Friday, January 20, 2012

First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 16 - Eye of the Eagle

Doc here with a great First Time Report from senior reporter, Eye of the Eagle.   Those of you old enough to remember the plague of the "quarter jinglers" will enjoy this report.

Here is Eye of the Eagle's First Time Report...


The stories about their first encounters that have graced the pages of this blog are very exciting. Back in the very early 80's, I discovered an ABS/theatre at 417 NP Avenue in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. Adult Book and Cinema X is still located there, although I haven't been back since my first encounter.

The store was the typical retail outlet for tapes, toys, lingerie, and magazines. In the back left corner was a small corridor with a few booths showing the typical videos by putting quarters in the coin slot. Not sure if any had glory holes, but the doors provided privacy and their was room for two. The short ramp up to the theatre ended with a curtain that covered the entrance to a small theatre with 5 rows of 4 stadium seats each. The aisle ran along the left wall.
At this point in my life I had been divorced for a couple of years and was fortunate enough to have a FWB that was very adventurous. JK was 14 years my junior, very petite, great legs and ass, and willing to play almost anytime and anywhere. Fargo was about an hour drive and it was mid-winter, which meant lots of layers of clothes. Not the best to situation for discreet playing while watching Seka or other porn stars of the era.

JK and I arrived at Cinema X around 9 PM and bought our ticket for the theatre. It may have been around 5 dollars or so. When we parted the curtain I immediately saw a couple in the back row to my right. The gal was sitting back up after pulling her head out from under a coat that was draped over her man's lap. The couple was in their early 20's and in the dim light she looked very nice. JK and I took seats two rows up from them and sat back to watch the video. There were only the 4 of us in the theatre so JK and I started touching through our clothes.

I was able to glance back a few times to see what the other couple was doing. At first there was no clue, but after 5 minutes or so I saw that she had almost disappeared, with just the top of her brunette head slowly bobbing up and down in his lap.

At this point JK had unzipped me and was trying to help my cock escape from the layers of long johns and jeans. All of you veterans of "this thing of ours" can relate to the combination of nervousness and naughtiness that occurs in these situations, I was harder than I had ever been in my life. JK leaned over and took me into her mouth and at that exact moment, the curtains parted again and a single male entered the theatre. JK sat up and I covered up best I could. He sat down right behind JK and immediately started stroking.

We looked at each other and decided to exit for awhile, hoping he would go away. As we headed to the booths, he followed us, all the while jingling a pocket full of quarters. I guess that was his hinting that he wanted in on some action.

JK and I talked it over and I suggested we sit right by the other couple and see if they were interested in hooking up. We went back in the theatre and asked if we could sit with them. I sat next to the gal and just asked them a few questions about what was "allowed" in the theatre. It was their first time there and they were also very nervous about getting caught. I offered to spring for a motel and they looked us over. Apparently we passed the test. When they stood up, both had to rearrange their clothes to be presentable for the walk through the ABS.

As we left we noticed the guy still standing by the booths, jingling his quarters.

My first trip to a theatre didn't involve much playing, but the next few hours at the motel is still in my masturbatory Rolodex.

Eye of the Eagle


Another great report by Eye of the Eagle.  Thank you sir for a terrific walk down memory lane. 

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