Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flash Report: Cutting To the Chase With Floyd - "Thursday Surprise"

Doc here with a terrific first time report from The Journal's newest reporter, floyd.  Hailing from Portland, he will provide another voice to the country's most active adult theater city for The Journal.

So pull up the barber's chair and let floyd do the rest of the work...


Thursday at the Paris Theater – A Nice Surprise

The Good Doctor has been asking for more first person accounts of theater action, so your new buddy Floyd is jumping into the fray.  I’ve got a near ideal situation: I work in a small office a short streetcar ride from the world famous Paris Theater in Portland, OR, and when an alert goes out I can usually be there in about ten minutes.  Over the last six months or so I have become somewhat of a regular, stopping by once or twice a week. Although I am rarely able to get to the Paris in the evenings, I have been fortunate enough to attend quite a few of the afternoon sessions that have been memorialized on Brent’s excellent Yahoo group site.

So yesterday (Thursday) I am sitting in my office contemplating where to go for lunch, when up pops a Red Flag alert (couple in the theater.) For a few quick seconds, I thought about not responding – I was getting hungry, and more often than not an 11:49am Red Flag will turn out to be “tourists”, a couple that just comes in and sits there for a while and leaves.  But since I was going out anyway and it’s so close...

The Paris Theater
circa 1982

Ten minutes later I’m buying my ticket and heading in to the theater.  Right away I see no crowd of watchers at the railing in front of the couples area, so I think I’m out of luck.  Just two or maybe three guys sitting in the chairs watching the movie.  But as my eyes adjust I see a large guy sitting on the back bench, with a totally nude babe lying sprawled out on her side next to him on the bench.  I take up a spot on the corner out of the way where I can get a good view and then notice another guy across from the door to the couples area watching and jacking off.  About this time the girl slides down on the floor and crawls over in front of the guy. 

Now my eyes are finally adjusted and I see he has his shorts down around his ankles and his cock out.  I can also now see her, and what a sight!  She is gorgeous, about 5”4”, very slim with perfect tits and a beautiful ass, which coincidentally is pointed right at me as she starts blowing the guy seated on the bench.  She has short black curly hair and looks really young, maybe early 20’s max (but I’m old enough that they all look young these days.)

Soon I’m having a leisurely stroke and watching her ass while she sucks, and another guy walks in and takes up position on the other end of the railing.  After five or six minutes of spirited fellatio, the babe moves away from him and flops on the recliner bench at the far side of the couples area, on her back with a big smile.  “Well,” she says, “Anybody gonna fuck me?”

I stood still, shocked by this, and since I already had my dick out I didn’t move fast enough.   The other watcher walked around as she says, “Come on in.”  He doesn’t need to be asked twice and soon he is standing in front of her with his drawers down, her sitting on the edge of the bench, head at crotch level.  She takes him in her mouth and begins to administer an energetic blowjob.  I can hear him telling her he’s getting close, and he asks if he can cum on her face.  She nods “yes”, and a minute later he unloads all over her beautiful face.  Hot!

The guy cleans up and leaves, and I approach the door to the couples’ area.  She is sitting there across from her guy on one of the benches right at the railing, completely naked, smiling. “Well,” she says, “What do you want?”  I tell her I want to get a closer look at her and she says OK.  She thrusts out her tits and says, “They’re perfect, you know.” 

I can only agree as I caress her tits and pull gently on her hard nipples.  I can’t resist bending down and sucking on first one and then the other.  My hand slips down in between her legs and I tap my finger on her puffy pussy lips.  “I’ll bet this is pretty perfect, too,” I say, and she just nods.  I am right next to her ear, and I whisper “I want to lick it.” She laughs and says, “I’m just the slave here, ask him,” nodding at the guy who is just sitting there lazily stroking. He asks her if she wants her pussy licked, and when she nods yes, he tells me to go ahead.

I get down on my knees and spread her legs, getting a good look at her totally shaved snatch.  It tastes as good as it looks, and soon she is making very sweet little moans as I pick up the pace.  She has a nice little cum after a few minutes. While eating her sweet little puss I realized that she has a pierced clit with a little bar through her hood.  Floyd has eaten his share of pussy through the years, but this was a first!

Afterwards she went back over to the other bench next to the guy, and he checked the time and said it was about time to go. I had dropped my pants and was stroking about a 2/3 hard bone while staring at those tits.  She had her panties in her hand when she saw me stroking, looked at her guy, and said, “Should I?”  He says,“Yes, I think you should.” And she drops to her knees in front of me.  She starts sucking and licking my cockhead and then takes the whole thing down her throat.  I’ve got a hand on the back of her head, and I notice a couple of guys jacking off watching.  She sucks me for about five minutes and he says “Time to go.”  I watch her dress slowly and she gives me a nice smile on their way out.  I sit there with a smile of my own.

It’ll be a while before I ignore an 11:49am Red Flag!  Long live the Paris!


Doc here again...Great first report from floyd, don't you agree?  floyd will be providing an ongoing series of reports from Portland and elsewhere moving forward.  Glad to have you aboard The Journal!

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal (just like floyd did)?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor ( and I will format, edit, and post that bad boy.  It's easy, and kind to the environment.