Friday, July 5, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! 0wlshley Visits Adult World in Pioneer, TN

Doc here with an amazing Couple's Flash Report from the very sexy 0wlshley. I think this report speaks for itself, as it is filled with hot and wet details from her as they set Adult World on it's ear.

As my good friend Gemini says, "this is a 2 cans of Fresca report..."

We start off with a little prologue from 0wlshley before we get to the report... Enjoy!

I hope your readers enjoy this and keep spreading the word about your blog so we can have more activity in the East TN region. We found some really great places to play but there just were not a lot of people there. Maybe this report will spice things up a bit.

My man and I were out in East TN this past weekend when I realized that there were 2 theaters on the good Doctor’s list that we had not been to.
The first on the list was the one just off I-40 is Adult Video Superstore. Unfortunately I am sad to report that there is no theater, booths, or any other additional entertainment that we could discover at this location. We walked in and after a quick ID check we got the tour from the nice clerk that met us at the door. She showed us all the porn and toys we could ever want however when we inquired about video booths or a theater she let us know that these features had been gone for a while.
Adult World
Pioneer, TN
We then took the short drive over to Pioneer, TN to visit Adult World. Its tucked back off the road a bit right next to an ironically huge cross.
There is a large gravel parking lot with space for lots of cars and a separate lot for semi trucks as well. Walking in we were impressed by how well lit the store was. Walking around we were approached by what we thought was a clerk but turned out to be one of the dancers on duty. She gave us a complete tour of the facilities including:
  • Single men's theater
  • Couples theaters
  • Peep show area
  • Private couch dance area
One thing that we did not see was the video arcade area as she hinted that ladies were not allowed much to my disappointment. She also let us know that on the weekends the theaters are free to couples!
The Real 0wlshley

We immediately headed toward the couples theater to check it out. It was a small room with 4 nice couches scattered about and what appeared to be 2 private areas with a nice flick playing.
There were 3 couples in the room already casually chatting or playing with each other. It had been a long day driving and now it was time for fun.
Since we left our previous destination I had been getting myself acquainted with my new toy while my man was doing the driving and I knew that he was super horny. He immediately started to run his hands up my legs and under my skirt to play with my pussy and get me really going. His fingers made me cum hard and I had to have some cock in my mouth so I pulled out his cock and impaled my mouth. He fucked my mouth and pussy until he blew a huge load in my throat.

We took a quick break and walked around the store for a bit and decided to check out the singles theater. Its set up in a similar way with couches. The difference is that they are segmented a bit so that if you wanted to have a little privacy you could. We really liked this setup as it was very comfortable and had lots of room. There was another couple in the room as well. She had her tits out and was riding her man as she was watching 3 guys behind the couch jerk off to her big bouncing tits. We all watched till he came in her pussy and she moaned hard with her own orgasm.
This got me super horny again and I started to play with my pussy and pulled my tits out. This attracted a crowd quickly as there must have been 5 or 6 cocks around me. My mouth watered as I looked at my man and he gave me the nod of approval I needed. The first guy timidly approached me and slowly ran his hands up my legs as he felt out  the situation. Realizing it was fun time he started sucking my tits in tandem with my man. With my mans fingers hitting my G-spot hard I squirted all over my new friend much to his surprise. He smiled and stood up pulling his cock out for me to suck. I leaned over and smiled at him as I placed the head in my mouth. I took him all the way in and sucked him till he came a few minutes later. By then I had more friends around me of all varying shapes and sizes. They were nice and came to me one by one. I wouldn't have minded 2 of them stuffing my mouth at once but I guess no one else was in the mood for that. After about an hour I had sucked every one dry and it was time for a break.  

The Real 0wlshley
We walked outside and had a smoke wondering what was going to be our next adventure. I wanted some entertainment for my man but there seemed to be a sever lack of females around. As we walked back in the dancer approached us again and asked if we were ready for a dance. I wanted to watch him get a lap dance but the price on that was pretty extreme and it wasn't in a private area. The dancer recommended maybe the peep show so we could all have some fun in private. He looked at me and smiled that devilish smile he gets so I knew this was what he wanted.

She walked us back to the peep show booth, gave some brief instructions and made change for us so we had plenty of money. We shut and locked the door and a few moments later we put money in the slot after a queue from her. Just like you would see in one of the old Times Square (or so my man tells me) peep shows the little curtain goes up and she starts to strip. Cute little body on her that I was not expecting at all. He seemed to like it as his hand almost immediately went to his crotch. I noticed and she noticed as I could see the smile on her face almost begging me to suck his cock for her.
The Real 0wlshley
I unzipped his fly and pulled his rock hard cock out. My man is built well for sure, more of a grower than a shower and boy does it grow. He grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my face furiously. After a few minutes he stopped so I could watch the show as well. As I turned around he bent me over the chair in the room and lifted my skirt and shoved his cock hard in my pussy. The dancer had a huge smile on her face as she spread her legs right in front of the glass which conveniently my face was placed in front of. I came so hard as he fucked me and she fucked herself watching us. It was incredibly erotic and such a turn on. I wanted him to cum in my pussy so bad but he refused wanting to save his load for later on in the evening.

I think we were in the booth for well over half an hour fucking and sucking and watching and teasing. However all good things end and when the money ran out the curtain came down. What a cool little place we found.

After taking another break we decided to head into the couples theater. Unfortunately we were the only ones in there as apparently everyone else had their fun and took off. We walked back into the singles theater and there were still a few guys left. They all smiled when we walked back in knowing what was (probably) going to happen. This time my man had something a little different in mind.
He let them know that they could watch and stroke but they could not touch as I was all his this time. He began bent me over one of the couches just inches away from one of the hard cocks and fucked me but never letting me put that hard cock in my mouth... such a tease! He fucked me so good and deep making me cum hard several times. As he was getting closer he asked if any of the other guys were ready to cum. One of them said yes the other said not even close. He told the guy to wait for his queue and then he could cum when instructed. He fucked me for a few more minutes smacking my ass and pulling my hair just like I like it. When he was ready he turned me around and put me on my knees, the other hard cock knew it was he queue and they both stood in front of me jerking their cocks. Our new friend came first but it wasn't much. Just enough to get me ready for the huge jets of cum my man had been saving up. I was fucked, drenched, and satisfied. 

The only thing I think all this new found paradise needs is some paper towels. Hopefully next time we can get back into the Arcade and have fun at the Glory-hole as well!

Doc here again... Wow, where to start?  Many, many thanks to 0wlshley for this amazing report!  Please keep them coming!  And if you were lucky enough to be there this night at Adult World, submit a report from your perspective.
I think I need a moment to compose myself...