Sunday, August 2, 2015

Smut for a Sunday Evening: Steamy Days of Summer Edition with 35 Hot Pics!!!

Doc here, a man who some say gets nostalgic on hot, humid weekend nights, where as a younger Lizardo spent some of his evenings honing his adult theater game back in NY. 

Steamy nights at Good Time Charlie's, the Niagara Falls Cinema, The Capri Art, and The Lyell were part of the curriculum of this August dance. 

Flash forward 20+ years, the locations may be different (15th Ave. in Chicago, The Art Cinema in Hartford , Fantasyland in Tampa to name a few), but the dance is much the same.

August is a hot, sticky month, and luckily for you, the good readers of The Journal, it also means another edition of Smut for a Sunday Evening.

For the uninitiated, Smut for a Sunday Evening is the best of the best pics from The Good Doctor's Journal of Adult Theaters.  Nothing has been lifted from the net.  These are all pics from original submissions from the authors, or from The Good Doctor himself. 

Got it? Good.

Please sit back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy some steamy pics from The Good Doctor.


Smut for a Sunday Evening: Steamy Days of Summer
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A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Good-Bye Hot Rod Edition

Doc here, a man who some say as a young Lizardo, went to the wrasslin' matches back in NY and saw many legends of the squared circle.   However, the one he liked the most was Rowdy Roddy Piper. 

In an era of grand entrances, his was the one with most attitude. Not the biggest, not the flashiest, but he had the best mic skills.  

Pull up an episode of Piper's Pit on YouTube sometime, and you'll see what I mean. 

Hot Rod died in his sleep on Friday morning 7/31/15. A pisser right until then end. He came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And he was all out of bubblegum.

R.I.P. sir.


Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Hits Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ

Doc here, a man who some say get further with a kind word and a Bloody Mary than a kind word alone, with a Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter.

TOR this time has hit Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ, and has filed this detail-filled report.

There was also news on a second Personal Preference location in Florida that is also discussed in the report.

Take it away, sir.


Hi Doc,

Oral Reporter here, getting ready to fly out of Phoenix and on my way to Salt Lake City (AKA the land of no adult entertainment).

Last night I visited the Personal Preference Adult Theater here in Mesa, AZ. I sent you a message of the Breaking news as they say on CNN, concerning the second Personal Preference located in Holiday, FL (added to The Good Doctor's Database).

I arrived at the Personal Preference Adult theater 
and book store in Mesa about 6 PM, I paid my $10.00 entrance fee, (good for 5 hours) which gets you into both theaters. The ABS is moderate sized and has a good selection of everything from DVD, magazines, toys, and sexy outfits for the ladies.

Personal Preference
Mesa, AZ
I entered the theaters and found each theater had about 6 or 7 occupants in each one, both were playing heterosexual movies, but there was quite a bit of guy on guy action going on in each of the theaters. One theater reverts back to Couples Only at 8PM to 11PM (longer if there are 3 or more couples in the theater after 11PM).  At 7:45 PM they told everyone to move over to the other theater so the clerk could clean up the theater for the couples. 

At 8PM sharp I noticed the first couple come in, then the couples started coming in on a regular basis. I asked the owner Vince how many couples came in last night (Saturday) and he told me he had 13 couples during the couples only time.