Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Field Report: Florida Update (excluding Tampa) by JaxBchBum

Doc here with an outstanding update on the non-Tampa adult theater scene in Florida, courtesy of  senior Journal reporter, JaxBchBum.

There is lots to digest here, so sit back, order a mojito, and soak it all in.



As promised, here is some additional theatre information for the database.  One bit of information you might consider adding is the phone number for the theatre.  There have been a number of times where I have arrived at a theatre only to find they have closed, closed for renovation, gay night or some other circumstance that made the trip a total waste of time.

Theatre X (formerly Pure Pleasures Mega-Store)  6802 NE US Highway 301, Hawthorne FL  32640 - located at the intersection of FL 26 and US 301  Mailing address is listed as Hawthorne FL, but actually located closer to Orange Heights FL and is about 12 miles east of the Gainesville Regional airport.  Hours are: M-Th - 9am - midnight; Friday & Sat: 9 am to 2 am; Sunday, 11am to 11pm.  Adult store with DVDs for sale/rent; novelties, an arcade and theatre.  Theatre admission is free for couples at all times and $20 for singles with supposedly a 6 hour time limit but have never seen it enforced.  In/out privileges.  Small theatre with 3 rows of 2/3 person couches as well as about 6 chairs scattered about; no dedicated couples section.  Theatre kept very clean and video quality is excellent.  Couple friendly and laid back staff and no record of any law enforcement action.  Tuesday night from 6 - midnight shows gay movies.

Palatka Adult Supercenter 3743 Reid Street Palatka FL 32177 - located in the SE corner of the intersection of FL 100 and FL 19.  (386) 326-3559,  Theatre hours are Mon - Sat from 9am to 1:00 but sometimes they close the theatre at 12:30 to start cleaning.  Sunday hours from 11am - 11pm.  Long established adult store with DVDs, novelties, arcade but the theatre has only been in place for about 18 months.  Free admission for couples and $6.50 for singles with in/out privileges all day.  Small theatre with an unusual configuration.  2 and 3-person couches along the back walk with the 2-person couch in a recessed alcove.  Another 3-4 person couch placed on a side wall so little privacy for the other couches and that seems to have affected the rate of couples coming in to the theatre and playing - so no dedicated couples section..  The rest of the seating is approximately 16 high-back heavy plastic outdoor chairs.  Theatre kept clean and video quality is very good.  They show a series of 4 movies each day, with one usually being a bi- or fetish movie.  No record of any law enforcement action despite being less than a half-mile from the Sheriff's offices. Laid back staff and very couple friendly (even saw a lady walking around the store nude one night while hubby was taking pics).

Foxes Cinema, 3009 Victory Drive, Columbus GA  31903 (706) 689-2211 Theatre hours are: Monday - Thursday 10am - midnight (but subject to early closing if not many people) 10 am - 12:30 Friday and Saturday; Sunday from 10 - 9pm.  Single admission is $8 and ladies are admitted free.  Promises for a major theatre remodeling but has not happened although they did a major remodel of the store including arcade at the end of 2010.  Mid-sized theatre with about 45 seats with large open area at the back.  No dedicated couples section. 

Some comments on some of the other theatres currently listed:
Cinema Blue in B'ham AL theatre interior is in terrible condition.  Roof leaks when it rains, many of the seat bottoms or entire seats missing; but it is the only game in town since the Screening Room got shut down several years ago.

Buford Hwy Twin Cinemas in Doraville GA - couples admitted free to theatre #1 that does have a dedicated couples section.  Some busts took place here earlier this year after the theatre re-opened after being closed for several years.  Only theatre in the north Georgia area.

Hope this is helpful.  Stopped by Theatre X on Wed. night.  Two couples came in while I was there.  Older couple did some playing with each other but were inconsistent with wanting others to watch although everyone was respectful.  Young couple (mid-30s) came in about 9:30 and she was dressed to play with a deep cut dress showing off big beautiful tits; but they never did anything.  Think the older couple tried to hit on them as when younger couple left the older couple followed; but came back in about 10 minutes later.

Stopping by again Sat. evening so hope to have more productive report to give.



Thanks JBB for the great and detailed update from the non-Tampa adult theater scene in Florida.  I will be adding the new details to the Dr. Emilio database sometime this week.  Thank you sir!

Do you have an adult theater report?  I hope so, because I am in dire need of more reports... Just e-mail your report to emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format your report... You just provide the words.



All-Time TOP Adult Theater Experience: Round 2 - Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with Round 2 of the All-Time TOP Adult Theater Experience entries... This report comes from senior Journal field reporter, Bob in Biloxi.  His weekly reports are a staple here at The Journal, and I was glad to see Bob jump into the fray of the TOP Experience stories.

Here he is...Height unknown, weight unknown, from parts unknown... Off the top rope, it's Bob in Biloxi:


Hey Doc,

Here’s my submission for the TOP Adult Theater Experiences: 2005, Biloxi, Ms.

Shortly after the Big Storms (Katrina and Gustavo), my company was inundated with calls all over the South for voice/data and audio visual restoration. I had been working the devastated town of Biloxi for two weeks straight trying to help both Bell South and numerous other vendors restore the massive destruction caused by these two storms.

