Friday, February 15, 2013

Preview! Sweet Temptaton @ The Art Cinema's Valentine's Event

Doc here...Greetings from Hartford.  Land of insurance and the best couple's adult theater in the land.  I thought I would tease you, the good readers of The Journal, with a preview of one of the couples planning on attending Saturday night's Be Mine Valentine's Event at The Art Cinema in Hartford.

I would like you to meet Sweet Temptation. I have been talking with her over the last few weeks, coaching her up on the ins and outs of this thing of ours. She let me know earlier this week that she was ready to break her adult theater cherry, and in a big way - Saturday night at The Event.'

Here is Sweet Temptation, in her own words:

It is my intent to start in the couples section and put on a show with my BF.  If there is another attractive couple nearby, we may play with them for a while.  Yes, I am bisexual.  Once I am warmed up and horny as hell, I fully expect to wander down into the main theater to play with the clean, neatly dressed guys who are not overly aggressive.

Thanks again for your earlier support and encouragement.  I am really looking forward to breaking my theater cherry and making monthly trips to the Art Cinema in the future.

Doc here again... While new to this thing of ours, she isn't new to naughty behavior... As her pen name indicates, she is both sweet, and a temptress.


Doc here once again... The table is set for Saturday's Be Mine Valentine's Event @ The Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Avenue, in Hartford. We hope you can join us, starting at 7pm. Remember, first 25 couples and/or single females receive an Art Cinema Gift Bag, filled with goodies for all your senses.

So if you are a couple thinking about dipping your toe into this things of ours, this would be the IDEAL night.  Sweet Temptation is... How about you?

I am heading down to The Art Cinema shortly...