Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flash Report: Black Friday at Fantasyland in Tampa, Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of  Black Friday at Fantasyland in Tampa by senior field reporter HnR.  When we last left HnR, he was following a couple into the theater area at Fantasyland.We pick up the report here...
  ... so us lurkers began the ritualistic right of following the couple to the theater.... Like feeding time on the farm, all the cattle knows when to head to the barn. The couple went to the small private rooms to the left as you enter the theater. They went to the far right room and left the door open. Me and the regular were standing at the door watching to see what they would do. They kissed for a while, he rubbed her pussy through her sweats and then after about 5 minutes of this action she announced that she had to go to the bathroom... Her guy told us to not worry that they would be back, it was at that point I decided to go to the pool room and get a snack.

I had my snack and after about 10 minutes I went back into the theater. This time the couple was in the mid-sized room that had the glass window from from the main theater. All the guys (about 6-7) were gathered around the window watching the couple. She had his black cock out and was sucking it for all it was worth. She could take all of his 8"+ cock, and it was quite the show. At one point she leaned back on him, took her sweat pants off and was playing with her pussy and putting on a show for the watchers. She then placed her ass up in the air pointed towards the window and was giving her guy head. Again, good show but I'm not really into watching, I'm about the playing.

A few more minutes went by and they decided to open the door and let the guys into the room. Maybe now things were looking up. About 7 of us went into the room, she had put her sweat pants back on, but had her top off with her boobs exposed. As a couple of guys were rubbing her boobs, one was rubbing her pussy through her sweat pants, she asked the group what we wanted to do. One guy spoke up and said "I'd like to fuck you", she responded by saying, "ok, whats in it for me?" (At this point, I thought that was a strange response that seemed to be an opening to a path not normally expected in an ABS).

   A different guy responded with, "I will lick your pussy to you cum is what is in it for you". She responded with something like "hmmmmm, anything else for me?" (Do you now understand the direction I think this is headed?), and another guy responded by saying something like "while he is licking her pussy, you can suck my cock and I will cum on your face"... Her response was like "let me think about it for a minute", note all this conversation took place while 2 guys was rubbing her boobs and 1 guy was rubbing her pussy through the sweat pants and consumed less than a minute. However, she never once touched a guys cock (other than her man's).  She looked at her guy and said she needed a smoke break. Again, her guy said they would be back.

Now the regular I was conversing with looked at each other and I made the comment that she was after $$$$$$. He said it is beginning to sound like it. I went back to the pool room to snack and check out the scores of the college games.

About 20 minutes or so later I saw the couple come back inside and head towards the theater entrance. I gave them a few minutes to get settled and then headed on over that way, this time they were in the first larger room to the left, where they show mostly bisexual movies I'm told. 

She and her guy were sitting in the corner of the wall couch seats to the right side. About 10 or so guys were in the room gathered around her. She asked what the guys wanted, since most had their cocks in their hands it was not a surprise when one made the statement, how about a gangbang for the young lady.... Anyone want to guess what her response was????? "ok, what is in it for me?". Someone answered, all the cock you can handle, and her response" was "is that all?"

It was at this point I decided to head back to the pool room. I was not sure where the end game was going to be, but I only saw issues or possible problems that I wanted no part of. I made it to the pool room and sat down to watch the games and I noticed she and her man were leaving the theater and heading towards the exit. The regular I had talked to told me that she gave up since no one could tell her what was in it for her....

Duh! Most ABS guys like myself come for the swinger action, after-all this ain't Auburn and I don't do "pay for play"... (Thats a shot at my fellow mongers from SEC country!, LOL). Later on an older couple came in, she was short, black hair dressed in a very short dress with her ass cheeks showing went into the theater, after a couple of in and out session by them to the lobby and back to the theater over a 30 minute period, a different regular informed me that she was on interested in BBC, which is not me.

In summary, I arrived at 7:30pm and left at 11:30pm. Not a total waste since I talked to a regular, learned how super hot the action was 10 years ago here and that now it was improving but still the good ole "hit or miss". All in all, I'm glad I went to check it out, disappointed that it was really a 'miss" night, but I can now check another top ABS off my list.... Now I really need to make it out to Portland!

Doc here again... I was sorry to see that HnR's visit to Fantasyland was a bust.  Holiday weekends can be funny...Either they are super busy, or they are as dead as a doornail.  Looks like the latter here.

I do like the fact that no one bit on the hustle that was going on.  The crowd at Fantasyland is a savvy one, and I'm sure this hustle will peddle their wares someplace else soon.

Thanks again to HnR for his very detailed Flash Report.

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