Monday, January 31, 2011

Same Day Flash Report! "Angel" at CTs in Gary, IN by HnR (w/ HOT PICS)

Doc here... As we prepare in The Valley for the snow Apocalypse hitting us tomorrow, a special treat hit The Good Doctor's inbox: A same day Flash Report from regular Chicagoland-based Journal field reporter, HnR.  Things were hopping at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, so I will let HnR take it from here...

(Note: Click on the images to enlarge them)


As I was reviewing my shopping list in preparation for the "Blizzard of the Century", I decided to check my play email account before I left my office. I noticed the following alert from CT's Theater:"TODAY 1/31/11 at 3PM ""ANGEL"" the hot 18 years old from last saturday is comming be here she is a HOTTIE".

Hmmmmmm, since the timing was right I decided to make a major detour from my planned shopping route. About an hour or so later I was pulling into the CT's parking lot. It was about 3/4's full, which is quite heavy for a Monday afternoon. I went in, paid my fee to Mike and he told me that Angel was on her way and that she was quite the 18 yo hottie. Actually got to see a picture her guy had posted on the yahoo group, nice body and her face was blurred out. The dancers laughed and said they thought she looked older... like 28.... think they were messing with us horny guys dreaming about the young lady that might be coming our way. About 3:30pm or so they walked into the store lobby.

Wow, she was in a tight, short black dress with black stockings up to almost her ass cheeks and matching black high heels (an outfit like a stripper might wear for a routine). Mike teased her about not having a coat on since it was so cold out, so her guy joked that he could go get it if us guys wanted that... We said no she was ok the way she was.

She is about 5'2" or so with no heels, no more than 110 lbs, shorter blonde hair, light skinned and a very tight spinner type body, with small but very perky breasts. After listening to her talk with her man and to Mike and another one of Pete's helpers for about 15 minutes, I'm very sure that she was as young (18) as listed in the posting.


I went into the theater and waited for approx 20 minutes when they made their way into the theater. By this time there were about 15 guys in the room once everyone had followed them in. One of Pete's helpers (not sure of his name) came in with her and her guy. Her rules were simple, must use condoms and she did not give oral.

She started out standing by the broken down outside type furniture to the left, as we circled around her guy announced that she really loves the attention, with that about what seemed like 10 hands reached towards her.

She took her outfit off and was looking to lay down as Pete's helper was going to start the action by eating her young pussy out. She did not feel comfortable with the aforementioned furniture as she though she would collapse to the floor (her words), so it was determined that they would go to the back row.

Off to the back row, her man sat in the seat to the far left, she was next to him and a brother happened to be sitting in the seat to the right (lucky dude). She sat down and spread her young slender legs and the helper got down on his knees and began to taste the youthful fruits of this hottie. The brother next to her began to rub/suck her right breast. Behind the diner was another regular stroking his hard cock and I was behind him stroking my almost hard cock. Not sure, but it seemed like we was going to get to fuck her while she was in the seating area. Doable, but maybe not the best angle and the flow of guys would have been difficult in the tight quarters.

She was eaten out for about 2/3 minutes and then the helper announced that she was ready to move to the table (yippe!!! so much better for viewing and playing!). As the sea parted and the guys re-positioned ourselves she got on the table. The regular in front of me made his way to be first in line (only fair), and I was to his left ready to go next (again, only fair). Now she was in the light of the TV screen.

Hmmmmm, what a super, young tight body, top notch smaller but perky breasts with nipples that got quite excited, flat tummy with a perfectly trimmed "landing strip" and what I would describe as a "penthouse" worthy love box. Very tempting for me to get a taste before I entered her.... but I resisted the urge (only because of the large number of horny guys waiting).

The guy in front of me being a regular player at CT's understood how a GB works. He entered her pussy, fucked her for a couple of minutes, came and stepped down... Now I'm ready to roll... Slide on the condom, step up to the table and now I got a really good look at her from the TV screen light...Wow, she is really hot and has an absolute smoking body. Let me say I have only been playing in ABS's for 4 years now and have to say that she is my number 1 hottest girl (did I mention 18 YO!) that I had the good fortune to bang away on.

I watched as my cock entered through that beautiful set of young sweet pussy lips, the first stroke, the second stroke, then her pussy seemed to tighten and grab my cock. Now I'm putting my two hands, my thumb and fore-finger down by her pussy on each of her legs and begin to go faster which now gets her attention and engages her to be more vocal. I bang away watching her move her head from side to side and watching the little perkys bounce up and down until ahhhhhhhh, I'm finished.... All this in under 2 minutes!

 As I'm doing my final couple of slow down strokes I look down one more time at what I just had and wondered, how can I top this???? Not going to try, just continue to go to CT's when the circumstance seems right and maybe someday, hit another home-run. Not sure how CT's slipped to 4th in your ratings, but with last Saturday and today, I vote it number 1!

As I walked to my car I noticed that the main lot was full and there were several cars in the over-flow lot to the west. Guess everyone was getting one last bang in before the snow storm!!
Til next time.....
Doc here again... Just to recap what just happened:
  • Angel posts her visit to CTs early this afternoon
  • HnR does his veni, vidi, vici with Angel @ CTs
  • HnR writes and submits a great same day report
  • Same day pics of Angel come to light
  • The Good Doctor gets the report online
  • All within 8 hours
Not bad for a Monday.


Flash Report: Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi - End of the Month Recap

Doc here with the penultimate Bob in Biloxi Flash Report!  All I can say is "wow!".  It's safe to say Bob's bad luck in the Fall of 2010 is officially over in a big way.

Enjoy Bob's ribald tale of fun on the Gulf coast...


Hi Doc,

Glad to see you’re back up and running.  The past few weeks down here on the coast has seen some rather interesting events. For some reason the theater action has been somewhat slow, but the ABS action has been downright smoking!

I’ll start off with the events in date order and progress to last weekend...

About 9pm two ladies showed up at the ABS, paid and walked into one of the booths playing lesbian porn. I was lucky enough to grab the booth next to them! After some fondling and kissing both started undressing each other in a slow but sensual way only women can achieve, both kept looking at the hole and smiling. I was thinking I just may be living right after all. Both ladies had long dark hair and oversized store bought boobs, fairly attractive and dressed to play with skirts, button down blouses and heels. One of the ladies sat down in the chair while the other kissed her kitty for awhile, so I stuck my cock through to see if there was any interest. One of them started stroking me, but that’s all she would do, so I pulled back out and continued to watch the show. After about 45 minutes they started getting dressed and soon they left. That was a first for me, but they seemed to be more into each other than men, and that’s cool too!

Bob in Biloxi
 Later on that night a new couple came in, well new to me. She was a BBW with a brown dress on, her and her man went into a booth and after awhile I was able to get next to them. She was sucking his cock while he was adorned in women’s panties. Not my thing, as usually guys that dress like that suck more cock than the woman does, so begged off and let one of the other perv’s have my booth. Good thing too, because another couple had just come in and was headed to the booth area.

She was a very small lady, long blonde hair, dressed in jeans and a pullover sweater, small boobs and had on tennis shoes, probably 35yrs old or so. Wasn’t really what I would call dressed to play, but stranger things have happened in this thing of ours. Her and her old man chose a booth opposite of the row where the other couple was playing, so the hounds where on the other side and didn’t see them come in, but Bob did and was able to secure the booth next to them. 

