Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Couples Field Report! Alex and Lauren @ CVE in Gastonia, NC

 CVE (Carolina Video Exchange)
2308 N Chester St
Gastonia, NC 28052-1811
(704) 867-1717

Doc here... An outstanding report from our North Carolina Bureau of The Journal from Alex and Lauren Being that they are our in-house council from the couples perspective, their reports are always top-notch.

Take it away Alex and Lauren...

Hello Good Doctor,

Our trip to CVE Friday night was different than our usual visits there.  Generally we go and see what sort of mischief we can get into.  Lauren usually teases the guys in the theater, then gives them a more "satisfying" show.  Eventually we make our way to the booths for more play before heading off to the couples room.  On most nights we will head back to the theater at some point to play some more.

Friday was different because we went with another couple.  Some new friends that we met at CVE a few months ago, in fact.  It was fairly apparent that the girls had some fairly specific ideas about what they wanted to do.  As soon as we paid admission, they headed straight to the theater.  The only place we could find four seats together was the front row.  Not the best place for a little exhibitionism, but it worked well enough.  The two of them giggled like schoolgirls before settling down to slowly touching and exposing one another to the men who were beginning to gather around.  It was going to be a long night, so they wanted to pace themselves, keeping the anticipation level high.  Meanwhile, in other parts of the theater, an attractive black woman was going down on her husband and another gentleman seated next to her.  A second couple was also playing, but not involving anyone else. 

After a brief show, we wandered out to the booth area where the guys - predictably - followed them as they walked hand in hand, checking out the various movies.  Our friends are still fairly new to all of this, so she was reluctant to play in the booths, One of the guys told me that there were two other couples back there and that one had been in a booth for quite a while, taking care of a line of guys who were smiling as they stepped back into the hall after their turn.  We learned this while sitting in the "lounge" area as the girls continued to caress each other as we chatted amongst ourselves and with some of the other patrons.

The couple's room was as active as we have seen it in a while.  While the numbers were down, it seemed like most of the couples were playing musical chairs/partners for the first hour or so that we were in there.  Over the course of the evening most of them seemed to split their time between the couples room and the theater, so the single guys were not left out. 

On our second run to the theater, the girls finger fucked one another to a few strong orgasms as the gallery encouraged them.  As they played, a very attractive young couple came in and took the back row.  She didn't play with anyone else, but didn't seem to mind the guys watching as she went down on her guy.  We met them later in the couples room and learned that it was her very first experience in the place.  He was trying to get her to relax and do a little more, we think he was lucky to get what he got!  Let's hope they will be back.  She was a hottie.

We left shortly before closing time and noticed a guy getting a blowjob out in the parking lot.  Truly "one for the road"!

Alex and Lauren

Doc here again... Terrific report guys!  We look forward to your next installment.