Monday, September 26, 2011

International Flash Report! Katie X @ Fantasy Video in London, UK (with HOT Pics!)

The Good Doctor is in such a good mood this morning... I am here with a special little something-something for you, the good readers of The Journal: Our first International Flash Report!

It was just a matter of time before this would happen.  The Journal receives a lot of page views and unique hits from across the pond, and in particular, Great Britain.  Saturday morning I received an e-mail from Katie X, containing a GREAT Flash Report, and a few HOT pics of Katie doing her thing inside an adult theater (Spoiler alert: She is a naughty girl).

I was not able to come up with a good pic of the theater, since it's nothing but an innocent looking red door on a street... For that, you will have to use your imagination.

Without futher ado, from across the pond, I am proud to introduce you to Katie X!

NOTE: Click on the pics for a super hi-resolution version of that pic.


Hi Doc,

I was recently referred to your website by a very naughty friend of mine who suggested I should get in touch with you. I'm a veteran theater slut with more than 25 years experience of putting it out to strangers in adult theaters and I thought you might like to hear of my most recent outing at Fantasy Video (279 City Road, Angel. London EC1) in London, UK. I don't think you have any other UK contributors here, so I hope your readers get a kick out my adventure over the pond.

The Real Katie X
My hubby and I arrived at Fantasy Video in Angel, London at about 9pm after having a few drinks at the Red Lion up the road. It was my first time at this venue and the theater is behind a very discrete door on the main street. I was wearing a black overcoat and black high heels, so I looked reasonably modest at the pub. When I got to the theater, I took off my coat to reveal a tight black t-shirt dress that really doesn't cover anything. My tits are exposed in it and it doesn't completely cover my hips. I am 5'9' tall with reddish brown hair, b cup breasts and a waxed pussy.

The guy on the front desk immediately ushered us through the door for free. I guess it was no secret that I was firmly into this thing of ours.

The Real Katie X
The theater has two screens on opposite sides of the hallway. I went to the 'ladies' to freshen up and hubby found a spot in one of the cinemas. I returned from the bathroom and walked into the cinema, only not the one my hubby was in. I took a seat on the aisle, hitched my dress up and propped my ankles up on the seat in front and started to masturbate. It didn't take long for the guys to descend upon me and soon I was surrounded by about 8 willing cocks. I'm a pretty talented cocksucker, so  got down to work immediately.

There was a wide assortment of cocks, all ages and all colours. I got a couple of serves of cum quickly before someone slipped on a condom and shoved their cock in me. I love cum on my face and I told the guy this, so as he was ready to go he pulled out and blew over my face, and then another cock replaced him in my cunt.

The Real Katie X
After satisfying about six or seven guys, I noticed my hubby with the camera in hand. He asked for permission from the surrounding guys to take a few shots of his cum-covered slut wife in action and, with one exception they agreed. I worked my way through a few guys before a big Brazilian fucker, all cock and shoulders, pushed his cock in me. Oh fuck that was nice. This guy knew what he was doing and a few of the older guys watched in awe as Mr Brazil worked me over, calling an easy slut and a dirty, cock hungry whore as he rammed me home. I love guys who can figure out what I'm about and get to work. Makes me so hot.

Brazil told me to get up and lie on the floor in from of the screen because he wanted to watch a few more of the guys dump their cum on my face while he fucked me. I got a few loads from a great height and was properly covered.

The Real Katie X
To finish off, Brazil said he wanted to fuck me in the men's toilets and then cum on my face. There is something very dirty about being on your hands and knees in a public bathroom, and I relished the opportunity. He fucked me on the floor of the bathroom and then pulled me up to my knees and made me suck his cock. He held my head with his cock in my mouth, and then released his load down my throat. I had no alternative but to swallow and I loved it. After nearly choking on cock and cum, hubby finished me off by blowing his load over my face.

I had a quick tidy up but managed to catch the underground train all the way home with hair matted with cum. I guess all-in-all I fucked about ten or eleven guys for the night and got about 15 loads of cum. A very productive return for a great night out. If you like the report I will be happy to write more in future.

Katie X


Doc here again... Katie, this report was OUTSTANDING!  We would love to hear about your future visits, as well as past visits you have had to other adult theaters.  Oh, and more pics please.  ;o)

Thank you again Katie for breaking new ground here at The Journal, and providing an international perspective on this thing of ours.  Interest in adult theaters spans the globe.  If you look at the hit map on the right hand side of The Journal, you will see where each pageview originates.  Most of the globe has a red dot embedded on it.

We need more international reports just like this one from Katie X.  Don't worry about the language barrier... I can translate your reports.  How?  I'm clever like that. 

So let's expand this thing of ours the right way...With your international reports.  Just e-mail Ban Ki-moon The Good Doctor at, and I will help get your report in tip top form for publishing.  What's in it for you? The glory and the byline, and knowing thousands of readers are benefitting from your report.