Almost immediately she started undressing along with him. This may turn out to be something after all? Soon she was on her knees blowing him and as usually the case I looked through the hole and saw that he was looking at the hole too, again usually a sign they are there to play. I took my cue and fed my cock through the hole and was rewarded with her hot mouth on my cock! I could hear/feel her moan as she starting sucking my cock, she was highly talented and I could tell she really got into both showing off for her man and displaying her abilities on me. I didn’t last but maybe 10 minutes before unloading down her throat. With a thank you ma’am, I was off for another adventure.

The next week, was just as fun, one lady and her man was in a booth, she is a school teacher looking gal, blonde hair, slim, killer little ass, small boobs, she always wears these scholarly looking glasses, dresses well, but doesn’t stay dressed for long. Her mode of operation is to sit in the chair facing the hole and waiting for a cock she likes to come through the hole. Several guys spent time trying to get her attention sticking their cocks through the hole to no avail. I found that if you’re soft going through your wasting her time.

So with this in mind I got ole Stanley hard before presenting it to her and was rewarded with her soft touch. A few seconds later she tapped on my cock, signaling me to pull back out, I knelt down at the hole and she asked me if I wanted to come over. Uh yes! He then laid out a blanket on the floor and she was on her knees showing me just how great of a cocksucker she can be! She is shaved and very clean so I asked if she needed the kitty licked. Duh. After giving her the ole good tongue lashing she turned around, bent over and said give it to me. I did, she was very tight and soaking wet. 

I enjoyed it and it seemed she was happy too! Sorry about your head hitting the wall several times, but she said she was ok!  While another buddy of mine was in the other booth watching, he’s short and can barely reach the hole, she made the comment to me that she prefers guys to be hard when they stick their dicks through so she can gauge whether or not to have fun with them. I spread that little piece of information around, but they left soon afterward, so I guess my clue fell on deaf ears.

The following weekend, this great looking lady I hadn’t seen in months showed up with her ole man, he  had videotaped her blowing me in the parking lot some months back. She’s in her twenties, dark medium length hair, probably 5’4 well shaped, NO flab at all, she has a small landing strip and medium/small boobs but very attractive!

Her and her man went into a booth and one of the regulars beat me to the adjoining one. So I waited until he came out. We all made a pack to keep the cock blockers (gay) from hogging a booth next to a couple, so we would wait to come out until one of the straight perv’s could get to the door. He did and let me take his booth.

She had her shirt off and was blowing her man, so I waited until she gave me the finger through the hole signal and slid mine in, she stroked me for few seconds, then started licking me. She gave me a tap and I pulled out, as I did she passed me a condom, which I rolled on. She was taking off her jeans and said put it back in, so I did and could feel her ass rubbing against my cock, also I heard the sound of the chair moving over in her booth.

After a few minutes I pulled back out, she was bent over telling me she was too short for the hole. (Bob’s idea next!) I told her to get one of the coke crates in the lobby and stand on that. She started laughing her ass off, not believing me, I told her all the shorter ladies use them and the place was cool with an occasional step up!! So her ole man left the booth, and damn if he didn’t come back with a soda crate for her as a boost up to the hole! With the logistics out of the way she backed that sweet ass and pussy down on my cock and went to fucking it. I could hear her moaning and at the same time trying to suck her mans cock. I did my best to keep the thought of her standing on a soda crate backing up to the hole fucking me while sucking another cock out of my mind, but the whole thing was too much after awhile so I unloaded in the condom.

Damn that was hot as hell. Where there’s a will there’s a way I guess.  I bent down to thank her, she told me while still giggling that was a first for her using a booster seat to fuck!! It was great for me too baby!!!

I love it when a plan comes together, I also love it when there’s no issues (cock blockers or dumbasses) screwing things up for everybody, these past weekends have been just that!  Fucking great (pun is intended)!
If you ever see Bob in Biloxi at your nearest ABS or adult theater, have him buy a lottery ticket for you.  This guy is on a streak!  Congrats to The Journal's intrepid senior reporter, B in B.

Have a report you'd like to see on the pages of the Journal?  Just click the arrow at the top right side of The Journal, and e-mail it to The Good Doctor.  I'll do the rest...


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flash Report: The Editor Visits The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

The Good Doctor has been accused in the past of posting nothing but positive reports from adult theaters across this country.  While I try to emphasize the positive points of this thing of ours', I will never shy away from a less than positive review or report.  One needs to be objective if accurately portraying our little niche of society's dark underbelly.

Case in point is the following report from regular contributor The Editor.  He is a straight-forward reporter...No fluff to be found in his articles.  Here is his Texas tale focused on The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas.


Hi Doc,

Had an unplanned layover at DFW Friday night so I went down to The Lido. Got there about 8pm, upstairs was all guys, just a few in the theater and maybe 10 trolling the private rooms.

At 9pm they ran the guys out of upstairs for "couples only".  There were a few waiting to go into the theater, a couple of BBWs 35yrs */-.  The best looking woman in the place was a tall thin TV, but he was run out as well.  I suspect that there may have been a couple of single guys camped in the private viewing rooms and the big janitor/security/general manager let them stay.  I can't prove that.
I retreated to the downstairs. 

The gay theater changes to hetero movies at 9pm.  It is a smelly dark place and there were only 4-5 guys in there.  I wandered the store and kept an eye on things.  There were maybe 10 couple in between 9 and 10, although a few were quick in/out.

The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
 Since I was dead tired after a hectic week in TX and I needed to catch a 0700 flight, I didn't stay.  The lack of a gang of single men indicated to me that there was little reason to hang out.  I got no vibe from the staff that there had been recent law enforcement.
Also, The Fine Arts store on Mockingbird, less than a mile away, used to have 2 small theaters.  Now it has the store split into gay and straight.  The only theater they have now in on the gay side.  I passed.

About 3/4 miles N of Lido is a new (to me) adult store.  I stopped in.  No theater but a HUGE private viewing rooms section (no entry fee).  Maybe 20 rooms.  Fri night NONE of the very nice large and well equipped rooms were being used, but there were 25+ guys hanging in the aisles.  It is a VERY nice place but I suspect it is all sausagefest all the time.

I've not been to the Lido in 10+ yrs and this was nothing like what I remembered.  There used to be a theater downstairs in the rear but it has been torn down and replaced with retail video shelves.  On Friday nights that theater was jammed with guys hoping a couple would come in.  I was happy to see the number of couples there Friday, but there was no sign of players.  Maybe if I'd have spent the night...

The Editor


Doc here again... Thanks to The Editor for another fine report.  The Lido is perhaps one of the finest adult theater facilities in the country.  Clean, tons of parking, private rooms galore, and the upstairs lounges are very nice.  In my conversations and trips to The Lido myself, the best night for single guys to mingle with couples is Thursday night.  The fun starts at 8pm, and since this is a 24/7 business, can occur at any time. 

The main issue with The Lido is couples nights... The Theater takes on a swingers club vibe, and the fishing is not good for single guys.  However, if you are a couple, Friday and Saturday rock!

Another piece of advice... The DFW couples looking to play at The Lido use Craigslist extensively.  This tool will help minimize any missed opportunities.

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal of Adult Theaters?  Click on the arrow on the upper right hand side of The Journal and send your report.  I will format, spell check, and drop in the photos.  You supply the report.  OK?  OK.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flash Report: Biker1952 and Friend Visit The Summit in Warren, OH

Doc here with an outstanding report from first-time contributor, Biker1952.  Sounds like his visit to The Summit in Warren, OH was a success.  But don't take my word for it...


