Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flash Report! The Boston Red Cox Hits For The Cycle

Doc here with a nice first time report from The Boston Red Cox.  BRC hit several locations in this thing of ours, and this is his report.
Greetings Good Doctor,
I am pleased to submit my very first report for your blog! This report covers my last week tour from Beantown to the Pocono area of Pa...
I pulled into the ABS in Bartonsville, PA, at the end of my long jouney from Boston, only to be greeted by a few confused folk milling around in the backroom...I hung around a while, waiting for the elusive couple that had e-mailed me a few days eaier, and said they would meet me there..Alas, they were no-shows..damn..I wasted a couple of hours hanging out.
Back to the hotel for the night, and then the next day, ventured down to  the infamous Green Door, in Bethlehem, Pa, looking for some early evening delights. The set up there is good, with 2 small theaters with stadium style seating, a couple larger booths with padded benches about 3' wide x 8' long, just right for the carnal images one would suppose goes on there..Watched the movies in the straight theater for a while, and finally heard the sweet sound of a ladies heels on the tile floor in the hallway.
I turned around and much to my delight, was the most amazing BBW and her ebony guy pal, standing there looking into the theater. They moved down the hall, and like a retriever, I bird dogged them to one of the larger booths in the rear..They smiled as they closed the door, and she held a finger up, which I took to mean wait a minute there!...
Cinema 309
Wilkes Barre, PA
Perseverence paid off, as in about 5 mins the door cracked open and she motione for me to come on in..All I can say is WOW, what a body, and huge melon tits, with a completely shaved landing strip below. He told her to suck me hard, and edged her on till I nearly blew my load...He then said that If I gloved up, I could take part in her honey pot, to which I eagerly agreed and did so. By now it didn't take me long at all to cum deep inside her..and he eagerly went to work on the creampie we had made.
Thank yous were exchanged, along with e-mail addys, and I was of into the halls again..Other than the confused folk, and a couple guys obviously waiting for their turn in the BBW, it was rather uneventful after that.
A stop at the Playtime Boutique in Bartonsville on the way back to the Hotel was also uneventful with only 2 old trolls hanging out there.

After leaving the Bartonsville area, I took a detour up to visit Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre. Definitely, one of the better kept Adult theaters that I have ever been to..Unfortunately, once again, it was only inhabited by some of the confused folks, and ancient trolls. Nary a female to be seen there, although a cute CD gurl did come in for a while while I was there, and gave me an oral treat. Talked with the cashier, and he said that only on a rare Friday or Sat eve do they get ay couple action, and almost never a gal alone..Oh, well, another dry day in Pa..onward to Hartford Art Cinema folks, a mere 2.5 hrs away!
The next day, I stopped in Hartford at the Art Cinema, to see what was happening there...I hadn't been there in 4 or 5 years, so was curious about the Sunday afternoon crowd. Again, no ladies or couples and only a few guys, pounding their sausage... Left early evening and returned to Beantown.
Hopefully will visit the Paris and the Oregon Theaters next summer when I am out there at a convention in June...
Well that's all for now, Good Doc..will be in touch.
Be well, be safe, and keep it wet!
The Boston Red Cox
Doc here again...Thanks to The Boston Red Cox for a page turner of a first time report to The Journal.  Keep up the great work, sir!


Flash Report! JaxBchBum @ Pure Pleasures

Doc here with a great report from senior Journal scribe, JaxBchBum.  Once again he hits Pure Pleasures just outside of Gainesville, FL, and once again he hits pay dirt.


