Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Round 3: Best 2010 Adult Theater Experience - The Omaha Ghost

Doc here with Round 3 of the Best 2010 Adult Theater Experience.  This chapter has Omaha, Nebraska correspondent (and aptly named) The Omaha Ghost with his best of 2010.

Take it away, OG.
I would like to acknowledge Cathy the Carolina Cougar for the Best Experience of 2010.

This happend in July/August of 2010. It was her 2nd  time... After walking through the theater showing herself off to the patrons we went into the theater. We go into the theater it is empty except for a couple sitting in the third row. As our eyes adjusted we noticed that her head was bobbing up and down in her hubbys lap. We let them play for a bit.

The sound of her sucking was getting Cathy hot and I told her to take my cock out and suck it hard which what she did. I asked the couple if they swing they replied they did. I invited them down to sit with us in the front row.

The Lady  P immediatley began stroking Cathys leg while staring at her while she wassucking my cock. I asked her if she would like to suck mine, if Cathy could suck her hubbies, so we traded ladies.

After her hubby came in Cathys mouth and I came in hers, I had Cathy remove her jeans and panties and spread her legs. Her pussy was dripping I told Pauline to kneel and eat Cathy out. Which she happily did, as she contiuned this for about 20 minuets until Cathy had a screaming orgasm. I offered to K the hubby for him to fuck Cathy, but he declined as he did not share his wife's pussy. After Cathys orgasam P kissed her with a deep tounge kiss and thanked her for the fun time and the tasty pussy.

We left for the booths where I threw a very hot rough fuck into Cathy which she loved.

Thanks OG for your Best of 2010 report!  Nicely done.

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Round 2: Best 2010 Adult Theater Experience - Brent in Portland

Doc here with Round 2 of the Best 2010 Adult Theater Experience.  Chiming in from Portland, is the dean of all adult theater reporters, Brent.

I have broken Brent's entry into two parts, since he had a runner-up and a winner.  Both sounded incredible, so they both get nominated.

Enjoy Brent's work...
2010 has been a memorable year for theater sex in Portland Oregon. Although, it hasn't been a championship season due to too many personal fouls and interference calls, it's been fun and exciting. Of course, we still have a few more weeks to turn it around and Team Portland always plays hard on New Years Eve.

Right now it looks like Gary and Tampa will battle it out for the adult theater sex championship for 2010. Gary, plays a no nonsense brand of adult theater sex, tight and disciplined. Team Gary plays hard and finishes strong. Tampa, a perennial powerhouse is coming back after a few years of missing the playoffs, or jerkoffs if you prefer. Team Tampa has something to prove.

 I narrowed my best theater sex experience, 2010, down to two choices. Actually it was three, but I wasn't present when the hot MILF from a very conservative state came to The Paris on a warm Thursday night last summer and fucked and sucked every man in the place . Her visit was to many who were there, their all-time best adult theater experience. It was her warm and friendly attitude, her willingness to do anything with anyone, her physical beauty and the unexpectedness of her visit that made it so memorable.

The Runner-Up:
The first Wicked Wednesday was first runner up for my most exciting theater sex experience of 2010. This took place on Wednesday June 2, 2010. The action featured Joyous and River Dog celebrating his birthday. Joyous sucked and fucked , got her pussy eaten and even played with two very sexy dark haired young women who were there.

These two women, one small and sexy and a first timer, the other a little bigger and a little nastier, showed up unexpectedly and immediately started playing with each other on one of the couches. Joyous was busy with 8 or 10 men in the couples section but pretty soon a bunch of the guys were watching the two girls play. When one of the regulars made an exploratory gesture with his hand on one of the girls cute behinds and it was met by her unbuttoning her jeans to allow him easier access, the night suddenly turned from great to memorably great. Before the night was over , these two fine young ladies had gotten completely naked, sucked cock, eaten pussy, groped , kissed, fondled, licked, even barebacked. Joyous continued fucking and sucking all over The Paris Theater. Other couples showed up and played. I don't remember all the details. I remember thinking at the time, when the two young girls were being ravished and loving every minute of it "This is what great theater sex is all about. Unplanned, unexpected, unscripted and unbelievable."

