Thursday, July 4, 2013

Coming Attraction! Miss Tara @ Horse Cave, KY on Friday 7/5, Louisville 7/6

Doc here with a Coming Attraction Report for you, the good readers of The Journal.

This past week Miss Tara reached out to your old friend in the white suit for some adult theater advice in the TN and KY area over the 4th holiday. My suggestion was Horse Cave, Kentucky's
DC Video.

It looks like Miss Tara will be at DC Video on Friday night, and then venture to The Metro Station in Louisville on Saturday.  So kids, if you are lucky enough to be in those areas this weekend, you might get a fireworks display of a different kind this holiday.

Here is Miss Tara, along with some HOT pics of her being very, very bad.

Suddenly, Horse Cave, KY seems like a great place to spend part of your holiday weekend! 

Here we go!


Hi Doctor,

Thank you so much for your insight. Talking to my husband, and I think we will stop by
Horse Cave KY Friday night, maybe even spend the night in that area. then on to Louisville Saturday. I have had two gentlemen recommend the Metro. so that may work out. 

Had my first theater visit at the Buford Twin Theater in Atlanta a few weeks ago. The theater was your standard old big screen theater and we moved down front to have some fun. I wore a micro blue jean mini and tank top. My husband had me stand in the aisle and I was surrounded by 10 to 15 men. He allowed them to feel me up, (full access) 2 or three at a time. We stayed about 45 minutes and I let the guys rub on me. We do plan a return visit and I want to do more. But, the Buford didn't have any place to get comfortable that I saw. 

Here are some pictures if you would like to publish them. I don't really have any "theater" style shots. I will take some shots in front of the theaters we go to and send them to you next week.

Miss Tara

Miss Tara's Gallery (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many thanks to the very lovely Miss Tara and her willingness to share her weekend adult theater plans with you, the good readers of The Journal.  I for one cannot wait to read her reports!

If you make it to DC Video in Horse Cave, KY or Metro Station in Louisville and see Miss Tara, make sure you tell her and her hubby that "Doc sent me!"