Had a chance to visit Pure Pleasures a week ago this past Sunday, and was rewarded with two couples coming in during my time there.  First couple that arrived was in their mid-50s although she may have been a little younger than he was. I am pretty sure that I had seen them in the past but not on any of my visits over the last couple of months. I couldn't remember if they were active players or not, but thought they were. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a light blue top with shoulder straps and he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. She had a nice trim body and the face of a mild mannered librarian with pulled back hair in a bun and glasses. He looked a bit like a Ed Asner from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, although he was taller and slimmer. I will refer to them as Ed and Mary.
When they arrived there was only one other guy in the theatre besides myself. The immediately went to the couch on the back row next to the wall with her sitting on the inside next to the wall. I was seated on the couch on the second row immediately in front of them and the other guy was seated on the other back row couch.
I let them get comfortable for a few minutes listening for any sounds that might indicate some activity. I didn't hear anything for about 10 minutes so I glanced back over my shoulder and they weren't doing anything but snuggling although I couldn't see their hands due to the darkness of the theatre and the shadows from the couch that were cast over their seating area. Being the veteran voyeur I am I figured out my plan for monitoring any progress in their actions without constantly having to twist around and look at them, possibly making them uncomfortable.
I could see the guy sitting on the row with them in my peripheral vision. I figured when I saw him staring or looking frequently over at them then something must be going on. Sure enough, after about 10 more minutes I note that his head and turned and clearly watching them. I glance around and see that Ed has slipped down one of Mary's top straps and is rubbing her exposed breast. I am guessing they were a "C" cup and they were holding up well. It appeared that she had liberated his cock from his shorts as her hand was constantly rubbing his crotch. Unfortunately, he was turned towards her and she towards him so it was a bit difficult to see. This went on for a bit and they didn't seem to mind us watching. In fact, she looked at me at one point, smiled a little mischievously, and reached up and pulled the other side of her top down exposing her other breast.
Pure Pleasures
Just outside Gainesville, FL
I guess the other guy had an appointment or got tired of the mild action as he got up and left leaving me alone in the theatre with them. After a few minutes (maybe waiting to see if he was going to return), the couple got a bit more comfortable. He reached his hand down and lifted up her skirt where I saw she had no panties and began rubbing her smooth pussy. He uncrossed his leg and I could tell that she indeed had been stroking him through his unzipped jeans. He continued to slowly rub her left breast and nipple with one hand while rubbing her pussy with the other. She would sink further and further down in the couch and open her legs wider and wider which was a good and bad thing.
Good in the sense that it exposed her more, but as she sank lower and lower in the couch she moved increasingly in the shadows. After a bit, she sits back up, reaches down for her purse and pulls out a small vibrator and begins rubbing her clit and pussy lips with it and then moving it in and out with her left hand while still stroking him with her right. She clearly is excited by the action and being watched as several times she looks at me watching and smiles and intensifies her hand actions. She does this for about 5 minutes and then he takes over driving the vibrator and sends her into ecstasy. No screams, just low moans of passion. All this time she is stroking his cock. He gets her off judging by her hip movements and moans and removes the vibrator. After a brief rest, she bends over and starts sucking him. He comes in about 5 minutes and then they get up and leave. Not the wild action I have seen at other times, but an exciting experience for them and for me.
Over the next hour a couple more guys come and go but the theatre never had more than 4 others including myself. I got up to go to the bathroom which is outside the theatre off the store floor. I notice a couple looking at some of the DVDs in rack right by the restroom and she is totally HOT! In her early 20s with a bright orange tube top and a short blue skirt (University of FL colors). I will call her Ali (short for alligator). Ali had shoulder length dirty blond hair and was well tanned. I knew she didn't have a bra as her nipples were clearly protruding out. He was an average looking guy and a bit on the nerdy side with a trimmed beard and glasses. Kinda of like a better groomed Shaggy of Skooby Doo fame. As I was coming back out, they are still at the rack but Ali is squatting down looking at the DVDs on the lower shelf. She has her legs slightly open and I can see all the way up to her exposed pussy. Was that for me?? One can only hope.
I go back in the theatre and there are guys scattered around the theatre taking up all the couches in the back two rows except for the "extra" couch in the alcove on the second row. I go sit down there and begin watching the movie. After a few minutes, the guy in the adjacent couch leaves and I move over to his place. More time went by and I had just about given up on the idea of the couple coming in when they arrive.
