Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flash Report! Garra on Red Barn in Berlin, NJ

Doc here with another great Flash Report from Garra. Garra is on the ground in NJ for us, and this time he goes down the road to review Red Barn in Berlin.

Take it away Garra!


Hello all... Garra here with another Flash Report. My travels this week took me down the street from BNA (Berlin News Agency) to Red Barn Berlin. Enjoy

Every blue moon or so I like to go to Red Barn Berlin. Its on the same road as BNA, just a little bit further down the road. When you walk in you pay the person at the counter and walk in.

For RB Berlin, once you pay you can come and go out of the theater and go into the booth area, but not leave the building (which gives a little freedom). On this night I went into the theater to find 4 guys watching a movie and a BBW laying on the table. Not sure what the guys were there for (well maybe I do), but I'm there for the ladies.

One of men sitting next to her in a chair is her husband. I asked if I coupld play, and he says yes with a condom. No problem with that. I put on a condom and get to work. Usually in this thing of ours, the act of sex will bring men closer to get a better view of the action. But tonight the other three guys just stayed back and watched the movie. Oh well, more for me as I was able to play and not have to share. This is my kind of night in an adult theater. The female was willing and able with tits that were nice and nipples that fit in your mouth just right. For someone just laying on the table, when I got in she was wet and ready for action.

After having my fill, I decided to check out the other parts of the theater. There are three smaller seating areas, each showing straight, lesbian and tv/ts porn and another room showing gay porn. There's a little closet area as well for any private action but during my time there I only seen males go into it.

After the quick walk I went back to the main theater where the BBW is still lying on the table and everyone is still in the same spot. I wanted to play, but had other things to do so I left. But left very happy.

Guys when someone is so willing, don't be shy - step up and have some fun. This thing of ours can be more than a spectator sport when you want it to be.


Thanks to Garra for another great report from The Garden State!  Keep up the solid work, sir.

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Blast From The Past! Calico Jack At Fantasyland in Tampa

Doc here with an excellent Blast From The Past report from seasoned reporter, Calico Jack.

You are going to like this one...


It was a year ago this week that I found myself in Tampa.  (Where else would a buccaneer go for vacation?)  I had decided to try some of the local specialties, riding the trolley, visiting the aquarium, smoking hand-rolled cigars from Ybor City, eating Gulf oysters and Cuban sandwiches, and, yes, going to Fantasyland. (

I cruised by during daylight hours to get the lay of the land, stopping at both the original Fantasyland and the recently opened Fantasyland II, which looked extremely similar. During the day, neither place was very busy and I didn’t bother to go into either theater area, but things were very different when I came back to Fantasyland that night.  When I arrived at 8:00 or so, the parking lot was packed and a wave of steam hit me as I stepped from my car.

Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL

I moved as quickly as possible into the air-conditioned comfort of the building, paying my entrance fee (which was $17.00 or some such strange amount).  I made a circuit of the video booths, hoping for some sign of a lady but finding none, and then to the poolroom, where I found several folks enjoying some muchies and chatting as they played pool, including a couple.  I remember that the woman was wearing a short denim skirt, which showed off her bare pussy when she leaned over to shoot pool, but there wasn’t much of a sexy vibe going, so I went into the theater area for a while.

Upon entering the theater area, I found myself in a long hallway.  The first door on my left was to a room about 15’ square, with couches around the perimeter and a wide-screen TV showing straight porn.  A few feet further down the hall, was a short hall going off to the left, with four small,themed rooms, each with a TV showing porn and a couch or two, but these rooms were dead.  I continued down to the end of the main hall, where there was a large room, with lots of couches in rows and along the walls, with a large screen showing porn.  I settled onto a couch and waited for my eyes to adjust.  When I could see better, I noticed that there were two more small rooms off of the back of the main theater and another one to the front left, with a glass wall.

Over the course of the next hour or two, a few couples came in but, instead of playing in public, they locked themselves into one of the small rooms for their fun or would select a guy or two, then lock themselves into one of the small rooms. Unfortunately, I was not one of the guys picked.  A little later, a couple came in and went to the glass-walled room, where they proceeded to put on a good show, but theydidn’t invite anyone to play, either.

I had decided to give up and head back to the motel when a couple walked in.  She was a real stunner, a Jenna Haze look-alike, in her early 20s, with a tight body.  I assumed that they would be like the other couples who had come in, only wanting to play with each other and only in private, but I figured that it was worth sticking around to find out.  Fortunately, I was wrong.  After a few minutes of making out on one of the couches, the couple got up and, followed by the pack, went into the largest of the smaller theaters and shut the door.

About a minute later, the guy opened the door and invited a dozen of us in, then shut the door and locked it.  After brief introductions, Jenna stripped bare and laid on her back, across her man’s lap, while he teased her pussy for several minutes.  All of the guys had their cocks out and were stroking; Jenna was moaning and I decided that SOMEONE had to be the first to make a move, so I stepped up and asked if I could touch her tits.  With permission given, I began rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She reached out to my cock and pulled me to her so she could suck me.  I couldn’t hold back and asked her if I could cum in her mouth, but she said no, took me out of her mouth and jacked me off all over her tits.  I faded back and watched as a few more guys got similar treatment from her, then I headed back to the motel, vowing to come back the next night. 

But I'll save that for my next post.


Doc here again... A big thank you to Calico Jack and his terrific Blast From The Past report from Tampa's Fantasyland I (FYI, Fantasyland II is the former Adult Theater on Grady).  Keep up the great work, sir.

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