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Flash Report: Theater X in Hawthorne, FL by JaxBchBum

Doc here with a fantastic new Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, JaxBchBum. This time, he takes us to Theater X in Hawthorne, FL (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database), and while is luck there hasn't been great, that is about to change...

Here is JaxBchBum and his latest from Florida...


After a couple of visits to Theatre X on weekend nights proved less than exhilarating, I was beginning to think that all the couples that feed this thing that we enjoy so much had decided to move back up north or west and visit one of the other theatres that has non-stop action.  There is no doubt that couples activity at Theatre X has slowly declined over the years for reasons I can only guess at.  But on a recent Saturday evening visit, my hope (among other body parts) was re-energized with some delightful couples activity.

Suave as ever.
I arrived about 7pm as I wanted to secure a good vantage point for maximum viewing potential.  For those not familiar with my previous reports, Theatre X is a small theatre consisting of 3 rows of couches, two across with some individual chairs on the wall across from the couches.  Couples are always free and singles are charged $20.  I sat in the second on the end as that couch has a low back so can one can casually glance over and see any activity in the back row. 

About 8pm a couple comes in and I know the evening is going to start off right.  They appeared to be both in their early 50s.  He was wearing shorts and shirt but she was wearing a short lacey black dress.  He somewhat resembled Kenny Rogers with this hairstyle and silver beard.  She looked like Barbara Mandrell in the face and had a nicely toned body.  They went and sat down in the front row as that was the only couch that didn't have someone in it.  The guy kept looking back and as soon as the couch behind me became vacant, they moved there.  As she was about to sit down, I could see she was not wearing any panties under her short dress and she even brought a towel to put down in the couch before she sat down (how thoughtful). 

As I got a closer look, I knew I had seen this couple before but it had been a while and remembered that she was quite an exhibitionist and he delighted in her showing off.  It did not take them long as he had the top of her dress pulled down within minutes and he began rubbing, licking and sucking her delicious looking breasts and nipples.  Meanwhile, she had reached down and unzipped him and was stroking his cock.  Their activity continued to progress and soon she was laying back in the couch with one leg drapped over his and he was giving her smooth pussy (complete with labia piercing) a nice rub.  Before long, she pulls out a dildo and begins working it in and out while he is rubbing her clit to the point where she has an orgasm.  After a little rest, she re-dressed and as they got up to leave and I said a "thank you", I heard those magical words "Thank, we'll be back in a little bit."

Theater X
Hawthorne, FL

They had not been gone long before another couple came in and also sat in the back row but in the far back corner. It was a bit harder to see what they were doing due to the dark shadows and she was turned in towards him and away from me, but I am sure they were doing some discrete rubbing.  Can't really come up with any lookalikes for them as they looked like Mr. & Mrs. Regular American but I will refer to them as Couple #2.  They were still there when "Kenny & Barbara" came back.  It wasn't long before Barbara shed her dress completely and Kenny was down on his knees eating her out.

Couple #2 would glance over from time to time and I thought that might spark some additional action on their part, but that was not to be the case.  All eyes and cocks were pointed toward Barbara as she continued her show.  After some time at pussy eating, Kenny sat back and Barbara leaned over and began sucking him.  After that, she laid back on the couch and out came Mr. Dildo.  To the delight of those like me whose night vision is not as keen as it used to be, Kenny brought out a small flashlight and shown it on Barbara's pussy as she continued her delightful actions.  It was clear that there was to be no touching by anyone, but all were welcome to come watch.  Barbara then sat up on the armrest with her feet on the seat of the couch and spread her legs while continuing her in/out exercises, fully illuminated by the flashlight. (thanks goodness for those EverReady batteries!).

Soon, she is back on the couch facing the back wall and Kenny starts fucking her doggy-style.  This goes on for about ten minutes and both seem to climax together based on their sounds and actions.  After a bit of a rest, they got up and left, not to return again.  Shortly thereafter, Couple #2 left and seemed to be in a bit of a huff.  Don't know if the activity next to them violated their comfort zone or if they were jealous from the attention everyone gave to Barbara and Kenny.  Time will tell I guess if I see them on future visits (sure hope so).

Meanwhile, while the Kenny & Barbara show was in its second act, another couple came in (Couple #3) and she was dressed to play.  A short black dress that barely covered her ass cheeks with a low, low cut front that showed off nice big breasts.  She was a large Amazonian woman but not fat by any means.  He looked like a military guy with an in-shape body.  I had seen them before on previous visits with her dressed in a similar way, but nothing ever spectacular happened.  I suspected he was playing with her pussy, but they always sat where he shielded her or sat away from other where one couldn't see what really was going on.  They would often get up and leave and then reappear 10 minutes later.  I suspected they were looking for another couple and my intuition proved to be right.  But back to the events.  When they came in, the stood right behind where Kenny and Barbara were seated so they had a bird's eye view of the action.  After a couple of minutes they pulled up chairs next to one another up against the back wall.  As she sat down, I saw all the way up her dress and with no panties, a smooth pussy winked at me.  A couple of minutes later, she had her legs slightly spread and he was indeed giving her a nice pat down.  After a bit, they stood up, watched Kenny and Barbara in their final minutes and then left.

