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Blast From The Past! Alex and Lauren at The Admiral Theater in Chicago

Doc here with a Blast From The Past from our good friends, Alex and Lauren in North Carolina.

The setting for this report is the old Admiral Theater in Chicago, which is now only a gentleman's club with some video booths and an ABS.  But back in the 90's, this place was hopping as a premier adult theater.

Here is Alex and Lauren and their Admiral Theater adventure...


I am guessing this happened in the early 90's or so. I would imagine the place has changed again since this time. We had been in before and had some fun in the balcony, back when it was set up for couples. This was still very early in our play, when Lauren was not ready to involve others.

For years the Admiral Theater of Chicago was one of those big old movie "palaces" that had found new life as an adult theater: large, ornate - with a full balcony and lobby that actually had a snack counter. It featured 35mm movies with well-known adult movie stars dancing between the movies. The last time Lauren and I were there  it had been completely refurbished into an "adult entertainment center". The theater had been divided up into a bookstore area, strip club and smaller video theater. The balcony had been completely closed off and large video booths had been installed on the second floor.

Admiral Theatre
Chicago, IL c. 2010
It was a warm summer night. Lauren wore a short sundress - navy blue with white polka dots. Buttons ran up the front from the hem all the way to the top which was held in place with two spaghetti straps. We found a couple of empty seats about ¾ of the way back in the small theater.There were probably 6 guys in the room when we sat down. Another handful followed us in after spotting Lauren in the bookstore.

For the first half hour or so, we just watched the movie - settling in, letting Lauren relax in the new environment. That was followed by a little kissing, not much more than a couple of high school kids making out at the mall multi-screen.

We decided to take a little break and made our way upstairs to the booths. They were all large and clean. No gloryholes though. We played a little more in the booth. As we did, we could hear guys standing right outside the door. They were telling the newcomers about the couple in the booth - the lady that had been in the theater. Lauren sucked my cock until it was hard. I returned the favor, licking her until she was right on the brink. As we got ready to leave, she dropped her panties into her purse and we made our way back down to the theater.

The seats in the back were all taken, so we found ourselves down front. Right in front of another couple. They were in their late 50’s, maybe 60’s. Obviously she was into young black guys. I watched her jerk off two while they fingered her under her skirt. She never really looked at them. She just seemed to enjoy having them in her hand, feeling them cum. As she played, more of the guys moved down front, opening our seats in the back again.

When we returned, Lauren sat next to the wall. Of course, I sat next to her,leaving two or three seats open to my right. Almost as soon as we sat down we began to kiss. I worked open a couple of her buttons,revealing her cleavage in the reflected light of the video. As I did,the "flock" began to move toward us. The row in front of us filled in. A young black guy sat in our row, leaving the seat next to me empty, but still allowing him a good look.

We continued our kissing and fondling, and soon her breasts were completely exposed.The friend sharing our row began to softly encourage her, telling her how good she looked, how much he would like to touch her tits. As Began to suck her nipples, he continued, saying how well he could suck her titties. Lauren’s hands moved to my lap, so I sat back,allowing her access to my cock.

Admiral Theatre
Chicago, IL  c.1983
As she unzipped my pants I saw her eyes fall on her encourager. His dick was in his hand. He was well hung and hard. She sucked my cock, looking at him and the other guys who were assembled around us. At that time, this was her favorite form of exhibitionism - to deep throat me while she made eye contact with the guys who were watching. While she sucked, I reached back to her ass, pulling her skirt up, revealing it to those in front of us and rubbing it gently.

Within a couple of minutes, she was sitting back up running her hands up her thighs.When she reached her pussy, her whole body shuddered. She then slid forward in her seat and put her feet up on the row in front of us. With her legs spread wide, she began to masturbate, giving an excellent show to the guys who were no more than two feet away. A couple of them reached over to touch her legs, but they retreated quickly when she shook her head "no". I could tell she was going to enjoy this one.

More than once she brought herself right to the edge, but then stopped. What could have been finished very quickly probably took about 15 minutes. When she came it was loud. Louder than the movie. As the guys expressed their appreciation and compliments, she buttoned up, signaling that she was through. I was ready to take her home and pin her directly to the mattress - but the evening wasn’t quite over yet.

Admiral Theatre
As we exited the theater, we noticed an adult bookstore across the street. I don’t think either of us said a word, we just walked directly over. I checked out the booths. Again, no gloryholes (what is wrong with this city?). But our black friend from the theater was there. The store was actually fairly crowded. So for 20 minutes or so Lauren looked at every video, dildo, magazine and whip in the place. Bending, squatting, showing her ass, tits and even her pussy to anyone who cared to look. Believe it or not, our friend actually LAID ON THE FLOOR to get a better look. And my wife, who likes to be cooperative, stepped over him giving him a great look right up her naked, bald pussy.