Bob in Biloxi
I passed by an adult theater (Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi) and spotted an older fellow outside picking up debris. He waved me down and asked if my company could help him with some problems he had with interior wiring and audio visual issues. I told him we were swamped with orders right now, but when I got off I would take a look at what he had. So after work I cruised by and at the appointed time we met and walked through his place and examined the issues he was dealing with.  Long story short I was able to get him back in business after a couple of long nights.

He wanted to pay me but I refused, citing the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech and most of all Freedom of Expression. I gave him my card and told him to call if he had any other problems.
About six weeks went by and my cell phone rang, it was Harry, the owner of the Theater, he asked me if I was still in Biloxi, which I replied no. He asked me if I was available any Saturday night and since I was now off on weekends again I told him yes. He asked if I could come down the following Saturday and be there at 8pm, I agreed and hung up.

I arrived promptly at 8pm, went in and said hello, then he asked me to sit down. He explained to me that he was grateful for me saving his business and thought he owed me a debt of gratitude. I started to wave it off, when he stunned me by asking if I was straight? I replied I was, he smiled and said I thought so. I guess he saw the bewildered look on my face, then went on to explain the goings on at his theater. He said he had a surprise for me that would be there any minute, more bewilderment from me. He just smiled and said I think you will like it.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
He had at the time, one single camera pointed at the door, it being dark, a pair of headlights soon shinned on the door. He said, that would be them now. I looked at the screen he was looking at, I saw what appeared to be a black Bentley. He told me, “yep that’s them” I saw a couple get out of the car and walk toward the door. When they came in, I noticed a stunning woman, with long dark curly hair, deep brown eyes, dressed in black Capri pants and black pullover sweater. She reminded me of Catherine Zeta Jones, she was also covered with jewelry, large diamond rings, diamond necklace, I mean decked out!! Introductions were made and Harry said, this is the young fellow I was telling you about, he really saved my ass. The lady (Susan) kept smiling at me and making little comments about the place and giving me a look that is “that look” very sexy, sensuous woman with heart warming dick raising smile.

After a few minutes, she asked me if I would like to go inside with them and watch the movie. I obliged and followed them in, they took a left immediately after entering, the man leading the way, her following him and me behind her. We sat down and after a few minutes she explained that Harry was a wonderful friend to them and they used to attend the theater regularly before the storm and they were also appreciative of my deed. With that, she started stroking my leg, gradually moving higher until she met my cock, she then looked at me with that sexed out smile and started stroking me over my gym shorts. In a matter of seconds I was hard as a rock, she asked me to remove my shorts (Take those things off is really what she said) I couldn’t move fast enough either, in the blink of her eye I was bottomless sitting on my shorts in the seat. This gave her full access and her soft warm hands really started having an effect.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
We were the only ones in the theater as she stood up and pulled off both her top and pants handing them to her husband. She knelt down totally nude in front of me and started to administrator a great blow job while looking at me with those sexy eyes. After a few minutes of this she got up, turned around, revealing a perfect ass with a shaved pussy and proceeded to sit down on my cock. She was soaking wet, so entry was very easy, her pussy felt like a tight warm velvet glove over my cock. When she was able to sit all the way down on my cock, she stopped for a minute and just moaned, then she started grinding me the way a stripper gives a lap dance! Followed by up and down and all around, with some heavy banging up and down on my cock. I loved that she was vocal, she kept saying “oh yeah, oh fuck, he making me feel like a slut” on and on, then she came, flooding my lap, leaning back against me breathing hard with a slight sheen of sweat about her body. She would shake every now and then, until she leaned forward with that beautiful ass bent over the aisle in front of us.

I Believe in Bob in Biloxi
She turned her head smiling and said, now its your turn! With that I stood up re-entered her and started pounding her pussy with all I had. She was even more vocal in her thrones pushing back against my cock, until I couldn’t stand it anymore, I asked where she wanted my cum, which she was screaming give it all to me! I did too, buckets of cum shot into her. My cock forcing it out the sides of her pussy. Things settled down some and her husband handed her a towel, she began patting over her ample chest and rest of her body, then turned her attention me, she was so gentle drying me, my cock, legs, anything she deemed needing to be dry.

After she was done, she handed the towel back to her husband and knelt down again to take my cock in her mouth, she sucked and moaned until it was completely flaccid and happy. She stood up and whispered in my ear that she wanted to make sure she got the last drop. She and I got dressed and walked out to the lobby, said our good byes and they left.

Harry had a big smile on his face and asked how I liked my surprise? I could barely speak, thanking him. I asked the story behind them, he told me they were moving up north. They had had it with hurricanes and was moving somewhere that, this weather phenomenon would never effect them again, that’s the last I saw of them, but it made me an adult theater junkie afterward.



You read it here first folks... The creation of Bob in Biloxi as an adult theater junkie.  It's just like the moment when after seeing a bat, Bruce Wayne realized he had to be Batman.

Well, almost.

Great job Bob!  Now it's your turn to submit your TOP Adult Theater Experience story to The Good Doctor.  Just e-mail me direct at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. Please put "TOP STORY" in the subject line.

Thanks again Bruce Wayne Bob in Biloxi!