So, here we are now with all 3 couples having exited the theatre and it getting close to 9:30 and I was thinking this was all there was.  Evidently some of the others thought the same as most of the single guys there left. Oh how wrong!   A little bit later, a young couple (mid 30s) came in.  She was wearing a sun dress and had the most beautiful smile.  He looked like a shorter Bob Keesham (Captain Kangaroo for us baby boomers) with glasses. 

They sat down on the other couch in my row (to my left with him closest to me).  She snuggled close in towards him.  After a few minutes he reached down and unzipped and started slowing stroking his cock and I saw her hand disappear under his shirt and begin rubbing his chest.  Every minute or so, she would move her eyes down from the movie screen and watch his stroke.  I wondered if he was bisexual and was looking for a guy to come over; but that was soon to change. 

In the meantime, Couple #3 reappears and sits in the couch behind me (where Kenny and Barbara had sat).  Soon, he has her breasts out of the top of her dress and is rubbing them.  Capt. Kangaroo sees them and begins to glance back more frequently and whispers to his wife and she looks back.  After a few more minutes, Mrs. #3 is having her pussy rubbed by hubby.  Then the Captain starts to get up but then gets down on his knees, pulls Beautiful Smile towards him, lifts up her dress and plants his face down between her legs.  This gets Couple #3 more excited and she pulls out his cock and begins rubbing.  Captain and Beautiful Smile then move to the back couch next to Couple #3 and continues.  This activity continues to escalate. 

At one point, Beautful Smile is on all fours on the couch next to Mrs. Couple #3 being fucked by the Captain Doggy Style.  I see this look in her face to Mr. Couple #3, he nods and Beautiful Smile lowers her head and begins licking and sucking on the left breast and nipple of Mrs. Couple #3 while Mr. Couple #3 really revs up his finger fucking.  It is all a blur after that but a good time was had by all.  Both couples left together and I can only fantasize what might have happened if they got together.

WOW!  I know it is unrealistic to hope that such activity will take place every time I visit Theatre X, but certainly glad to see such activity after such a long drought.



Doc here again... Great to hear that Theater X had a great evening, with well-behaved guys getting a great show from the several couples in attendance. Thanks again to JBB for usual great job covering the Florida scene like a beach towel.

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Flash Report! Liz Reports on a Steamy Afternoon @ 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a real Flash Report... How about 18 hours old?  The very sexy Liz is back with her second report (and a much better logo than the first one I mailed in), and once again we are about to get all steamed up with her. 

The home ballpark for Liz is 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave., in Melrose Park, IL (a western suburb of Chicago). Liz is a rock star at 15th Ave., and this report from her shows why.  She loves to explore every nook and cranny of the spa area at 15th Ave., whether it's the private rooms, the group shower room, the sauna, or (my favorite) the bleacher area/TV room.  And in this report, she demonstrates she is an equal opportunity offender.

Here is the voluptuous Liz and her Flash Report...


Hi Doc,

Well just back from a nice visit to my favorite place, 15th Ave.  Impromptu visit tonight since my play partner has been traveling so very much. I posted on the Yahoo Group that I would be arriving and did so at the exact time. Greated by my favorite people, we took care of our entry fees, once again getting a private room.              
We go back to sauna and nobody was there so we have a little private alone time, which was greatly needed. We decided to shower,  and while in there we get a little frisky as another man walks in. We continue to feel, stoke, and kiss all while the other man was well behaved just watching and stroking.  Soon enough we see a regular "B". I wave my hand at the nice patient man indicating I will play with him he quickly understands and I stroke and suck. Soon decide we r going to leave the shower and go to a more general location, the tv room. I look up and there is a woman in locker room, wearing a bikini and great body. By the time we get out they disappear.

In the TV room, I take care of the nice patient man until he cums on my juicy tits.  Then "B" arrives & I take care of him while getting fucked from behind by my man. As we are doing this, bikini couple comes into the TV room. Apparently she came w/ two guys and was playing with one and he was playing with other. They change positions and continue with the 3 of them.

*****Insert Bitch Warning Now****

Well, she gets huffy about too many people around and I hear her tell then she wants to go someplace else. When i finish with "B", I see there are a few guys but all very polite and not pushy or asking for anything. Well needless to say I need shower so we go back into the group shower room. 

Right when I get into the shower area,  bikini woman says "ugh, here they come following us."  Hello you are in the showers!!!  So they huff off to sauna.  People if you don't want to be watched or bothered, geta private room or go to booth!!!  Seriously!!!  Newbies!

Well we all laughed it off, showered and had some additional private time.  Yes it was not packed but once again this female patron (as well as about 4 men) were very satisfied in the hour we were there.
Now looking forward to our Saturday night visit!



Doc here again... I want to take a time management course with Liz.  She is able to cram an awful lot of fun into one hour of play time @ 15th Ave.  I like her approach... She knows what she wants, and goes about getting it (multiple times).  Thank you Liz for the great report!  I wish I knew how to thank you, somehow...

Saturday night should be fun at 15th Avenue.  With any luck, The Good Doctor may make a House Call then, assuming the Lizardo 3000 is out of the shop in time (new flux capacitor, rotate the tires, and a new Bloody Mary scented tree air freshener).  If the planets align, I plan on reporting first hand the evening's activities.  Follow me on Twitter for instant updates HERE, or at @lizardojournal.

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