMMENTS section below for couples friendly glory holes locations.
Thanks for your help!