Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flash Report! Dry Clean Only Hits Rte 20 News in Rensselaer, NY

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from our good friend, Dry Clean Only.

I'll take mine with medium starch, please.


Hello Doc,

Quick visit to the Route 9 & 20 News in Rensselaer, NY recently... Mid-afternoon weekday was my availability, unfortunately, but the clerk mentioned that lunchtime and 5p-7pm weekdays are the busiest.  

Rte 20 News / Adult World
Rensselaer, NY
When I was there, about 8 guys, all of the confused sort.  It's a weird place. The store is pretty small. There's an arcade which seems to be made out of old office cubicle dividers.  The "theater" is just another division of the large room with office cubicles separating it from the arcade, and there is an presentation-projector of a movie with about 15 movie theater style seats.  
You have to press a doorbell to be "buzzed" into the theater by a makeshift door at the back of the theater area.  Fluorescent drop-ceiling lighting, big storefront window covered with something temporary to conceal the view, but lets in a ton of daylight. Good, mostly discrete parking.  Safe neighborhood.  Definitely no allure of the Paris, Video Liquidators, Talk of the Town in Buffalo and Syracuse, or Adult World in Oakland.
Probably not worth the visit unless there's advance notice of our types of patrons. Very clean and well kept, though, throughout.  Hoping to drive through Toledo on an upcoming trip to Detroit, and Hartford on the way to Boston over the next couple months.  
Doc, there's another Video Liquidators on the south side of Buffalo by the General Mills plants.   Happened across it one day, and it had a number of cars there on an early afternoon weekday. May want to ask for some reports. Neighborhood is not good for after dark visits.


Doc here again... Many thanks to Dry Clean Only for another great report from the Empire State (The Doc's old stomping ground). Keep up the solid work, sir!


Flash Report! Jersey Strong with The Black Hat @ Berlin News Agency, Berlin NJ

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior reporter The Black Hat.
His port of call this week was Berlin, NJ, and he ventured to the legendary Berlin News Agency, as well as the Red Barn.
So parts unknown, weight unknown, I bring you The Black Hat...
Greetings from the Black Hat!  
Friday evening March 22, I made my way up 95 from the Carolina's and made a pilgrimage to Berlin, NJ.  First stop was Berlin News Agency.  I arrived at 9:20 PM and made my way to the theater.  There was a full house of guys surveying the scene and looking for any hint of action.  First thing I noticed was a fairly attractive Asian CD who was giving a dude a very serious, wet cock sucking. She sucked him like a champ and then lubed him up and finished him off with a nice hand job. A happy ending any AMP mama san would be proud of!  She made her way around the theater and pleased a few more both orally and manually before exiting.  
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Next, a CD and a curvy African American girl entered and the CD immediately found a spot on her knees and sucked a few older guys why curvy girl talked on the phone.  I got bored and split for Red Barn News, where I suspected it would just be a manfest.  After paying my way and checking out the booths and theater I sat down to wait it out.  
About 5 minutes later, I hear a female chatting the counter guy up.  She enters the theater about 10 minutes later.  I put her at about 53, firm body, nice ass on the larger side and blonde hair.  She must have planned to rendezvous with two guys ahead of time because they all knew each other and got into it really quick.  She dropped down and sucked a well built dude of about 60 while a more petite gent of about the same age sat beside the other guy and felt her up.  They took turns fucking her while a good crowd of us watched and stroked. She made no eye contact with any of us which was cool, but I had places to go, so I watched a little longer and called it a night.
I returned to Berlin News on Sunday March 24, around 3PM and was treated to a great show.  3 couples in total in the theater.  One very attractive blonde, perfect body, maybe 36, had the interest of about 25 guys as she was naked and fucking and sucking all comers without condoms.  A nice guy of about 50 was her escort and jumping in and out of the fray.  I enjoyed watching them and they were still going strong when I left around 4:45!  
While this was going on, couple number two goes to the opposite quad.  A guy of about 65 was escorting a lovely young gal, maybe 25, good body, perky breasts and brown hair.  They were there to perform.  They stripped and she dove right for his cock sucking him to full command.  Then he proceeded to "fucking pound her" in several positions.  He came hard and they finished up about 25 minutes after they began.  They then walked over to watch the blonde vixen continue her gang bang.  
Couple three was my old friend "Ma Parker" and her husband (I think).  They were sitting in the main theater and wandered back to watch Blondie.  Several trips ago, Ma sucked me good while I was watching a gang band in progress but she was just looking to watch this time.  I hung a bit longer and called it a day. All in all a lovely visit to NJ and our many friends there in this thing of ours have bounced back nicely from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  
See you all on the turnpike!  Until then, be clean, be respectful and be cool.
I remain...The Black Hat!
Doc here again.. Another 5-Star report from The Black Hat!  Thank you sir for your service the Journal and to this thing of ours.