Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash Report! Dry Clean Only Visits Video Liquidators in Buffalo

Doc here with another terrific Flash Report from upstate NY, The Good Doctor's old stomping grounds.  Dry Clean Only is back with his third report, and it's a very good one



Hello, Doc,

Report from Thursday noon at Video Liquidators in Buffalo:  Pulled into the parking garage, and noticed just 3 cars, but being shortly before noon, I figured I was early.  After taking a seat in theater 2 ("straight"), I noticed about 3 guys independently watching the movie. 

As noon approached and passed, another 5-10 guys arrived, all at least late forties right up to 70, except for one college dude.  Somebody sat down right behind me, and 5min later, I had a throaty whisper "Can I join you?" In my ear as I was trying to get into some blonde on screen taking massive dick on like it was her job (well, wait a minute, I guess it is her job.). "Thanks but no thanks" to Whispering Confused Guy, and I was on my own for all of four minutes when in walks a confident, tall, slender guy with his lady friend, saying "OMG", and giggling, as he pulled her into a seat midway down on the left. 

Of course, the crowd followed them down the aisle and took seats pretty close, but college dude and I hung back.  She went right to work on her friend, with what appeared to be a pretty aggressive 10 minute blowjob.  She came up for air, checked out the movie for a bit, and the guy fended off a couple of the guys who moved in close, and within minutes Mr. And Mrs. took off. 

Something tells me they'll be back with an even better show someday.  Just past noon now, things have gotten a little boring.  A couple guys have decided to blow each other down front, and college dude and I must have been on the same wavelength about our prospects for the rest of the lunch hour because we both took off just after half-past. 

Besides, DCO's got places to go, people to see, and an inbox filling up with matters that know nothing of this thing of ours.



Doc here again... Dry Clean Only is 3 for 3 in terrific Flash Reports, and one of the leaders in the clubhouse for Rookie Reporter of the Year.  Those of you thinking about writing your first Flash Report, you may want to use DCO's reports as a template.  Great stuff!

I still need reports, and it's time to step up to the plate.  Just e-mail me at, choose a pen name, and submit your report.  I'll do the rest.


Couple's Flash Report! The Return of Maya, & Her Trip To Argentina

Doc here with the return of the very sexy Maya.  In her first two reports HERE and HERE, Maya introduced herself to us, and her theater and ABS antics were nothing short of awesome.

Well kids, she is back, and has a wild tale to discuss with us...

Here is Maya!


Well Doc, I've had the intention to report for sometime, but it has no pics as those where definitely not allowed. Here it goes, you decide if its worth it or not.

Argentina has some arcades, but they are 100% gay. Several theaters, same except, weekdays lunch time where lots of bi and  straight guys drop by in search of some relief.
So hubby takes me to one at 12 noon sharp that has a hetero movie upstairs and gay one downstairs. When you go down there's a couple dark places where most of the action is.

I was wearing a sports bra, mini skirt and black thigh high boots. We walk the place and get familiar wit hit and then sit upstairs where some approached and touched, showed off, but shy of actual sex.

Hubby leaves for a “quick business lunch” (Theater is in the business area of the city) and leaves me there giving me assurances that I will be safe. Being on my own gave the guys the courage, so I was soon asked to go to one of the dark rooms behind the basement movie screen, where it takes a few minutes until your eyes adapt and you can start seeing.

Yes Doc, your guessed  RIGHT! I was totally used and abused for about half an hour, several guys taking turns until I was totally done and cried uncle, went back upstairs to rest. My panties where nowhere to be found. Hubby is not back yet, so I stand and wonder around and when again down the stairs somebody grabbed me firmly but nicely and took me into the room where I was molested repeatedly.

Its not easy to convey and explain,  my brain was like in cottons, in the clouds (poppers helped), and  the whole thing simply blew my mind. The servitude and humiliation pushed me into multi orgasms.

Hubby showed up at 3:30 (the bastard, LOL) proud of himself the moment he saw my state and condition. During our stay I went about 3 times a week, mostly on my own. What a trip!!!

Prostitution is legal there, and I also worked in a brothel for some of Friday and Saturday evenings into late nights. But that is another story.

Hope the report makes sense, even if not many readers will have a chance to go play down there.



Doc here again... An incredible job by the very sexy Maya!  Keep those reports coming in.