Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Flash Report! One Shot @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on 4/6/13

Doc here with a great Flash Report from newcomer One Shot.  One Shot details a great evening at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.
Hey Doc!
First time reporter, longtime lurker here. I was relaxing at home when my spidey senses went off. Its weird.
After doing this thing of ours for so many years sometimes you just know. The senses don’t stretch across country but in our own neck of the woods something starts a rumblin’. Were’ at home and the leg starts bouncing, too many commercials on TV, or whatever voodoo shit kicks it in gear but we know.
So I drove over to my local adult theater, CTs Adult Theater in Gary.  It was a comfortable crowd. A cd was working the guys who wanted it—not my thing. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, I say why not just wait for a real damn duck. But to each his own—its cool.
As I said it was a comfortable crowd. No couples. But the senses were still tingling. So I waited. And lo and behold “She cries when she cums hard” walks in.  I’m pretty sure she’s been mentioned on here before, with another gangbang . God yesssss!  She’s an attractive forty-something. Nipples like damn! Body like fuck yeah! Forgive me if I sound overly excited but I’d been trying to see her so many times. Anyway “She cries” and her husband, a clean cut black guy, walk in. She chatted up the staff.
CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
I noticed the black guy was her husband. I always scout the rings on couples. Here is my opinion: boyfriends and girlfriends are kinky, but married couples have nothing to lose. When they cut loose they get all the way wild and they stick around in “this thing of ours” longer. Just my opinion and fetish I guess.
It was a nice spring night in the Midwest. “She Cries” had on a black dress, halter style. They enter the theater. I follow behind trying to hide my “jackpot” smile. Her husband sits her in a theater chair. Ct’s is small so I don’t have to crowd them. I’ve been at this for a while. I give them their space.
Her husband stands in front of her. He pulls out his cock and puts it in her mouth. Immediately you hear the choir of zippers start in the dark back ground. It was funny because he didn’t seem like he was really into it so much as he was sending a signal that they were there to play.
He stood her up and she bent over her chair. Her husband started drilling her and making her moan. As he did it he was looking around the room, making eye contact and nodding guys up!
A couple of guys put on a condom and mounted up, one after the other. She made some of the greatest sounds ever. And then she wanted to be on the exam table.  Her husband guides her to the exam table. He announces that she loves hands rubbing all over her. And man, hands came from everywhere. She got goose bumps. She was a submissive and her husband kept giving suggestions. I thought it was distracting at first, but everything he said to do kept sending her over the edge.
Guy after guy pounced on her as she moaned while sucking cocks. She came a lot, and announced that she was squirting a few times. The guys suddenly looked down, so I think they got a surprise. But nobody made her cum hard enough to start crying. I swear to you. I heard about it. She actually cries when she starts to cum really hard. I heard that the owner of Ct’s has actually seen it. And some lucky guys have made her pussy scream tilt and light up. But when I stepped up she was warm and tight. Her skin was soft. Looking down on her utter enjoyment as she sucked cock was enough to make the best of us explode. And so it ended…
As soon as the momentum died down they were out of there. I heard they were coming back. But I had to go. My load was spent and I don’t recuperate like I used to. I only get one shot. There you have it, follow your nose friends, and always listen to your gut.
One Shot
Doc here again...Many thanks to One Shot for a GREAT rookie report here at The Journal. Keep the hits coming, sir!