Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adult Theater Reports Needed! Apply Within!

Doc here... The lifeblood of The Journal of Adult Theaters is the adult theater report. Your recounting of a recent or past experiences inside this thing of ours is what keeps the blog vital and relevant. It is what keep the 10's of thousands of monthly readers coming back.

Reports have slowed down to a trickle, even though this is the busiest time of year for adult theater visits.  Why?

Since The Journal launched in the Fall of 2009, we have had 41 unique field reporters submit 440+ reports for publication. It's a number I am very proud of, and still amazes me to this day.  I understand that people come and going in this thing of ours, and for various reasonsAn example of this would be Sable Matheson, a very sexy woman who submitted two awesome reports in the Spring of 2010.  Two months afterwards, she was gone.  E-mail was gone, Yahoo Profile also gone. Poof.  It happens.

But to the many of the current or would be field reporters submitting adult theater reports, I really need you to step up. There are several reporters that continue to file weekly or bi-weekly reports, and I appreciate all of their hard work like you cannot believe.  This note is not directed at them.  It is directed at the scores of former or would-be reporters.

To those just mentioned... I need your help.  The 6 regular reporters cannot do it all by ourselves (you know who you are).  We need you.  We need you to submit a report (even a paragraph or two), and give us your feedback on your adult theater scene.  Please submit them to Keep in mind I am looking for good news and/or bad news.  If it is pertinent to adult theaters, I will want to publish it.

Every week in my "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio", I ask for more adult theater reports in a matter of fact way.  Today, I need to be more direct. Web sites are about content, and The Journal needs more. And I need you.

So pretty please, with sugar on top. I really need reports.

Thanks for listening.


Brent's Theater Tails: "Guess The Tranny (and other thoughts)" @ The Paris Theater in Portland

Doc here with a long overdue repost of a Brent from Portland Flash Report.  This is from Friday 6/17, and captures a wide gamut of visuals within the legendary Paris Theater.

Sit back, pop open a Fresca, and enjoy the poet laureate of this thing of ours at work.


The first flag alert I caught last night (Friday, June 17, 2011) at the Paris Theater was around 9:30.  They were already playing when I walked into the theater She was a voluptuous ,curvy, curly-haired woman who slightly resembled Marlee Matlin (say what?) . He had her down by the rail where the penis gallery was groping and fondling her. Then he took her, naked, over to the exam table. Two or three guys fucked her. She sucked off a few more and got hand fucked by some others including her sex master. She never stopped coming. She was moaning and moving like an un-anchored boat on a choppy sea. She finished her theater adventure in The Arena, where after getting on all fours and fucking, sucking and jacking a small crowd of horny fuckers suckers and jackers, she whispered to her man " Take me home."

Her visit was the most interactive of the night if you don't count the two good looking Mexican T Girls who were very busy in the little theater and in the hidden glory hole by the exit. A lot of young men, straight and gay were smitten last night, especially with the hot blond Mexican T Girl. I never saw so much making out. Hey, a few shots of tequila and what you don't know you don't want to know. Heshe was also getting ass  pounded time and time again. I could not see him/her but I could hear himmer. They need to add a few new words to the dictionary to describe all this. Also maybe Bravo can develop a game show called "Guess The Tranny".

There was a young couple in the theater last night who I also saw this past Sunday. She has long brown hair and is very pretty. She looks a little like Neve Campbell. So far they have only played discreetly. She wears a loose fitting skirt and he will play with her pussy underneath the skirt while they kiss and make out. They left, Sunday, when the cartoon started playing. I'm not sure why they left last night.

There were three other couples in The Oasis at the time. One young couple in the corner was making out and he was playing with her pussy through her jeans. One of the regular couples, bearded biker guy and his sad faced old lady were next to them and he was checking them out. There was also a couple that had been in and out of the theater all week. She is a woman with reddish blond hair and big breasts and he is a bald older man in fairly good shape. They have been playing in the theater sex/ lifestyle orbit for man y years. They used to play with the boys, she could take on  quite a few,  and they would also, occasionally bring  a single girl with them to the old Jefferson Theater. The last time I saw them before Friday was this past Wednesday. They were playing  with another couple. The girl of the other couple was getting all of the attention. She was a pretty young BBW and she was naked on the bench, enjoying the gentle licks and probes of the other three.

Last night this veteran couple played solo but I'm sure they would have entertained guests if the opportunity had arisen . A lot of couples came to The Paris last night. Some played, a lot more didn't.  There were a lot of maddening situations, the kind that make you scratch your head. For example, why do so many idiots insist on rushing up to the rail to stare at and jack off in front of couples in The Couples Oasis, who are clearly not doing anything and are definitely not interested in your game? Maybe if you left them alone for a while, they would get in a good mood and start playing. No one wants to feel obligated to "put on a show" or "put out", especially a female or couple at The Paris. It's not about you (or me). It's about the couples and the ladies and their fun. When the fun starts and the theater sex is sizzling, its great for everybody, but, hey, read the situation. Act like you've been there before.

The real
Melissa Rauch
The last two couples to come to The Paris last night both played. The first was a very handsome young guy and his beautiful date. She was a thin fox . I am not sure about her resemblance, Melissa Rauch, perhaps.  She was wearing  tight leather pants with a big ass belt and buckle. He never got her pants all the way off but he did get that buckle undone and got his hands inside of her. That made her writhe and scream whenever her lips weren't locked to his or when she was not busy sucking his dick. I appreciated the fact that she brushed her hair to the side so we could see the profile of her pretty face while she sucked on his big hard cock.

The other couple came to The Paris around 2:40 am. She was a cute BBW who looked a lot like America Ferrera. She was dressed for theater sex, she wore a tight dress, stockings,a bra that displayed her big beautiful breasts, and a big sexy smile. They kissed. She spread her legs wide while  he played with her pussy. She got on her knees and sucked his dick. He pulled up her dress so we could all see her ass. It was big and round and sexy. She got on top of him, pulled her panties to the side and guided his tool into her moist beaver box. They fucked in that position for a few minutes. Then he put her on all fours, pushed her dress up to her waist and fucked her fast and hard. Her breasts were swaying back and forth. Her face was contorted with lust for dick. She was groaning and yelling " Fuck me. Fuck me, hard." Sometimes what she was yelling was difficult to understand. A hard penis in a hot pussy can affect a girl's speech patterns.

He came inside her and they wiped themselves off with towels from the convenient paper towel dispenser located in The Couples Oasis. I thought that she needed more dick (my humble opinion) but very rarely does a couple stay after the guy gets his rocks off. This couple was not the exception and they were soon out of the theater. I left shortly afterwards.


For 99% of all other adult theaters, this would be a night for the ages.  For The Paris, an average Friday night.  Thanks again to Brent, who can paint a picture better than Bob Ross ever could.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Please e-mail Lou Ferrigno The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, and all you have to do is submit the raw report.  It's easy... Try it!