As we left the store, he and another guy followed us out. They began to follow us down the side street where we parked, but I told them the show was over. Again they thanked us, and as we made our way down the street they asked for one more peek. It wasn’t hard. I just picked up the hem of her dress, revealing her ass as we walked into the darkness.

Alex and Lauren


Doc here again... Thanks again to Alex and Lauren for this great Blast From The Past.  As I mentioned in an earlier report from Alex and Lauren, they have decided to close their own website,  We have agreed to re-publish some of the best of their Blasts from the Past here at The Journal, and I guarantee you, you will love this collection of reports.

Thanks again to Alex and the lovely Lauren.



First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 6 - ORicHard

Doc here with Chapter 6 of "First Time in an Adult Theater", featuring regular Journal contributor, ORicHard, who is based currently out of Portland.

This report covers a lot of ground, so pay attention and take notes.  There will be a test in the morning.

Here is ORicHard's "First Time" tale...


Hi Doc,

As I recall, around 1960 I discovered Art Houses that showed primarily foreign films (a lot of black and white and some full nudity- read BUSH!). Later these same out-of-the-way theaters advanced to more color and Russ Meyer films; but, I never saw other patrons playing in the audience and saved jacking off till I got home.

Then in the late 60's, between assignments off the Viet Nam coast, I began building an 8mm porn collection. The ports in the Philippines, Japan and China provided plenty of vintage stuff and the more offbeat the better. On leave in San Diego I encountered arcades where dimes and quarters would open the small windows to provide loops for private jacking (no wiping up paper provided and sticky floors very common).

A few years later in San Francisco I discovered shows where the all-male audiences would regularly drop trou in our seats and openly jack to the entertainment. I remember the first time being in an audience, and while watching the action down front, I glanced over to see a young fellow a few seats over in the row I was seated in, pounding his peg. I watched him cum into his hand and then lick and swallow all the evidence. It was the first time I felt free to lower my own trousers and jack off in a theater.

Also later in the 70's, the Mitchell Bros. and others provided shows and movies where I would see my first theater patron couples stroking and fingering in a theater, although I never asked to "help out", and didn't see any others sharing the wealth. But these San Francisco theaters provided attached venues where I could jack off watching naked women through glass panels in private booths, or pay more and be provided flashlights in pitch dark rooms with eager males doing our best to cop a feel, or light up some pink, while we stroked away in the dark. At this time, massage parlors and the like were the best places to have Happy Endings for under $25.

Aladdin Theater
Portland, OR c.1982

Then in the 80's, in Portland, I went to The Aladdin Theater, if memory serves me, where I noticed several couples scattered through the theater and balcony openly playing. Those were the Pee Wee Herman days, and we were always looking over our shoulders. On trips back to the Bay Area I would regularly stay at the adult Edgewater Motel and experience a sexual smorgasbord there. Business trips to Philadelphia also provided accommodating venues.

Various establishments, mostly Adult Book Stores, between San Francisco and Seattle had booths with varying amounts of contact available in back rooms. One place I liked sold shoes in the front of the store. I knew from local sex rags that I could purchase a pair of shoes for "Rose" or whoever else was in the back room for $50 or $60, and then be escorted back to deliver the shoes in person to a young woman waiting for me on a bed with just some sexy negligee covering her waiting body.

Jefferson Theater
Portland, c.2007
Of course I moved on to the Jefferson Theater and The Oregon Theater in Portland, becoming a totally-hooked and semi regular patron, branching out to places like those in Oakland, Las Vegas, or the Airport Theater in Everett, and even a nude resort in Tampa, with plenty of sexual activity.

Along the way, I played regularly at nude beaches on the California coast, where many of us would begin playing late in the afternoon after the families had gone home. In Portland, I graduated to Rooster Rock, where sex in areas just off the beach areas finally got to the point where the powers that be decided to intervene, and Sauvie Island, where discrete sex occasionally makes my day, but where such activities are NOT OK, with family-oriented nudity much more the norm.

I'm sure I've left out many of the more depraved aspects of my voyeuristic sex life. Bottom line, I just like to watch others engage in sex and am grateful whenever others invite me to pitch in and get off.



Doc here again... Thanks to ORicHard for stepping up and submitting his "First Time" report. Nicely done sir!

Everyone takes a different journey on the way to getting knee-deep in this thing of ours. For ORicHard, it was sampling of the bounty that the 60's and 70's gave us that drew him in.  In The Good Doctor's case, it was the curiosity of what went on behind the doors of the local adult theater I passed by every day walking home from high school. And when I was old enough to, I did discover what was going on inside and I was not disappointed.

OK, now it's your turn to submit your "First Time" report... You have seen how 6 different reporters have gone about it, so now it's your turn.  Just e-mail me at, with the subject line "First Time".  Step up and be counted...  I will edit and format the report for you.  All you need to do is type up the report in an e-mail.

Easy. Fun. Exciting. Rewarding.