Myself & my ladyfriend arrived at the Summit at approx 9 PM. As we were paying our entry fee, Eric, an employee, asked if my lady was into women. When I asked why he said there is another couple in the theater. Just then a tall redhead wandered out of the theater & said she needed a break because she was extremely arroused. I thought this is looking to be a great nite.

Walking into the theater we noticed about 6 or 7 men sitting on the couches or theater chairs. The screen is large & gives off enough light to see but not so bright that it spoils the mood. We took our seats on the back couches. The men here have learned to give couples time to get comfortably settled. I made the first move by pulling my cock out & stroking it. I love to watch porn & stroke my cock with people watching.

After several minutes my lady bent over & started sucking me. Now you must understand, this lady is not shy. If she sees someone she wants she goes right to them & tells them to come over. Soon I & 3 other guys were standing in front of her while she hungrily devoured us. At this time I realized the other couple had returned to the theater & the redhead was very excited. I could see her feet on the back of a chair & her pants pulled down to her ankles. The gentleman beside her was fingering her very forcefully. By the volume of her orgasms he was doing a very good job.

At this time my lady sat on my lap facing away & continued to suck a couple guys while I fucked her. After 3 orgasms for her I went out to get her a drink. When I got back 1 guy had her bent over & was nailing her from behind while she sucked off another one & jacked off one other. I noticed the redhead was now sitting on our couch with her pants off & blouse pulled up exposing small but firm tits. I asked her if she wanted to fuck but she said she only does oral. "May I eat you then?" I asked. She smiled wickedly & said yes. Within 15 seconds of me eating her she screamed & exploded in my mouth with so much pussy juice I could not swallow it all. This went on for 4 more orgasms. I have never seen a woman come so violently & squirt so much. For the next hour & a half we just kept taking turns with these ladies.

The difference in the ladies orgasms was amazing. My lady could have an orgasm every 2 minutes & the only noise was her quietly saying"I'm coming on your cock". The other lady was very loud vocal & physical. Because of these 2 horny & physical ladies I had to quit in about an hour. Those 2 ladies took care of at least 10 men that nite.

I had a hard time driving the 2 hrs back to home that nite. We will be back as soon as possible. I am trying to line up 3 or 4 of my lady friends to go to The Summit with me. They all said they want to but it is tough getting the logistics together.
Great freshman report by Biker1952!  The Summit is seeing a great deal of fun from what I have heard through the grapevine, and this is an example of what one may find there.

Have a report from an adult theater or ABS?  Just click on the arrow on the upper right hand side of The Journal and submit your report.  I will edit and format for you... It's easy.

Trust me...I'm a Dr.

Technical Problem Update: Out of the Woods

Doc here with some good news for the first time in two weeks.  The technical issue plaguing The Journal has been solved and our highly trained staff (OK, me) is ready to start to arduous task of reloading the banners and photos into the archived reports.  This will take days to complete, but in the end I hope The Journal will resemble it's former self.

I have several new reports in the can that will take priority over the restoration.  Look for them over the next few days until I get caught up.

My major lesson learned from all of this: Photostreams are a pain in the ass.

One of the features that will not return to The Journal will be slide show of adult theaters from my archive.  It provided some nice eye candy, but is not worth the landmine that I stepped on as a result of this gadget.

I want to thank the people who e-mailed me during the time The Journal was on the operating table and who lent their support and advice. 

Now, where were we?


Friday, January 28, 2011

New Theater Sex Blog To Check Out

Doc here,

While I am in the process of replacing the water pump on The Journal, check out this fantastic theater sex blog from Journal field reporter, Ray:

Well written theater sex adventures await you there... Check it out!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Technical Diffculties Continue

Ever attempt to do a car repair, and since you think you have it figured out, you do it yourself?  Well, I was sure it was the alternator. I was wrong.

Needless to say, by just looking around you can tell The Journal is broken pretty badly. 

Over the next few days, one of the following will happen in order to fix The Journal:
  1. I will be able to reload most photos, drop them into their proper place, and we will continue as if nothing happened. Odds: 20:1
  2. I will have to take The Journal down, and upload my back-up. Then I will reload The Journal's images. Odds: 10:1
  3. I will take The Journal down, and reload the back-up without archive images. Odds: 5:1
  4. I will have to create a brand new blog, new URL, and upload the archive to the new site. 10:1
If Option 4 occurs, info will be posted on the old site and I will have a link to the new site.

Also, site and theater updates can be read at my Twitter...

Thank you for your patience.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Flash Report: Adult World in Rensselaer, NY by The Captain

Doc here with a first time report from our newest field reporter here at the Journal, The Captain.  His report on Adult World in Rensselaer, NY is filled with many of the things that makes this thing of ours' exciting.  As usual, don't take my word for it... Take The Captain's word for it.


We have an adult bookstore in Rensselaer, NY called Adult World (formerly Route 20 News and News),  275 Columbia Turnpike, just across the Hudson River from downtown Albany.

Adult World has 13 video booths and a 12 seat "mini-theater". While it's nowhere near the activity level of the Paris in Portland it does get it's share of couples. Many couples come into the store for toys, videos, outfits, etc, and see the blue curtain that divides the store in half and wonder what's back there. Any of the staff are always glad to give a quick tour and explain how the booths operate and admission to the theater area. It's $9 admission to the theater.

On to my report.... I stopped in Thursday Dec 30th on my way home from work - having been in this thing of ours for almost 20 years now, my theater senses were tingling as I drove down the highway and came upon the exit - left to go home or right to go adventuring - I listened to my now throbbing senses and went right.

It was about 5pm as I entered the store and caught the slight whiff of perfume from the back. I paid for the theater admission and sure enough there was a conservative looking couple. The woman seemed interested in watching the 2 men in the row in front of her stroke each other. I gave them a few minutes to see what might happen and when the 2 guys moved a few rows away from them, I went to the back row where they were seated and gave the universal signal I was interested - unzipped and stroked.

After a couple minutes she reached her hand out towards me and I stepped forward. Her husband also unzipped and she began stroking both of us. She pulled the string tie loose on her top and I reached my hand inside her shirt to feel her full and soft breasts. I played gently with them as she stroked us. I offered to put a condom on for oral and the couple agreed. She blew me to completion and then took care of her husband, swallowing his load. A few minutes after we were done they left, as there were no other guys in the theater.

There's plenty more reports to come from our little theater as couples attend several weeknights - not often on weekends though as the store closes at midnight!

The Captain

Doc here again... Great stuff from The Captain.  There are many stories of some classic adult theaters in upstate NY (The Good Doctor's former stomping ground).  Hopefully The Captain can fill us in on many more in the coming weeks and months here at The Journal.  We salute you, Captain.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on The Journal?  Just email The Good Doctor at  Just ask The Captain.  It was easy...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flash Report: The Paris Theater in Portland on 1/7 by Brent

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior field reporter and excellent driver, Brent in Portland.  As the dean of documenting this thing of ours', any opportunity to have two reports in the same week from him is a treat.

So here we go...


The flag postings for The Paris Theater are helpful and maddening at the same time because you always wonder what you might be missing. Still, I've been fortunate enough to enjoy a lot of good theater sex action in Portland.

This past Friday I was called up to The Exam Table at The Paris to lick Joyous' pussy for a few minutes. How did I do? It's like riding a bicycle, with your tongue. BTW, Joyus also got her sweet pussy fucked by three or four hard wrapped and readies, including her escort. Fun Fun Fun. She and her companion also enjoyed two couples together in the couples section.

