Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flash Report! Pyramid of Pleasure in Centerville, IL by Longball

Doc here with a Flash Report from a theater I have my eye on - Pyramid of Pleasure in Centerville, IL (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database). Located in the St. Louis metro area, I have not come across any reports...

That is until now.

Regular contributor Longball has stepped up to the plate, and delivered.

Take it away, Longball!


Dr. Lizardo,

I submitted a couple of reports a month or do ago about some great action at 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL.  I'm from the St. Louis area and wanted to bring you and your friends up to speed on a theater that is really gaining some traction during the day.  It's Pyramid of Pleasure in Centreville, IL in the Metro East area of STL.

One side is a strip club and the other side is a theater/restaurant/swing club on the weekends.   It's a nicely adorned little club with a bar/restaurant general area showing sports or other shows on the televisions but also has 3 different theater areas.  One is a couples only theater with couches and tables and plenty of room for playful couples, one is a straight theater where guys and couples who want to play with singles gather, and then there is a gay theater as well.   As all are POP is hit and miss but it seems there are more hits than misses especially on certain weekdays with couples.

I ventured in on a Thursday to check it out for the first time and found a mid-40's couple engaging singles in the straight theater.  She was a small BBW with a great mouth and tight pussy.  She enjoyed several guys on the couches.

The next time I visited it was dead at first, so i just enjoyed a drink in the bar area and waited.  Soon a late 40's couple with a sexy blonde short haired woman came in and had a drink then ventured to the couples area.  I went into the straight theater which is separated from the couples theater by a glass wall with curtains on the couples side in case they'd like to put on a show.  The curtains were pulled open just a bit and they watched the movie there a while before coming into the straight theater.

There were a few other men there, and the couple took a seat on the couch behind me and within a few minutes he was fingering her under her pants while a man in the row behind her felt her tits.  A guy had started stroking and I turned to watch.  A smile from her husband encouraged me to get up and come around for a  closer look.  She had her eyes closed as she was played with and I pulled my cock out to stroke and watch.  Hubby whispered to his blonde wife and she opened her eyes to see me and immediately leaned forward and took my hard cock into her mouth.

She proceeded with a great deep throat blowjob until I exploded and she swallowed every drop.  I thanked her and stepped aside for the next lucky cock.  He was well on his way when I headed out to the bar area for a drink and to recharge. At the bar was a sexy late 30's brunette talking to a man who had been eating at the bar earlier.  Soon a late 20's black couple came in and the couple with the blonde wife headed back to the couples theater and soon the other two couples joined them.

 I headed back to the straight theater hoping the curtain was still slightly open and along with two other singles watched these 3 couples swap, play and cum together over the next hour silhouetted against the flat screen tv of the couples theater.   We were hoping one of the couples would return to the straight theater but alas it didn't happened.  All the couples were satisfied and headed back out shortly.

It seems there are several couples frequenting POP weekday afternoons and some are open to playing in the straight theater with others.

Enjoying the off season,


Doc here again... Many thank to Longball for another terrific Flash Report!  Keep swinging for the fences, sir.

Here is a link to Pyramid of Pleasure's web page highlighting their adult theaters and swingers lounge:!theaters

Next time you are there, tell them Doc sent you from The Journal of Adult Theaters.


Flash Report! The Captain Steams Into Portland - Part 1

Doc here with our good friend, The Captain. Cappy made a trip to Portland, OR this past week, and he has been kind enough to open up his captain's log, and provide details of his trip.

I encourage you to pop some fish sticks into the oven, and enjoy Part 1 of Cappy's adventure in The Rose City of Portland...

Take it away, you old sea dog.

