Friday, May 3, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! A Night of Roleplay and Debauchery with CSL (Cum Slut Legend) Koral (w/6 Pics)

Doc here with a great way to finish up the work week - A Brand New Koral Flash Report!

The title of this report says it all... And remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them. These pics were taken the actual night of this report.


A Night of Roleplay and Debauchery with my CSL (Cum Slut Legend) Koral

It has been far too long since the last time we went out on the town looking for trouble. Lucky for us we found some time in the last weekend of April, so looking for trouble we went.
We began the evening by stopping at one of our local porn shops to have some fun in the arcade. Usually when  in the booths, Koral enjoys servicing all clean cummers until the balls and halls are empty (her record is 22). But that Saturday night we had another plan. Something she has never done before and has long wanted to experience. The plan was for Koral and I to walk around the porn store until she found one lone man she was attracted to, then ask him if he would fuck her through a gloryhole and give her a creampie while her husband took video of it.

We pulled into the parking lot and went over the plan once more before going into the store. As we were about to walk in, a car pulled in next to us on the passenger side....Koral smiled saying "you ask and you shall receive".  A very handsome, young, well dressed black man stepped out of the car and right away Koral stepped out and said hello. By the time I got out of the car and walk around to them, he had already agreed to fulfill her fantasy. After shaking his hand, the three of us walked into the store and to the arcade without wasting any time.

We found two booths side by side that shared a gloryhole, he stepped into one and we stepped into the other. After a few minutes of getting herself ready and a quick wipe down of the hole and surrounding area with disinfectant, Koral was on her knees with two fingers in the hole. A few seconds later she was presented with a cock, which made her smile...."perfect" she said. She grabbed a hold of his shaft and put the head of his cock into her mouth and began to suck, slowly deeper and deeper as he grew larger and larger. After sucking him for 10 minutes or so she asked "can I fuck him daddy", which I of course replied yes you may. She then backed her ass up to the hole, reached between her legs, and guided his large cock into her wet tight pussy.
Not being experienced in the art of gloryhole fucking, it was awkward at first. It wasn't long until she figured out her balance and they were both working as a team. Meanwhile, I was holding the video camera enjoying the show, taking a break from time to time to kiss her passionately and talk dirty to her......"do you like fucking a stranger through the hole baby"......."do you want him to fill your little pussy with his cum". After about 15 minutes of fucking, he nutted into her, fucked her a few more minutes, then retreated to his booth. Koral showed me her creamy pussy then put her finger inside herself and pulled some nut out, then put it in her mouth with a "Mmmmm". She then grabbed my cock (I was stroking myself the whole time) and guided it into her as she sat on my lap. I told her how hot and smooth she felt as she rode up and down on me. It was very nice.

fter a few minutes of riding my cock with her creamy pussy, our friends cock reappeared through the hole. She stroked and sucked him as she rode me and it wasn't long until I blew my load deep into her and adding to the lovely mess. I told her that I wanted her to fuck him again and that she should ask him if she could join him in his booth while I took video through the hole. She asked and of course he obliged. She pulled up her top and a second later she was entering his booth. She sucked him then mounted him, switching positions from time to time, while I took video through the hole.
At one point I put down the camera and put my cock through the hole for her to suck while she was being fucked. I loved listening to her moaning on my dick as he was pounding her (she sucks so good when she is being fucked on). Then I heard him moan...then her moan... and I could tell he was cumming in her again. A second later I felt her very hot sloppy pussy push down on my cock and I heard her through the wall saying "give me more cum baby....I need it". I thrusted into her again and again until I could hold it no longer....and I exploded.

I pumped into her some more, mixing up the baby batter inside of her. As pulled my cock back through the whole I could see white frothy cream on my shaft, the sperm had been whipped by the friction of our cocks. She thanked our friend and returned to my booth.......................... mission accomplished. After a short cool off and some clean up, we got dressed and headed out the door.
Now before I go any further I have something I have to admit. I haven't been completely honest. Our new friend who just fucked my wife through the gloryhole is actually a fuck friend who we play with often. His name is "J". He is one of the very few guys who we trust to fuck without protection, and like ourselves he gets tested regularly. We have always met in hotels until now, and when Koral and I asked if he would do this gloryhole roleplay he agreed. We also plan on doing some dogging with him (and a few other regular/tested fuck friends) this summer, roleplaying that they are total strangers......that turns Koral and I on a lot. Sorry to mislead you all...but that's part of the story.
Now back to the more fibbing.

We talked with "J" in the parking lot and told him that we were headed to the Paris Theater and that he should come down there, which he said he would. We arrived to the theater and as usual made our way to the couples section, where our eyes can focus and we can scope the crowd to make sure there is nobody we know from our "real life" there. You never know. There was another couple there who we recognize from previous theater visits, but we had never met. We small talked with them for a bit, then I went to the lobby to get Koral a water.
In the lobby I began talking to a few of the guys we know (theater friends) and offered some one-on-one with Koral in the bedroom area. "J" our gloryhole roleplay friend arrived and we decided that he should go first in the bedroom with Koral. I returned to the couples section and told Koral that she was going to the bedroom with "J"  for starters, then one or two of our other friends (one-on-one), and I will be watching with everyone else. After that, she will be getting spunked by the crowd. As usual, Koral put on a great show in the bedroom as the crowd watched.
While she was performing, I talked a bit with the husband from the other couple and told him he could have some fun with Koral in the couples section before she was a sticky mess. When she was finished in the bedroom we went to couples area and chit chatted with the other couple some more. It wasn't long until the husband was on his knees licking her kitty....which she enjoyed immensely. It was very hot watching his beautiful wife watch him and Koral with excited eyes. I wanted to ask if I could touch her, but watching her watch him was such a turn on I decided against it. Eventually the husband and Koral traded places and she sucked on him until he exploded onto her chest. The four of us talked some more a little.....then I led Koral to the table at the front of the stage.
I laid Koral down and loudly explained the rules to the crowd. She will not be fucking, sucking, nor stroking, and no touching below the waist. Tonight she is your canvas, paint your cum upon her body and face. She then was applied with load after load as she begged for more sperm and told the crowd how much of a Cum Slut she is. She was catching it in her mouth and pulling it out in stringers with her fingers, then rubbing it onto her tits. Sometimes she would let it run out of her mouth and down her chin. I lost count how many loads she received (I always do in the's such a good show my mind goes blank) but I would guess it to be around 15 loads or so. Best show in town, when Koral visits the Paris. The only time the show's better (and Koral has more fun) is when another equally hungry woman is with her, sharing the spoils....which is unfortunately not often.  

When all patrons were drained, we returned to the couples area. We talked a little more to the couple we had met that night and exchanged emails. Nice folks. Koral cleaned up, got dressed, we said our goodbyes, and we left.

Another night in the life of Koral.....The NorthWest CSL.....My Cum Slut Wife.


Doc here again with a huge thank you to Koral and Sam for another great report and the new pics!  Keep up the great work!