A woman who looked like Lynette Carolla got a good belt thrashing by her husband who later fucked her, yelled at her in a nasty disciplinary way spanked her ass. He was a great "mean daddy". I wouldn't want to fuck with him. It was the real deal.

So there he was, making this beautiful, submissive intelligent woman wet and squirmy. Another hot couple was naked next to them. The lady of this couple is a tall pretty long haired come slut with a thin sexy body. It wasn't long before the wife of the control freak was face first between her legs, licking away being driven deeper by a thrusting cock behind her. The other guy was getting his dick sucked by his wife (getting her pussy et, like Jethro said).  And J was in the corner getting her P licked (again) by T. Alphabet letters have so much fun.
Before things got too crazy at The Paris, the two couples that had put on such a wonderful show for the crowd decided to go back to the first couples' hotel room for a private party. Room service?

Later, the second couple came back to the theater. He led her down to the gloryhole/ bukakke area where she sucked and swallowed a whole mess of cocks and got covered in cum. And I'm not even counting the loads she swallowed. I wonder if she would ever consider bareback fucking with lots of loads in her sweet pussy? With proof that you are clean and safe, possibly?  I even got my dick sucked by her and almost came until I started to worry that I wouldn't be able to come and shut down.

Damn because her face looked so pretty framed by her long reddish blond hair, her eyes excited and giving. When her mood is right she will suck and fuck anybody. All that is required is you be hard and wrapped and if she sucks you, get your nut and move the line. She just may be the prettiest, best built,
friendliest, sluttiest, come guzzling theater girl making the rounds at the theaters and bookstores today.

And I mean that as a sincere compliment.

Doc here again... Awesome report as always from the poet laureate of adult theater sex.  Thank you sir.

Do you have a report of youtr own you'd like to see on the pages of The Good Doctor's Journal?  Just email me at, or click the big ass arrow on the upper right hand side of the blog.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flash Report: Jon @ Fantasy World in Las Vegas on 1/6/11

Doc here with another first time contributor to The Journal, Jon.  Jon was out in Vegas this past week and was kind enough to share this Flash Report with us.  Fantasy World is located on Boulder Highway, heading out on the road to the middle of the desert. This place is no frills, but the 3 times I have been there have seen couples action twice.  And it looks like Jon stumbled into some as well.

But don't take my word for it...Here is Jon's report:

Hi Doc,

After finding empty theaters at Deja Vu and Adult Superstore on Tropicana, I went to Adult Emporium on Boulder Highway on Thursday 1/6.

The theater is 2 rooms, 1 straight, 1 gay, each just with plastic garden seats in an empty black room. Most of the chairs are lined up on the back wall. It's a weird setup. There were about 12 guys sitting around the place, about half of them with their cocks out, playing with themselves.

There was 1 couple when I went inside, sitting next to each other at the back. They were an older couple, around 50, looked like Vegas old-timers. She had dyed blonde hair, tight sweat pants on & semi-attractive. He looked like a biker & had his hands in his jeans stroking.

She beckoned the closest guy over to her & started jerking his cock. Her husband had his hands in her pants & the guy shot his load within 2 mins. One by one, she sucked or jerked about 5 guys in the next 30 mins, each one cumming all over her face & chest.

Another couple came in for 2 minutes. They sat down, were surrounded by at least 8 guys & left pretty quickly.
Doc here again... Nicely done, Jon!  It's been forever since we had a decent Vegas report, and now we can't say that anymore.  Thank you sir!

Were you out in Vegas during CES or AEE this past week?  Have a report you'd like to submit?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at It's easy... Just ask Jon!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

House Call: CTs Adult Theater in Gary 1/6/11

Doc here with a quick House Call report from CTs Adult Theater & Bookstore in Gary, IN.  Regular readers of The Journal will know that CTs is one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country.  Couples that attend CTs are not there for an evening of a little teasing and showing off.  They are there for hardcore action from the best behaved bunch of guys I have ever witnessed inside and adult theater.

What also helps CTs is that the owner, Pete, goes above and beyond the call of duty making couples comfortable in the adult theater environment.  While the theater is short in size, it's large in intensity when couples go there to burn off some energy. 

Case in point...

A couple posted the following on CTs Yahoo Group in advance of their visit on Thursday 1/6:

"She is Very attractive and relatively new so she asked me to add her likes and dislikes and she does not want to offend anyone only trying to have exactly what she likes. She LIKES white men under 45 years old, clean cut, nicely dressed, non-pushy , cut cocks over 8 inches showered. She DOES NOT like older men, beer bellys, dirty men, large groups hovering over her or pushing around her. If she is in the theater she would prefer to be able to see what you have while your seated or standing , not hovering around her while she is first there. If she is in the movie rooms she does not like voyeurs taking up the hole next to her and prefers that it be left for those with what shes into ( white under 45 shaved cut and over inches) as well she does not really like groping though the holes, if you have what she wants slide it through and she'll decide but if after a few minutes (LIKE 3 MINUTES) she does not play there might be a reason step out and let someone else in . And have condoms . She does not know how long she will stay but if there are guys shes into with these things yes all of them she might stay a while . However she said if your far away from the store it might not be worth your drive just for her. She will not be setting a limit but will not be doing more than 10 guys so a long line with people without what she likes would be a waste for others. Also she will let a sexy woman play with her if she makes the attempt including going down on her but she will probably not go down on the woman. shes into younger slimmer women shes 38 and fit. The more shes into it the longer she will stay or if shes not into it she will want to leave quickly. Sorry for such a long post hope you read it all and she has a great time thanks"

Sounds reasonable enough. One cannot argue with the wishes of the lady, and there should be no confusion as to their likes and dislikes. 

The Good Doctor was heading back in the direction of CTs at the tail end of making rounds on Thursday, so the timing was spot on.  If I stepped on the gas pedal of The Lizardo 3000, I should be able to get there in that time frame.

I got to CTs, and was informed by the nice gentleman at the front desk that the couple was in the gloryhole section of CTs.  Peeling back the curtain of CTs video booth area, I found myself to be one of four guys waiting their turn. 

The MO for this hot couple was that she would tease, stroke, and suck the cocks of those stepping up to the plate at the gloryhole, and then invite them into their own booth.  One by one, guys would exit the far booth, knock on the door holding our guests of honor, and disappear inside.  This process repeated itself several times.

At a certain point, the couple decided it was time to give the theater and exam table a visit and exited the booths.  This was this reporters first good view of this hot girl.  As stated in their post, they stated she was 38 and fit.  She actually looked liked she was in her early 30's, 5'9", long sexy legs, longish blonde hair, C-cups, and very attractive.  Celebrity look-a-like? Jennie Garth.  Yes, that Jennie Garth.

"Jennie" took off her jeans and stripped naked in front of the CTs exam table, and hopped on.  Within no time, the well-mannered guys of CTs stepped up to the table.  The first guy stepped up to the table, pulled out the ledge at the bottom, and began to fuck this hot girl.  She reached over to her guy "Mickey" and was sucking his cock while the middle aged guy cranked up his pace. Guys on either side of the table were hold her long sexy legs while her pussy was being taken, and a second set of guys were sucking on her swollen pink nipples at the same time.  "Jennie" was moaning loudly as guy #1 came inside her (with condom of course).
Guy # 2 stepped up and repeated #1's performance.  Jennie was the centerpiece of this holiday table, and she had all the cock she wanted on this cold night in Gary. After about 20 minutes of this main course, the table had been run.