They stand at the back of the theatre for a bit to let their eyes adjust and see where there is seating. For those unfamiliar with the layout of the theatre, it is a small theatre with three rows of couches. Front and back row have two couches and middle row has 3 couches. They start to walk down and turn into my row and head towards me. As they approach I tell them they are welcome to my couch and I will move but Shaggy says that it is OK and they prefer the more private "cubicle" (only a young person would call it a cubicle). Ali sits on the end next to me and he is on the far side. While the alcove is a bit darker, where Ali was seated on the end still gets a good bit of the light coming off the screen as well as there is a red rope light running along the floor in the alcove that fills in the shadows a little bit.
The film playing is a well done series of vignettes for young girls hungry for cock but in menial jobs (waitress, coat check) looking for ways to earn more money. I glance over at our couple and the guy has unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and pulled them down a little. She is reaching over with her left hand and gently stroking his cock. I figure the more the merrier and free my cock and begin stroking as well. After a few minutes he reaches over with his right hand and pulls down her top exposing delicious looking B or small C sized breasts that are pointy and have eraser sized nipples that are fully erect. No wonder they were poking through her tube top in the cold store.
She glances over at him from time to time, looks down at his cock and smiles. He does not appear to be that long (maybe 6" but is very thick. Hey, what about me? LOL Action on the screen heats up as a guy starts eating out the pizza delivery girl who was late with the pizza. At this, Ali reaches down, flips up her skirt and begins rubbing her pussy. She has a small closely trimmed square of pubic hair right above her pussy. She starts by just gently rubbing the outside of her lips tracing her finger up and down. Then she become a bit more energetic and forceful with a finger occasionally disappearing inside her. Her legs spread open wider and wider and the light illuminates her well tanned thighs and bells very well. Very erotic!
Shaggy kneels in the couch facing her so his cock is at her eye level and she begins stroking and sucking him with her left hand while still rubbing her pussy with her right. This goes on for a few minutes with her gradually taking him all the way in. Then he moves off the couch and knells down in front of her and starts eating her pussy and clit. She obviously is enjoying it as she is forcing his head deeper and deeper in her pussy where a couple of times he has to struggle to pull his head back and catch a breath of air. He dives back down and I lean over and ask Ali if it OK for me to touch her breasts. She nods her head and I begin slowly massaging her breasts.
 Meanwhile, the two guys that had been seated on the back row are standing behind my couch stroking and watching the action. As I would rub and gently pinch her nipples Ali would tilt her head back and close her eyes. Wasn't sure if it was my touch on her nipples or Shaggy hitting the right spot but she was enjoying it all. I got up on my knees on the couch and bent over and began licking her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Soon I felt her hand wrap around my wet cock and begin to slowly stroke it. Unfortunately, that didn't last too long when Shaggy moved up to the edge of the couch and began fucking her and sucking her breasts. He goes for about 10 minutes and then it is back to eating her pussy again. So I resume my attention to her breasts and she begins stroking me again. I am close to cumming when Shaggy stops again and stands up.
He tells her to kneel sideways in the couch and he mounts her from behind. She is bent over with her arms supporting her on the armrests of both our couches facing me. She can't really reach me as she needs to brace herself against his forceful thrusts. I stand up and move to the front edge of the couch. Shaggy gives me a nod of the head and I move to where my cock is in front of Ali. As she moves back and forth from his thrusts her lips edge closer and closer to my cock until I feel her warm lips brush against my swollen cock head. On the next thrust I lean forward and she takes the head of my cock in her mouth. It goes deeper and deeper on each thrust. As I got close to cumming I started to pull away but I could tell she was OK with me exploding in her mouth and I did so.
Shortly after that Shaggy begins fucking her more furiously and they both climax together. As things are settling down and the other guys have left I tell them how much I enjoyed it. They are married and both are graduate students at UF. They said this was their first time here, but they enjoy having sex in semi-public places. I gave them my e-mail address and told them that my visits were infrequent due to distance I had to travel, but if they knew of a visit in the future please let me know as I would enjoy seeing them again. They said they would, so time will tell.


Doc here again... JaxbchBum: Thank you sir for another great report from Gator Nation.  Keep up the great work.!