Thursday, March 21, 2013

Breaking News! The Fox Theatre in Vancouver To Close

Doc here with Breaking News within this thing of ours.  According to the Vancouver Sun, from which this is reposted, The Fox Theatre in Vancouver will be re-purposed into a night club and entertainment venue.

Here is the report...

Vancouver's last porn theatre The Fox to become live music venue

Opportunity too good to pass up for team from The Waldorf, Rickshaw


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The Waldorf production team has found safe haven at the city’s last porn theatre.

Former Waldorf leaseholders Tom Anselmi, Ernesto Gomez and Danny Fazio will join forces with David Duprey and Rachel Zottenberg in turning the Fox Cinema on Main into a live music venue and art space.

Duprey and Zottenberg are co-owners of the Rumpus Room, the Narrow and a soon-to-open Chinatown restaurant. Duprey is also owner of Hastings Street live music venue Rickshaw Theatre.

Duprey said he wasn’t looking for a potential new live music venue, but the opportunity to lease a space on Main near Broadway was too good to pass up.

“I kept saying ‘no, we’re not going to do it,’ up until the day we signed the lease,” Duprey said.

“This came up and it’s such a great location, we couldn’t say no,” Zottenberg said. “We know it’s crazy to be doing this at the same time we have this huge 5,000-square-foot restaurant opening.”

The Waldorf crew had been eyeing the Fox lease at the same time.

“We talked, and decided to combine our talents,” Duprey said. “I think it’s going to a fantastic combination. We’re not just going to be doing live music. There’s going to be DJs, comedy, film, everything that they were doing at the Waldorf.”

Duprey hopes to keep the name, although he doubts that anything else about the Fox is salvageable.

“It needs to be napalmed,” he said. “We were talking about doing walking tours and giving out haz-mat suits, but I don’t know. It’s disgusting.” He said it seems as though the inside of the building hasn’t been cleaned in 20 years. It’s been a porn theatre for the last two decades.

Zottenberg said there’s a painting of TV actor Scott Baio in the women’s washroom that is “epic. It’s the only thing I kind of like that’s on the inside.”

Duprey, who spent over a year trying to get a liquor licence from the city for the Rickshaw, is hoping he won’t have a similar struggle with the Fox.

“I’m a lot more on top of it this time. I’ve already started the conversation and I think I’m a known entity to them. I’m hoping that will expedite it (the application).”

He figures the theatre can hold somewhere around 250 people.

The 520-capacity Rickshaw and the Fox will complement each other, he said. “There are a lot of bands at the Rickshaw we don’t put in there because they can only sell 200 or 150 tickets. If a band looks like it can do 500, I can move them over.”

Before this, Zottenberg said her only experience with the Fox was avoiding eye contact with patrons walking out of the theatre on her way to and from work at the Narrow.

“I’d be coming home at 3 a.m. or going in to work at 10 a.m., and those are like the witching hours of the Fox.”

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Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Hits Circus Cinema in Denver and Circle Cinema in Wichita