The next day, the couple ("Mickey" and "Jennie") posted the following on CTs Yahoo Group: "She said she had fun last night and the guys were nice and if she does it again sometime she wants really large cock to stretch her out and myself I hope a bi woman shows up lol".

Ladies and gentlemen, this girl was hot...Not adult theater hot, but anytime, anyplace hot.  And there she was, with her long legs in the air and a smile on her face at Northest Indiana's adult theater of choice, CTs.  Let's hope she returns again, and that the huge cock she is craving is there to meet her there.

(Editor's Note: They returned last night 1/11. If you were there, and have a report, drop The Good Doctor an e-mail at


Monday, January 10, 2011

Flash Report: NYE in PDX at the XXX

Doc here with the long awaited New Year's Eve report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours', Brent in Portland.  This report is not akin to a sprint...It's more akin to a marathon.  Take your time reading this 5-star report, and enjoy every morsel.


NYE in PDX at the XXX

The Paris Theater in Portland Oregon was quiet at the beginning of the evening on the last day of the first decade of the second millennium (give or take a few religions) on planet Earth. But it wouldn't be quiet for long. The theater is legendary for adult theater sex of the heterosexual variety on New Years Eve.

The first couple that came in did not play. They were the only couple there for the twenty minutes they stayed. She was a pretty young dark haired girl. She wore a sweater and jeans. Shortly after they left two super hot girls, 19 or 20 years old came in. One looked like Vanessa Hudgins with blond hair, the other like a Kardashian. Vanessa wore a skirt so short, a breeze would have made her illegal. They were on their way to a 21 and under club to celebrate New Years and had stopped to get directions (not erections) from the clerk. They decided to check the place out and do a little teasing.  For example, on the way out, they stopped by the bedroom, and the boys came running, and the girls kept walking. I wonder what their visit would have been like if they had come in when there was action going on?

Later another couple came in and sat in the far corner of The Paris Oasis ( The couples only section) She was a healthy good looking red head with a great pair of party breasts. She lay back on the bench, stroking and teasing them while her man played with her pussy by putting his hand down her jeans.
Another couple came into The Oasis. They were first time visitors to The Paris. He was a clean cut , buff guy and she was a sexy hot classy blond. She looked a lot like Marilyn Chambers. When they first came into the couples section, there were two other couples there- the red head and her man and a guy who looks like Kevin James/ Tom Arnold and his young baby faced brunette girlfriend with a playmates body. Remember her?. She fucked, got fingered and pussy eaten by a crowd of horny men of all shapes and ages on her 19th birthday at The Paris a few years ago.

For those of you who have never been to The Paris, the Couples Oasis is located to the left of the entrance door at the back of the theater. It is a porch like enclosure with black transparent curtains around it. It seats three to five couples comfortably but could hold up to 8, if the couples sit on the benches (inches away from the back row penis gallery). The Oasis is elevated which makes it a little easier for the couples to see the movie screen, unless the gallery is standing up and staring which is usually the case when there is action going on (sometimes they stare,even when there is no action).

The area between the Oasis and the annex is a no standing area, but there is almost always a few guys standing there anyway, until the clerk or someone tells them to move. The Oasis is couples only but this rule is sometimes bent a little when a solo couple wants to invite one or two guys into the section to play. It all depends on the mood and the night.

New Years Eve was strictly couples only in The Oasis. The O action started when the three couples loosened up . The New Blond Couple made out in the corner. He ran his hands up her legs lifting her evening dress in the process. The young brunette baby faced playmate, took off her top and got her ass and tits played with by the guys in the gallery as she teasingly bent over the front rail of the Oasis. The red headed lady watched and played with her breasts while her husband fingered her. The three couples played separately yet fed off each others energy. The New Blond Couple fucked in the corner. He bent her over , lifted her dress and fucked her from behind. She had great legs. She wore black thigh highs. The sounds of her wet pussy getting fucked indicated to the crowd that she loved it. The young brunette and her man watched and caressed each other.

  The red head and her husband left The Oasis and went down to the glory hole by the bedroom. She sat on one of the chairs, took off her top, pulled down her jeans and before she was even seated had a cock in her mouth, a finger in her cunt and a dick in each hand. There were about 15 guys around her. I watched the action from the annex. Soon I was joined by the young brunette and her guy. He stroked her big tits and played with her pussy through her clothes, inches away from me while we watched the horny red head take load after load down her throat or on her big tits. Guys started to gather around the young brunette in anticipation. They headed back to the couples section.
The New Blond Couple also came by to watch the red head. They were really turned on by the sight of this woman taking so much cock. and come. Guys gathered around her. They retreated back into The Oasis.

B, the spitfire from Eugene walked into the theater. She is tiny rail thin woman, a female jockey who looks like Jennifer Aniston's older cousin. She is a sexual force of nature and on New Years Eve she created a Tsunami of Poon Tang at The Paris. She was there from before midnight until morning. She fucked and sucked more guys than I can count on my fingers and toes. She asked each guy who fucked her to sign her back with a felt tip pen. She sucked ,jacked, even had her pussy licked but mostly she fucked. When B was down by the stage, surrounded by the horny crowd, The New Blond Couple and The Young Brunette Couple sat on one of the benches on the stage and watched her take cock after cock and load after load into her wet snapping pussy. The sight turned them on so much that they started making out and putting on a little show of their own. But alas, before the bulls could charge the stage, the four of them moved like Matadors back into the couples section.

By this time the red head and her man had left. Now there was a young Asian couple in the Oasis. She just watched the action but did not play. I thought that was cool I like it when different couples play at different levels in the theater. She watched The New Blond Couple get naked and fuck again. I think The New Blond Couple really enjoyed themselves New Years Eve, and hopefully they will return to The Paris for an encore performance. The Young Brunette will also be back, I hope. I wonder if she will start fucking guys again? Probably if it is the right young hard and steady stud.

On New Years Eve while The New Blond Couple fucked for a second time, she got naked and played with her man right next to them. The Asian girl watched while her boyfriend played with her through her clothes...

A few couples came in and left almost immediately on New Years Eve. This always happens in this thing of ours'. Two very good looking blonds for example. One came in with a black gentleman. She looked like the political commentator, Ann Coulter. I've seen her before. I've seen her suck off a couple of black guys while they played with her. Who wouldn't want to see the real Ann Coulter do that? The last two times she and her man have come to the theater,something was not right and they left without playing.

The other blond sat with her man in the couples section. I thought they were going to play, but I was incorrect. One young couple sat quietly in the main section of the theater on New Years Eve while the action swirled around them. One or two guys got close but as soon as they realized they were just there to watch and cuddle, the guys left them alone.

A Blond with average good looks but with a sturdy sexy body came out of the couples section and sat in the same chair that the red head had occupied earlier The Bukakke Chair. She took off her top and was immediately surrounded by cocks & men. I could not see what she was doing but I imagine she was sucking guys off and using her hands to get them hard. She may have fucked a few guys but I'm not sure. I could not see through the forest of men. She left with a messy smile on her face and after she and her man departed, the male population of The Paris was somewhat diminished. Meanwhile, B was on one of the couches, bent over getting fucked by another bare black cock, hot in her twat.

