Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Flash Report! Gordon on The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here with an awesome Flash Report from first time contributor (and hopefully not his last time), Gordon

The Lido Adult Theater was his playground of choice, on what is not usually a hotbed of adult theater action - Tuesday night.

Here is first timer Gordon, and his tale of fun in Big D.


The Esteemed Dr. Lizardo,

Tuesday night. Lido's in Dallas. Chances are, it's going to be a dead night at Dallas' best adult theatre.
Stepped on in and went upstairs, plenty of cars in the parking lot, but no activity going on in any of the rooms or the couches, so I stepped on down to the theatre.

Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
Took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust, but moments later, I knew the reason for the lack of activity in the hallway. There was an attractive young lady sitting in the front row. A lady wearing a modest dress, with her husband beside her. Of course, they were surrounded by hopefuls, yet I tried my darnedest to stay back. Wasn't working, her voice was sultry and intoxicating. And intoxicated she was as well. Her husband was there to protect her, along with a few of the regulars who like to regulate. For the couples out there, there are single guys who go to Lido's who understand "No, means no".

She talked for a bit, getting the lay (no pun intended) of the land, then decided her hubby would choose four lucky guys to procure a private room.

Was I selected? Why yes I was! My guess was just dumb luck on my part. The four of us, along with the pretty young couple, found a room, started up the ol' video booth and locked the doors. A great time ensued! Condoms were a must, at her insistence, the guys pulled them out of their pockets.

She laid on her back, took two of us in her mouths and every few minutes requested a kiss from her husband. He stayed out of the action, preferring the bleachers and following the action as it unfolded.
Before long, she was on all fours and taking all four. All four with condoms on, just chugging away, taking turns, all very courteous to each other. I filled my condom, didn't have another, so I also sat back to enjoy the view.

She took on all four guys with enthusiasm and aplomb, and a little loud moaning for good measure. I'm sure any guys listening at the door were having a hard time keeping their hands in their pockets or at their sides.

When all the condoms were filled, we all profusely thanked the gracious couple, welcomed them to Dallas and saw them on their way.

Who said Tuesdays were dull? Not I! Will Wednesday be just as good? Who knows, but it'll be interesting finding out.

Thanks for offering a venue for expressing our experiences with this thing of ours.


Doc here again... Terrifc report Gordon!  This report has all the things that make a great Flash Report: Solid introduction, a brief geographic tour, the scene inside the theater/room, and a nice epilogue.  We look forward to you next report, sir.