Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Flash Report! H-Man at The Art Cinema in Hartford on 2/1/14

Doc here, a man who some say can never get enough quality time with his snow blower, with a great Flash Reportr.
Senior reporter H-Man is back with another erotic tale from The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. He ran into a great5 mix of couples, and here is his tale of mystery and intrigue.
Take it away, sir!
Hello Doc!

Couple's Field Report! 15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa from Wet_Ride (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say wear his snow shoes year round, with a great Couples Field Report for you.
The very hot and sexy Wet_Ride  stopped by 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs, and has filed this report along with some HOT pics of herself.
Fair enough?
Here we go!