A young guy brought his girl friend into the Oasis. She was a blond who wore glasses and had a great body. She was dressed subtly but sexy in a jean skirt and.blouse She reminded me of Gwen Paltrow, that kind of light blond class. They were at The Paris to play and they put on a good show for us pervs. She had great tits, great legs , smooth skin and an eager exhibitionist like quality about her. When she sucked his big cock. He pulled her skirt up so we could see her perfect round ass.. When he ate her pussy she writhed and moaned shamelessly. And when they fucked she rode up and down on his dick with her ass cheeks and his cock in full view of the crowd.

Imagine catching the sexy intelligent vice president of your company, the one you thought was a little stuck up but still approachable getting fucked in the board room. This was that girl. Afterwards she took a paper towel and wiped the come that was running down her leg. Its the little things like that, that make adult theater sex so great.

An older Lou Rawls type came in with a full bodied Mexican Blond. She wore nothing but a mesh dress and thigh highs.Her bare tits and nipples stuck out through the material They played in the couples section for at least two hours. She was big but not huge and was very old school sexy. Her biggest orgasms came when he ate her pussy. She did a good job of sucking his cock. They have been to the theater a few times before and they always put on a good show.

Another couple came in. They were first time visitors. She looked a lot like another girl who comes to The Paris. She was tall, with long hair and an innocent country girl face. She wore a long dress and layers of clothes. Her man was a little stocky with long hair and a beard. They started off innocently enough, kissing and caressing. She was shy and hesitant at first but soon got nastier and nastier, much to the delight of the crowd. Before long she was completely naked and he was eating her pussy and making her toes curl. She may have been a first time visitor to The Paris, but she was no longer the shy innocent we thought she was when she first walked in. No, this girl was a screamer, willing to do anything with her man (next time, the entire theater?).

She sucked his cock like a border town streetwalker. She ate his ass hole like a willing submissive. She fucked him like an eighteen year old high school cheerleader gang bang queen. (Google that!) and when she came, her orgasmic cries could be heard all the way to Voodoo Doughnuts. I bought her a bottle of water and told her she could move in next door to me anytime. "Why is that?" she asked, perplexed. "Because you make such wonderful sounds when you have sex," I said . "Oh." She smiled a little but I think I may have creep-ed her out. Hell, I creep-ed myself out. But I meant it as a compliment.They came back on Saturday for an encore performance and this time, the girl who looked like her was also in attendance. I'll write more about that later.

Meanwhile, B was still fucking guys in the main section of the theater. She and her husband had taken a few breaks, left the theater for drinks etc but she never got tired of hard dicks fucking her wet pussy. A force of nature.

Sorry it took me so long to write this story. I had actually written an earlier version of this report but I accidentally lost it or deleted it and was never able to recover it. I'm writing this version in Google Documents which saves the copy every couple of seconds. It's almost idiot proof. Thank you , Stanford geniuses!
Doc here again... This is vintage Brent, and it never gets old.  No one writes a report like him, and with any luck he will continue to do so for many many years.  We are lucky to have him as the Grand Poobah of this thing of ours'.

Thanks Brent!


Flash Report: Cruising The Coast with Bob - 1/8/2011

Doc here with a new look for an old friend... Bob in Biloxi, Senior Field Reporter for The Journal, now gets his own look for his frequent reports.  "Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi" will now be a regular feature here at The Journal. 

So without further ado, here's Bob:


Hey Doc,

Another report on Cruising the Coast with Bob... It’s been somewhat slow, but with definite high points lately.

Last night an older couple came in around 10pm & stayed for awhile, then proceeded down the street to the ABS. Once there I was able to procure to booth next to them and have some fun. She was a short lady with huge tits, who proceeded to pull off her jeans and get busy with her old man. I slid my cock in the hole and she got busy with me! The lady had talent but was too short to back up to the hole.

After a short intermission another couple showed up, this one had beautiful well formed tits and was a master at sucking cock!!  This lady had several tattoos and soon was naked in the booth with her man. I again slid my cock through the hole and was rewarded with her highly skilled mouth. Then I felt a different sensation, the un-mistakable feeling of her pussy being backed up on my cock.  If anyone has ever had that, I digress. If not, it’s an incredible feeling believe me!

Her very nice heart shaped ass started pounding back against the wall, riding my cock while I tried to think of baseball or something else besides the incredible feeling she was giving me. I held my end up for around 10mins before unloading into her hot little pussy. Thank you dear, hope to see/feel you again!

That’s about it Doc, two hit and runs, no marriage proposals !!!



Doc here again... I'm sure the marriage proposals are just around the corner, Bob.  In the meantime, keep up the great reports from the Gulf Coast.

Have a report you'd like to see at the Journal?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at  I will edit your report and doll it up nicely.  Just provide me with a pen name you'd like to go by, and we are good to go.  It's easy. It's fun. Plus, it's machine washable.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio

Happy Sunday to you, ladies and gentlemen and all the ships at sea from The Good Doctor.  It's been frigid here in The Valley, but that won't stop us from sharing a few minutes together.  So pop open a Fanta and pull up a chair.
  • A big thank you to you, the good readers of The Journal.  The Journal experienced it's highest traffic week to date, and it's single busiest traffic day ever this past week.  You folks are awesome, and the e-mails I get from new readers on a daily basis show me that this thing of ours' still has plenty of life left in it!  To that point, check out the world map on the right hand side of The Journal to see how wide-spread interest is in adult theater sex.
  • I am very encouraged by the positive reports I am reading from The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Atlanta (Doraville).  The reports have consisted of one and two-liners posted in various Yahoo Groups, so I hope some of you out there who have visited TCABH recently can provide a solid Flash Report for us. Please and Thank you.
  • There was a rumor going around the intertubes last week about possible vice squad activity at The Lido in Dallas.  I got in contact with The Good Doctor's good friend Larry in Dallas, and he wasn't aware of any issues @ The Lido.  Can anyone out there provide any additional info?  E-mail me direct at
  • Another adult theater that is doing better and better is 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater (and Spa) in Melrose Park, IL.  Mid-week reports are frequent at what is possibly the best overall facility (theater cleanliness, spa and locker room conditions, discreet parking) of any adult theater in the country.  If you read The Good Doctor's Twitter feeds, hardly a day goes by where there isn't a Clicker tweet from 15th Avenue.
  • A big thank you goes out to Kitty Kat and her guy, Tom Kat on their regular contributions to The Journal the last few weeks. And there is much more to come in the form of great stories and hot pics.  Join their Yahoo Group here.
  • Speaking of Tweets, follow The Good Doctor on Twitter at The tweets highlight adult theater action taking place in locales like Chicago, Gary, Portland. I will also re-Tweet my good friend Major Voyeur's Tweets of adult theater activity in the St. Louis area. Anytime you see "The Clicker", you should take notice.
  • Adult theater activity in Las Vegas continues to be very hit and miss, according to our good friend Velvet Skye.  She is out in Vegas for the AEE and the AVN awards. She stopped by Babes Adult Theater on Monday night, and it was DEAD (even after I promoted in frequently here at the Journal, and she at her own website). She and Mr. V ventured downtown  to another theater with similiar results.  Disappointing.  The real question is how was the action at the Green Door, Power Exchange, or the Red Rooster?
  • Coming up this week will be the long-awaited New Years Eve report from Brent in Portland, as well as Bob in Biloxi with his new regular column, "Cruising the Coast".  A new House Call Report from The Good Doctor on his recent visit to CTs in Gary, IN. Sprinkled in between will be much more from this thing of ours'.
Have a great week everyone.


