Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Couple's International Flash Report! Squidly and Hotwife at a Secret Sex Club in Seoul, South Korea

Doc here with a fantastic International Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors Squidly and Hotwife.

Take it away... It's a good one.!


Hey Doc,
Your Far East correspondents, Squidly and Hotwife, checking in again.
 I had mentioned in a previous email that Hotwife and I have been missing our playtime at the DC Gloryhole Club since we've moved halfway around the world.  As South Korea is bit more uptight that some of the other Asian countries (we hear Japan is really freaky), finding an outlet for our debauchery has been difficult.  But, after a lot of Googling, we stumbled across a couple of Tumblr blogs that mentioned some secret sex clubs here in Seoul.