Monday, September 23, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! UL & D at CVE in Gastonia, NC on 9/12/13 (w/PICS)

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from UL & D. This hot couple stopped by CVE in Gastonia, NC several days ago, and this is their report (and pics too!)

Here we go!


Hello Doc,

The crowd on this day was small but very enthusiastic at CVE.

Due to some traffic issues D got there a little later than expected but walked into the first theater wearing a front zippered t-shirt and min denim skirt. As she walked down the aisle, the zipper came down, her beautiful tits came out, the skirt was rolled up and that world class ass was fully exposed. It was on!

She sucked off several in the first and third theater taking multiple loads. In fact at one point she was sucking a very nice cock, while being finger fucked to several very loud orgasms.

One of the reasons we like the CVE is the staff and management. They are doing some renovations and during this visit, Keith the owner, told D he would be around" to make sure the crowd remained respectful and she could get everything she wanted." She did! They are very 'couples friendly' and go the extra mile when a single woman is there.

The booths had to be removed due to local ordinance, but with recent additions of private rooms and 3 theaters, it is a perfect place to come suck, fuck, and cum. (Get it?) :)

We will go there again in about 2 weeks, will give a little extra notice, and our focus will be seeing how many she can fuck. Who knows I may even get some new pussy as well. LOL

UL & D

UL & D's Gallery
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Doc here again... Many thanks to UL & D for a great Couple's Flash Report!  Keep them coming!


Couple's Flash Report! Meet Hot Couple Sloppy Second Seekers (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a great way to start the work week... I'd like to introduce you to the newest contributors to The Journal: Sloppy Second Seekers.

This hot couple is an experienced theater and bookstore duo, and their reports will be a must-read for you moving forward. They will also be providing The Journal with pics from their adventures, and judging from the samples I have already seen, we are all in for a treat.

Without further ado, here are Sloppy Second Seekers and their first report.


Hi Doc,

Sloppy Second Seekers here; a married couple and first time contributors but long time aficionados of adult bookstores, theaters and more, with a few spots in the northeast worth mentioning from our recent travels.

We’ve been avid readers of your journal for longer than we can recall and want to say thanks for the wonderful submissions and information from across the land.  It’s great to know there are other couples and ladies who are into this “thing of ours.”
 From time to time, we see a post by a contributor or two about a visit to some place or another, stating that no couples or ladies were seen.  But, we should all know by now that many of these establishments can be “hit or miss” when it comes to finding such treasures.  There are very few places where couples or single-ladies are the norm. It’s more of a chance occurrence.  Yet, on a good night (we’re night time adventurers) these places can offer a wonderful buffet for the lady to feast upon.

As for us, we’ve been venturing into bookstore for years and can vouch for a few places where a desirous dame can get her fill of decent shafts with loads of pleasure and, for our initial submission; we’ll mention four places that we’ve visited in the recent past, which could use an honorable mention here.  If your readers would like more, we’ll do our best to provide future reports (and maybe even more).  So, let’s get started.

Bethlehem, PA:  Cupid’s Treasures (Stefko Blvd) and the Green Door (Pembroke Rd).  Both couples friendly and offer a delightful venue for the lady.  Cupid’s offers some huge gloryholes that can and have opened our imagination to possibilities (and some hot realities) with some booths providing a gloryhole on both sides.  The Green Door takes it a step further and, for one entry fee of $12 (no need to “feed the machines” after you enter), offers booths with and without gloryholes, two theaters (one straight and one gay), a larger “public room” and two private rooms.  A few hours on a good night between these two locales can be quite rewarding.
Sayreville, NJ: VideoFlixx (Route 35 south)… An adult store with smaller-sized booths in the back:  Most all have a “buddy window” with a “glory slot” below the window. However, to get more room, two larger booths are available that provide plenty of space to take your pleasures to the next level.

Staten Island, NY: NiteCap Video (Gulf Ave).  A very clean adult store with friendly staff and a large selection of novelties downstairs: Upstairs, the entire 2nd level is dedicated to booths of all sizes, some with buddy windows (none with gloryholes).  Leaving the door ajar just a crack can and has led to some wonderful introductions and subsequent “meatings.”

This short list is by far not all the places we’ve visited. But, we felt it best to get the ball rolling with just a few honorable mentions... with more to cum.

~Sloppy Second Seekers


Doc here again... Many thanks to Sloppy Second Seekers for a terrific first time report and the awesome pics.  This was just the tip of the iceberg, folks. The stuff coming to you next will make your head(s) spin.