Field Report: 7 Theaters - 7 Reviews by Sam

And now for something a little different... Doc here with a report from first time contributor Sam.  Sam was kind enough to provide a mini-review of 7 adult theaters, complete with a rating for each.  This kind of report is exactly what we (OK, I) are looking for: Recent in the field intel on adult theaters that don't get the type of publicity that the theaters in Portland, San Diego, and Chicagoland receive.

Here is Sam's report...


Hello Doc,
Came across your blog by chance, when I was in search of good adult theaters. I have been to several theaters in various states. The best so far is the Lido in Dallas, TX.  Here are the reviews:


VA - Waverly - Waverly Adult Books &  Video: Rating 1/5

Took a long ride to reach this place in the middle of nowhere. Several
video booths with glory holes and one theater with cushions. Pretty
worn out place, and old movies and setup. This place is good mainly
for men2men. Got a theater and plenty of booths with gloryholes. Around
15-20 men all over the place. so couples may not really seem
interested in playing in the theater. Video booths are so small that
couples cannot do anything thing inside. Maybe they can blow someone
in the next booth. If u r a gay or a bi, then this place is for you,
otherwise not. Can go in and out of the shop, but cannot leave the
parking lot.

NJ -  West Berlin - Berlin News Agency: Rating 2.5/5

One small theater and several small lounges. Lots of men. Entry
only once into the theater/lounge area. No in and out of the theater.
Good quality screens and videos.

NJ -  West Berlin - Red Barn Adult Theater & Arcade: Rating 3/5

One small theater, several small lounges, and video booths. Lots of
men. I was lucky to see some action from a couple. Can go in and out
of the shop, but cannot leave the parking lot. Good quality screens
and videos.

NC - Gastonia - Carolina Video Exchange (CVE): Rating 3.5/5

Large theater and several video booths with GH. Good quality screens
and videos. Staff somewhat intrusive. Can go in and out of shop 3
times, but cannot go out of parking lot. Lots of men, but few couples
come in during the night.

NC - Raleigh - Capital Blvd. Books and News : Rating 2.5/5

Dirty booths and lounges, not very inviting, but has a small room for
couples which is somewhat better. Can go in and out any number of
times, till store closes. Average quality screens and videos.

NC - Raleigh - Triangle Video Fantast: Rating 3/5

Lots of booths and lounges, good quality screens and videos. Can go in
and out any number of times, till store closes. Lots of men, did not
see any women or couples. Overall average place.

TX - Dallas - Lido Theater: Rating 4/5

By far the best theater I have been to. 1 straight theater , 1 gay
theater and several private rooms. Well maintained, friendly crowd,several
couples and woman come in all the time. Couples night on weekends.
Lots of action. No in and out of the shop, but can go in and out of the theater.
Doc here again... A great report from first-timer Sam.  That's how you do it, ladies and gentlemen.  Put pen to paper, and put down what you saw and experienced.  Send it off to The Good Doctor, and bada-bing, bada-boom, you report is up. 

Thanks again Sam! Looking forward to your next report.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Field Report: Love Stuff Adult Theater, Cordele, GA by JaxBchBum

Doc here with the return of one of the senior field reporters here @ The Journal, JaxBchBum. His reports never fail to disappoint, and here is a clear example why... A very thorough, yet hot report about a new theater in Cordele, GA...

Enjoy the report!
Love Stuff Theatre Visit - Cordele GA
It was the Wednesday after Christmas and was driving back to Florida from visiting relatives in north GA.  Instead of taking the normal I-16 to !-95 route that can be so boring, I decided to head straight down I-75 as I wanted to check out the Love Stuff store in Cordele GA which I understood had undergone a remodeling and they constructed a mini-theatre.  Store is located right off the interstate at Exit 97, about half-way between Macon and Valdosta GA.  I arrived about 8pm.  The parking lot could use some filling in of some potholes at the edge, but otherwise a well lit location.  Entered the retail store and it is a megamart of toys, novelties, clothing, etc.  Must be 5,000 sq. ft. of space.  Off to the north side is the passageway into the theatre/arcade and DVD sales/rental area.  Store was still decorated with lots of Holiday decorations which added to personality of the place.

Now the theatre/arcade is a bit different than what I have experienced before.  It is $5 but you are limited to a 2 hour stay. I believe couples are free, but not positive of that.  I assume that policy was put into place to keep truckers and others from coming in and sleeping overnight in the theatre since the store is open 24 hours a day.  One of the regulars told me that the time limit isn't strictly enforced unless someone is causing problems or using the place as a sleeping area.  For your $5 you have access to the "mini-theatre" and the 10-booth arcade.  In the arcade, videos are constantly running (you don't have to feed money).  Five of the booths are straight porn with a gloryhole between at least two of the booths.  On the backside, 3 of the booths show gay porn and the other 2 show some sort of specialty porn (TVs, S&A, fetishes, etc.)  Didn't really spend any time in the arcade, but the area was clean, reasonably lighted with locking doors.  Management is super hospitable and willing to give first time visitors a tour of the facilities and explaining how everything works.  For example, you can pick any video from the rental display to replace one of the arcade videos being shown of the same type, so it is like a private viewing booth.

Love Stuff Adult Theater
105 Floyd Road, Cordele, GA
 The theatre is not what I would call "mini" like I have seen at Theatre X in Orange Heights FL, as it is quite spacious without being cavernous.  You access the theatre through a door going down a 25' hallway and coming in to the back area of the theatre.  Seating consists of 8 long, leather-like couches, 4 on each side turned at a slight angle to the screen with aisles on each end and down the middle.  There also are a couple of upholstered bench seats along the back wall.  I would guess each couch is wide enough for 4 people.  Nice clean video.  Lighting was the right level with plenty of light to see where you were going (and what was going on) without being to bright to mess up the video quality or ruin the atmosphere.  They only show one movie, changing daily, but with the 2 hour limit that shouldn't be a problem.  Clerk seems to be willing to change videos if requested but will only show straight porn in the theatre.  The only complaint I had about the couches is that the backs were slanted backwards too much causing me to continue to slide forward on the couch and having to frequently sit back up.  Anyway, enough of the facility description.

Entered the theatre and sat in a couch on the far side in the next to last row.  Only one other guy there who polished his pole a little and kept looking over.  Realizing I wasn't interested, he left after a bit, so I had the place to myself.  Being the middle of the week during the Holidays, I really didn't expect much in the way of couples action and was visiting more to check out the place; but just goes to show you that even the blind pig sometimes finds the acorn.

Soon a white couple who I would guess was in their mid-30s came in and first stood along the back edge of the theatre.  He was dressed in jogging warm-up suit and she had a navy dress with white trim that extended to just below her knees and was buttoned up the front; although the bottom few buttons were already undone .  They both were pretty fit looking although he was bit stocky.  She had dark shoulder length hair.  Not a knockout but an attractive woman with a great smile that always seem to be present.  I wasn't sure if they were just checking the place out and were going to stay or leave.  Since I didn't hear any giggling or her turning away from some of the hard core action on the screen I thought this might have some possibilities. 

