Friday, June 4, 2010

Blast from the Past: Dr. Luv Comments on the NYC scene in the 70's

Doc here with a comment so good that it deserves it's own space to live and breathe.  Dr. Luv (I always appreciate comments from other medical professionals) left this comment in response to this week's "Monday Night at the Movies" feature on Times Square in NYC.  It is all sorts of awesome.  Take it away Dr. Luv:
The YouTube vid of NYC in the early seventies reminded me of my first trip to New York in 1975 – the start of my own obsession with this “thing of ours”.

Coming from Canada, not only had I never been into a porno movie house (hardcore was illegal here at the time) I’d never seen hardcore pornography of any kind. The friend that I had gone down with suggested that after we checked into our hotel, (the Carter Hotel on west 43rd...still there...still a dump) we might want to peruse the porno.

Intrigued by the idea, I agreed and off we went to the first place we saw around the corner on 42nd street (I think it was the Bryant) paid our admission and found our way to our seats. This was a BIG theatre and was impossibly dark except for the somewhat fuzzy action on the screen. I was transfixed by the graphic sex onscreen and oblivious to my surroundings. After about 10 minutes, our eyes had adjusted to the lack of light and we could better see the dark recesses of the entire theatre. And what we saw blew our tiny little minds.

People were having sex with each other. Men were giving each other blowjobs, women were taking on one man after another and couples were watching, blowing, fucking and revelling in a scene my own imagination had never envisioned could possibly exist. I was like a kid in a candy store and the candy-store clerk had gone outside for a smoke.

There were about 6 couples (this was early on a Friday evening) and at least one single woman plus about 30-40 guys. One couple looked like they had just got off the bus from the farm. I remember he was wearing white shoes, plaid pants, bolo tie and a white short sleeved shirt. She was naked, a big-boned girl, plain with huge floppy tits kneeling backwards on the seat with a black guy fucking her for all he was worth. At the same time, she was sucking off a line-up of guys standing in the row behind her seat.

The reason I remember this so vividly was that her husband wasn’t watching her getting fucked (like we all were) but instead seemed more interested in watching the movie. I remember her swallowing my joint and giving me an enthusiastically sloppy blowjob which (unlike my girlfriend back home) culminated in her swallowing every drop of my baby batter. I had now been in the theatre 20 minutes.

In another part of the theatre, my friend was getting a blowjob from a husband and wife team who were admiring his young body (we were both only 19) and the impressive dimensions of his erection. People were in various state of dress and the smell of poppers (amyl nitrates popular with gay men) permeated the air. I was transfixed. And then the lights came on.

I freaked and went to find my seat followed closely by my friend with his pants still pulled half-way down. What followed was not the police (as I had expected) but a young couple who walked up on stage, pulled over an old mattress and then proceeded to fuck each other- following the positions in the kama sutra from page one to 47. Meanwhile, the entire audience had moved into the first few rows of seats. At some point, the couple finished, stood and were applauded. The lights went back down. Sex amongst the audience continued.

I don’t remember much else of what I did in NYC that first trip – aside from my indoctrination into the cult of theatre sex - but I think I saw the inside of almost every theatre on the strip between Broadway and 8th avenue over the next 4 days.

Since then, I have hunted out every porn theatre on the continent and have seen and participated in head-popping perversions of every variety. But I will always fondly remember that evening in NYC...and how it hooked me into this “thing of ours”.
What can The Good Doctor say but "Wow!"  Awesome report and trip down memory lane and right into Times Square.
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