The Winner:
The winner of my most exciting adult theater sex experience was a Sunday night in early May, 2010. Here is an edited version of my first account of that fantastic night:

" I heard from the clerk that, this past Sunday afternoon, two cute girls in their early twenties came in to The Paris Theater, to play but there was nobody to play with. There were two guys in the theater , down by the front of the screen who never even turned around or showed any interest.The girls left in frustration and a little while later a couple came in. Talk about bad timing. In the world of adult theater sex good timing = good times. The couple was also there to play but, alas, no one to play with.

 It was quiet for the next several hours.Then around 8 a couple came in. She wore a dress. She was a cute BBW . They were nervous at first but after a while her tits were out, her panties were off, her legs were spread and he was rubbing her clitoris. A small crowd of men were gathered around, to watch. I think this spurred her on a little. I heard her yelp little yelps of pleasure while he stroked her.
At 10 pm, two couples came in a few minutes apart.The girl of the first couple looked like Kirstin Dunst/ Kim Basinger/ Kate Moss. Her body was curvy and youthful. Her breasts were natural and perfect for her body. Her pussy looked like a delicious fruit or walnut.

The other couple was also young. She was a pretty girl with long dark hair . She reminded me of Tess Taylor, cyber play mate and star of "Pretty Wild". She wore jeans and vans . Her escort was a tall skinny rocker type. He wore a black t shirt that said "Tight Records". He sported a big cock.

The first couple got things started. They got naked and fucked and sucked each other. This inspired the second couple and they got naked and started fucking. At one point both girls were riding up and down on their man's hard ons like they were neck and neck at The Kentucky Derby.
After a while both couples were in the couples annex with guys all around them, watching. What great close ups! Tess was on the exam table getting fucked by her man. Kirsten was on the bench next to the rail. Anonymous hands caressed her. Her man fucked and sucked her.

Another couple came in around 10:45 and went to the couples section. Before long she was naked and her ass was invitingly up in the air. She was short and sassy with wild eyes, dark hair and tattoos. She had a great little pair of breasts, perfect for her body. Her best body part was her perpetually-in motion, perfectly round, geometrically situated cock grabbing ass.
I was going between the couples annex and the couples section, taking it all in, thinking "this is turning out to be a great Sunday for theater sex at The Paris."
Finally , that lovely lass in the couples section got the best of me. They had invited guys in and she was sucking and fucking anybody and everybody. One man fucked her for a long time with his big dick while she sucked and swallowed off two or three more. Then her husband fucked her from behind and came inside of her I stepped up rubbed my dick against her ass cheeks and got a little bit hard. Wow! I stuck a finger in her ass and another in her sopping wet pussy and got a little harder. Wow Wow! She backed her ass up against me like she was coming in for a landing. I felt a familiar pop as I slipped inside of her. Her cunt was hot and tight . It was at a temperature that could make anything explode. I started fucking her or should I say she started fucking me.She went back and forth furiously on my cock. I pulled out and another guy immediately replaced me.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and when I came back in there was a full blown orgy going on. Kirsten Dunst had left , but now Tess Taylor and her man were hooked up with the couple that I had just been with. The woman I had fucked was still busy getting boned. One clean cut man was making her twist and shout. While she was getting it from behind from Clark Kent, she was tongue kissing Tess Taylor , and making her scream with pleasure. She was also finger banging her and sucking on her erect nipples. Both girls were naked and hot to the touch.

At one point, both women had gotten dressed to leave but then they started kissing again and before long they started taking off each others clothes and caressing and sucking and fucking like they never wanted to stop playing.

It was an erection grabbing, adrenaline pumping, E producing, stimulating adult theater sex moment of the first magnitude.

In the end, the dark haired girl was completely out of control with lust.. Her husband said "We have to get home. She has an early day, tomorrow. We have four kids waiting for us."
I thought "That young- pretty, sexy,dynamo, fuck machine is the mother of four children? " It was the hottest thing I'd heard all night.

And that was my number one adult theater sex experience for 2010.

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Doc here again... No, thank you Brent for all the support of The Journal of Adult Theaters. Two great stories of debauchery at The Paris Theater in Portland.

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