Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flash Report! New Year's Eve @ Horse Cave, KY by TN

Doc here with 2011's first Flash Report!  Tennessee field reporter TN checks in with a report from a place that has always fascinated me, Horse Cave, KY.  The number of theater and gloryhole photos bouncing around the intertubes from Horse Cave is staggering.  But this is the first real report that has come across The Good Doctor's desk. And it's a New Year's Eve report to boot.

So, without further delay, here is TN and his Horse Cave report:
   I arrived about 9:30 PM, and shortly thereafter we had two couples come in. One was Mrs Prim dressed as if she was going to Sunday School. Her hubby seemed to know the layout but she didn't. They kept the "dance" going for a while moving from booth to booth and from theater to booth area.

After about an hour she settled down in the theater and called for the sole black guy there to eat her pussy which he did for about 30 minutes. After that they then "danced" again then left shortly after midnight.

The other couple stayed mostly in the booth area. I would describe her as a spinner. They hooked up with 3-4 guys using the gloryholes. It was a nice size crowd at 930 PM but by 1 AM it was cut in half.  I have experienced far more fun on normal Friday and Sat nights and was disappointed it didn't get more couples.

Horse Cave is about 90 miles north of Nashville and 90 miles south of Louisville. It cost $20 to get in the theater area which has two 20 odd seat theaters and 20 odd booths half of which  have gloryholes.  It is open 24/7.  I don't have any photos of DC's Video , better known as Horse Cave , but it is at 845 Flint Ridge Rd, Horse Cave, KY 42749  Phone is (270) 786-4123.
Thanks TN for another great report.  It's about time we get more information on Horse Cave, and hopefully we will get more down the road as well.

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