Ahoy Doc,
It's rare that my travels take me to the other side of the Panama Canal, but I found myself headed to Arctic duties and had the great city off  Portland the starboard side as I steamed northward. I pulled out my laminated copy of the Journal's database (got to keep it waterproof out at sea) and plotted my course in the Wally Power Yacht's navigation system for both the Oregon Theater and the Paris Theater in Portland, OR.
The Captain is welcomed to Portland
I arrived at the Oregon first Thursday afternoon just about lunchtime. I paid my admission ($8 with in/out privileges for the day.) and asked the clerk about the layout briefly. Basically bathroom upstairs and theater downstairs. Upon entering the theater I had that favorite experience of near total darkness. I wandered down the aisle feeling for metal seat backs to guide my way, I was feeling a little lost as there were no metal seat backs! My hands groping around in the dark weren't finding anything.  
I wandered back to the theater entrance and gave my eyes a few mins to adjust to discover the whole theater is full of couches and comfortable chairs! Wow what a layout! The theater is huge, there's a large roped off couples area with couches and chairs - the whole place looks like a living room furniture store. In the front there is a set of 6 booths with gloryholes on 2 or 3 sides of each small booth. Plenty of room to play here! I was there a few hours and it was just a sausage party, no couples action.
Later that night I came back around 8pm and there was an older couple playing with each other for less than an hour. The gen pop stood respectfully along the ropes and watched, stroking in appreciation, but the couple kept to themselves even though she was dressed to impress with a jean skirt and lacy top. A little while later a very nice looking CD came in, and shortly after that a BBW with short hair came in on her own. A few men checked her out and I got the impression her male companion had come in ahead and let her walk in on her own as part of their fantasy experience. She played primarily with her male companion, but I left the theater and headed to the Paris around 9:30pm to see what might be happening, as things seem to pickup there after 9pm according to the reports I've seen in Brent's Theater Tails group.
My night time visit to the Paris was quite an experience. Nothing out of the ordinary - just good sexy fun. I was surprised at the smaller size of the Paris when I entered (this is not a bad thing as there isn't a bad seat in the house to view the action in the Arena, The Exam Table or the Bedroom). Admission was $10 for the day pass with in/out privileges for the day.  After reading the many reports about the Paris at the Journal and keeping up with Brent's Theater Tails the past few years I was looking for to my visit.
The Real Sara Ramierz
The first couple arrived shortly before 10pm. They must have been new to the Paris as courteous clerk escorted then into the couples area in the back of the theater and putting up the yellow chain. She looked like the actress Sara Ramirez with curly hair and no tan. She had an ample bosom and was dressed in a lose fitting top and tight skirt. The couple played for a bit and then he brought her to the padded bench along the railing where the gen pop was holding it's vigil. He encouraged everyone to touch her gently and the gen pop complied.
After about 10mins of this, the couple came down to one of the red couches and she kneeled and began stroking members of the gen pop with her eyes closed, getting instructions whispered in her each from her male companion. She turned around and sat down and began sucking off 2 guys at a time, allowing them to spill in her mouth which she let dribble on her right breast, she also aimed them for her breast. After 7 guys she sucked her male companion for a bit, he bent her over and fucked her for a bout a minute cumming in her while she finished off 2 more of the gen pop. All in all, great explosive theater sex the Paris is known for. I saw the Paris has a "Looking/Wanted" board where people can post short messages - at least this way you'll know the people posting are more serious about meeting if they took the time to venture to the Paris.
The Real Miranda Lambert
About an hour later another couple came in, probably in their late 40's. They had been there before but were exploring the changes in theater layout before heading back to the couples area. She looked similar to Miranda Lambert the actress and was dressed in a black blazer and jeans, expectations were low for playing given the outfit. They played with each other for most of the next 45 mins, slowly revealing her slim beautiful body in a see through body-stocking. Her fingered her to multiple orgasms, she sucked and stroked him until he was about to explode and he held her off. He brought her to the rail for the gen pop's closer look and let the crowd know they wouldn't be "sharing" but that we could touch the beautiful breasts.
After a few minutes, the couple went back to playing before taking a break and heading outside the theater. About 15 mins before closing time they came back in and found only 3 of us in the theater. They motioned for me to come up and join them, we had quick conversation about size and she said I would be too big for her- she changed her mind about a minute later and I was naked in the couples area with them, very gently working my way in. We fucked for about 20 minutes while she blew her husband. (Thanks to the clerk who let us stay past closing!)
Three blasts of the fog-horn for Portland's warm welcome!
The Captain


Doc here again... Part 2 hits soon of Cappy's adventure.  A big thank you goes the way of that old sea dog... Nicely done, sir.