They heard the door open to the hallway so they moved to seat down in the couch across the aisle from me with her on the outside so I got an excellent view.  I could tell she was either braless or had a thin bra as I could see the protrusion through the front of her dress her nipples were making.  The guy that had been there when I arrived had returned and stood against the back wall.  I glanced back a couple of times and he had pulled out his cock and was stroking it, but then left after a few more minutes.
I was glancing at the lady across from me from time to time to see if any activity was happening.  He had placed his arm around her shoulder and she leaned into him.  I couldn't see her left arm so I wasn't sure if anything was going on there.  As the minutes went by, his hand came slowly down her shoulder and he started brushing the top of her right breast through her dress.  After a bit, she snuggled into him more which gave him the opportunity to be more forceful in rubbing and cupping her breast.  She never looked my way, but he would glance over from time to time.  Figured he was trying to determine if I was a cop and it was safe to be a bit more open.  So I unzipped my slacks and started stroking my cock.  This "all clear" sign seemed to have its effect, as he then moved his hand to unbutton the top buttons.  He either whispered something to hear or was kissing the side of her face, but she glanced over towards me for a bit and gave me that winning smile.  He continued to unbutton some more buttons and slipped his hand inside her dress.  After a few minute of caressing, he unbuttoned more buttons down to her waist and pulled the top of the dress aside so both her breasts were open and they were magnificent.  Nice a perky C-cup size with a nice circular aureole and nips that protruded nicely. 

At this point I stopped pretending to look at the screen and devoted my full attention to them.  He bent over and began kissing her breasts and nipples.  As he turned, I could then tell that she had had her hand down the front of his warm ups and had been stroking his cock.   He continued to kiss her and she was enjoying the moment as she continued to slip lower and lower into the couch.  An interruption occurred as the previous visitor returned, but when he saw there were no new arrivals, he promptly left and they returned to their fun.  While still sucking on her breasts, alternating between them, he reached down and started rubbing her left thigh, working his hand under her dress.  She continued to sink lower in the couch to the point where she was almost lying down flat.  I could tell from her motions that she was pushing her pussy up against his hand..  
The guy would look at me from time to time and once, I gave him sign language asking it would be OK to get closer. He gave a brief nod so I got up, circled around and sat on the couch in front of them where turning to the side I could see the action better.  The lady seemed to be OK with me being there as she didn't miss one of her thrusts against his hand. 

He unbuttoned the rest of the dress and it fell to the side fully exposing her alabaster body.  She had a smooth pussy with the exception of a small triangular patch just above the start of her lips.  He started to finger fuck her and rub her clit while sucking on her breasts and she was going wild.  There was a short break in the action as she sat back up and tugged on his pants to pull them down and she bent over and started sucking his cock.  I had a great view of her mouth giving a great BJ as well as the light shining on her wet pussy lips as she kept her legs slightly open.

By this time I had turned sideways and undone my pants to further expose my cock.  After sucking on his cock for a bit, she stood up and then sat down on his cock facing me.  She began riding him, alternating speed, and he kept lifting up from the couch to slam his cock into her as hard as he could.  All the while she would look at me from time and time and flash that smile of hers that was so sexy.  After a bit, she stood up and placed her hands on the back of the couch where I was sitting.  He stood up and started fucking her doggy style.  She looked down and saw that I was at full attention.  My hopes turned to reality as she reached down with one hand and started stroking my cock.  Oh my, heaven had come to Cordele GA!  

 Looking up I could see those beautiful breasts right in front of me, so I tentatively raised my arm and touched her nipple.  I could see in her eyes the pleasure this double enjoyment was having so I began to rub them and gently squeeze her nipples.  Her pace in stroking my cock would alternate with the pace in which they were fucking.  This continued for about 5 more minutes and I could tell she was reaching her climax.  Her strokes became faster and harder and gentle moans escaped her lips.  All at once, I saw her shudder and the activity paused.  She lay back on the couch and her hubby stood over her.  I got up and stood on the other side of her in the middle aisle.  She reached up and started stroking both of our cocks.  Hubby soon shot his juice all over her breasts and chest.  She turned slightly towards me.  I reached down grabbed her hand and increased the pressure on my cock as well as the speed of the stroke and soon followed suit.  WOW!  He pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and began wiping up our cum.  She gave a deep sigh and made the comment that she was "completely spent".  I jokingly said that so were we!  

We got dressed and I talked with them a little bit.  They are a married couple that lives up the interstate a bit in Vienna and this was the third or fourth time they had visited.  They said they come during the middle of the week as the theatre is less busy so there aren't the interruptions.  They said that normally there are only 1 or 2 other guys there and they had never been there when another couple was in.  We exchanged e-mails addresses as I plan to make the I-75 route the preferred return path on my future trips back and forth to Atlanta.

Doc here again... Another clear example of the unpredictable nature of this thing of ours'. Conventional wisdom would show that the likelihood of coming across a fun couple during an off time is remote.  But again, you never know what's around the corner in the world of adult theaters.

Thanks to JaxBchBum for another outstanding Field Report.

Do you have a field report you'd like to submit to The Journal?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor directly at, or press the arrow on the top right of The Journal to submit your story.  I will edit and format your report for you. Why?  Because I'm a Dr.


Friday, January 7, 2011

On The Prowl With Kitty Kat: Weekend Photo Supplement

Doc here, fulfilling my promise of a photo supplement of the very hot Kitty Kat to start the weekend.  These photos are part of the same photo shoot as yesterday's (Chapter 2: Christmas Shopping and Cock Sucking).

Why do I do this? Because I'm a giver.

Remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them, since they are hi-res.

Enjoy your weekend.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Field Report: Annabelle's Adult Superstore in Winston-Salem, NC by Alex and Lauren

Doc here with some very good news.  When a new adult theater opens, it is always a time to be grateful that there is still life in this thing of ours'. Case in point is the following Field Report from long-time contributors to The Journal of Adult Theaters, Alex and Lauren

Enjoy and take notes!
Happy New Year Doc,

We wanted to alert you to a new spot with great potential in North Carolina. We have done a full review on our site (1PlayfulCouple), but thought you might like to pass along the pertinent details to your vast audience.

Annabelle's Adult Supercenter is in Winston-Salem, NC. They have recently opened a theater room, and it is one of the best layouts we have ever seen. After walking down a short a hallway from the retail store area - complete with a cool little window for "peeking" in on the action - you enter a good sized theater room.

Directly in front of the large screen TV is an L-shaped sectional sofa. Think of two couches joined at the corner. They have oriented this like a large V with the "top" of the V facing the screen. This would be a great spot for couples who like their audience to be up close and personal. Even better, this would be an ideal spot for two (or three) couples to play.

The other couches in the room follow this same angle, letting you see the screen and the other half of the room at the same time. These couches are VERY comfortable, by the way, and the mind reels at the possibilities of using them in a variety of ways. Rolls of paper towels are scattered around the room, indicating that ownership has a pretty fair idea of how the room will be used.

At the back of the theater room are two smaller rooms. Both of them have large windows that face the theater. Miniblinds can be opened wide to let the theater crowd see what is going on in the room, should you choose, making this a nice spot for exhibitionists.

Here are the details:
Annabelle's Adult Supercenter
3804 N Patterson Ave.
Winston-Salem, NC

Theater $8
Arcade $7
Discount for admission to both
Ladies are admitted free (with an escort).
Monday is "Alternative Day"
Couples are free on Sundays, Tuesdays and the first Saturday of the month.
We look forward to being able to send you some reports from here in the future. It is a good distance from our place, but I think we can figure out how to make the trip from time to time. There is a lot of buzz among area couples about this place, so we are optimistic about its future.

Alex and Lauren
Doc here again...This looks very promising, and I'm sure I speak for everyone that we are looking forward to the first Flash Report from Annabelle's.  Thank you again Alex and Lauren!