Doc here with two fantastic reports wrapped in one from our good friend, The Oral Reporter. He was able to visit both the Circus Cinema in Denver, and also the Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS.
Good Dr.
Oral Reporter here with a report from two theaters,  On Friday night I was in Denver and made my first trip to the Circus Cinema at 5580 Federal Blvd.
This theater has 4 individual theaters inside.  I paid my 8 dollars (senior rate) to the lovely lady at the desk and headed up stairs to see what the action was. 
I checked out all 4 of the theaters, and what they have is 2 straight theaters, on gay theater, and one she-male theater.  The she-male theater only has 4 seats and standing room for about 4 more.  The gay theater has maybe 20 seats, each of the straight theaters have about 30+ seats.  After checking out all 4 theaters, I found no couples.  I sat in one of the straight theaters and watched a movie for awhile.  I noticed in each theater there is a Television with a 4 way split screen.  It showed the front door on one of the splits, the parking lot on two of the other splits and the hallway on the last one.  The one showing the front door is very handy for two things, seeing any couples coming in, and watching for the Law Enforcement. 
Circus Cinema
Denver, CO
The TV also sounds a ding when someone comes in the front door, when that ding goes off, everyone checks the TV to see if it's a couple or a cop.  Back to the story, it was not looking good until about 10:30 PM when one couple came in they checked out both of the straight theaters as well as the other two theaters before settling down in theater #1 a straight theater.  They played a little with each other for a while.  She was a Latino looking lady middle aged, and seemed to a regular at the theater.  The guys got a little too close to soon, so they got up and left the theater and I then found them in the she-male theater, trying to hide a little.  I went in and sat next to them, with only 4 chairs, that was not hard to do.  I was stroking my tool, and she was giving her guy a nice blow job.  She was not ready to give a little attention to anyone else. 
After a few minutes the room was over flowing with guys stroking themselves.  The couple left the theater for a little break, but came back and went back to theater #1, again playing with each other.  About 30 minutes later another couple came through the front door, this one was a blond BBW, that was dressed to play.  They came up and entered theater #1.  She started playing with her guy right away and the crowd assembled, like sharks to blood in the water.  She started giving him head, and as soon as the guy motioned for the guys to start feeling her up, there were hands all over her with several guys stroking themselves.  I was seated right in front of them, so I had a great view. 
I got a good feel of her huge tits, and got a little stroking of my tool by her.  She was busy sucking a couple of guys off, her pussy was getting several hands working on it.  after about 15 minutes of this, the blonds guy said time to go, so she put her clothes back on and they left.  I was hoping they would come back but no such luck.  One strange thing, when they left about half of the crowd of guys left also.  So this made it easier for the Latino lady and her guy to enjoy themselves.  After a couple more breaks the couple started playing a little heavier. 
One guy was trying to touch and he was told 4 times to keep away.  The rest of us guys told the guy he was going to chase the couple away.  He left and went to another theater.  The Latino lady and her guy were in the back row and they started letting a few guys touch.  One guy a younger guy sat next to her and he was playing with her pussy, and she told him to stand up and she gave him a nice blow job.  When he came he left and I moved into his spot, I offered to eat her pussy after all I'm the "Oral" reporter and love eating pussy.  She said no, and started giving her guy a blow job again. 
After a few minutes he stood up and turned around she then started licking his ass hole.  That put a smile on his face he then turned around again sat down and she started giving him head again.  He motioned for me to come close and pointed towards her ass.  I asked if I could play and he said yes.  I started finger fucking her she was not very wet, so I licked my fingers and put them back in.  That was all I was going to get but it was worth the price of admission.
I told them about this blog site, so maybe they will read this and enjoy the fame.  I asked for their initials to put in the story but they declined.  A couple of cross dressers came in but did not stay long.  I called it a night and went back to my hotel, I had a 9AM flight to Wichita, KS via Atlanta.
Circle Cinema
Wichita, KS
My next stop was the Circle Cinema in Wichita.  I got there around 5:30 PM after doing a little work at the shop I had to go too, I ventured over to the Circle cinema grabbed a burger on the way, ate it in the car, and pulled into the Theatre on Seneca St.  It was about 8:30 PM when I got in and talked to the attendant.  he knows I submit stories to this web site, and told me so far there were no couples in the theater.  I paid my senior rate of 4 dollars and went in. 
There were nothing but a bunch of confused guys in the theatre pleasing each other.  Around 11PM the Amish couple comes in they are regulars and are senior citizens but they do play. with the guys.  I have played with them before, so I went over to where they were, and sat next to them, I started stroking myself while she was stroking him.  About 15 minutes of this and he said lets go up in the second level and see if any of these guys want to play.  As they started moving to the second level, I was right behind them.  They got comfortable and she started giving him head.  I was standing right behind her stroking my tool, he motioned me over to next too her. 
I started to stroke her but she had a heavy coat on and there was no skin but her neck and face to stroke.  She turned around and started giving me head, it was not long until I told her I was going to Cum and she let it out of her mouth and I shot off.  I being the gentleman I am, I offered to lick her pussy and she smiled and said yes.  I went down on her until she came.  I got up cleaned up, and thanked  her for the fun.  A little later they left, and I was not far behind them.  I talked to the attendant on my way out, he said another regular couple came in but only did some shopping he said they usually go in the theater but not this time.  All in all the two theaters were pretty good, nothing like the Art Cinema or the Paris, but I'll take it.
Doc, I wish more theaters were like the Circus Cinema with the closed circuit TV showing the front door so you can see the couples coming in or the cops coming in.  The Circle Cinema in Wichita is still in a sad state of affairs, with more and more of the seats getting so bad you can not sit on them.
I'll be in Buffalo this weekend so I might try out the Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, or Video Liquidators on Elmwood.  I'll let you know if anything happens.
Oral Reporter
Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for his hard work in the field.  Keep the reports coming in, sir!