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Blast from the Past! The Jefferson Theater: Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of  "Blast from the Past: The Jefferson".  before we jump back in, how about a little historical data about the late great Jefferson Theater in Portland?  Here is the entry from the "Cinema Treasures" theater database:

Originally a regular movie theatre operating prior to 1941 and into the 1950's, its address was 1129 SW Jefferson Street. It became an adult theatre which operated in Portland for over 30 years. The original entrance was sealed off and a new entrance created around the corner on SW 12th Avenue, using a former exit.

The Jefferson Theater closed as a twin screen adult theatre in summer 2007, and the operation was transfered to The Paris Theater that same summer.

Here is another one of my favorite reports from Brent from 2005 on the fun and hot action at The Jefferson Theater:
I was walking down to the Jefferson Theater on Friday Night. I passed by couple, standing on the corner, by the River City Saloon. She was blonde, in her 40s or 50s. She was beautiful, classy looking, like Sally Kirkland She wore a long wool skirt with boots, nice jacket. Her clothes hugged her sexy womanly body . Her companion was a fairly short, powerfully built black gentleman in his 50s or 60s. He was getting around on crutches. He was very dark skinned with classic features, like Willy Mays. The two of them made a beautiful contrast.

They were discussing something, probably what they were going to do in the theater. They had been in before. That time, they had come out of the couples section and she had been gently mobbed by 10 or 15 men. One lucky guy got to eat her pussy or gamahuche her. "Gamahuche" is an old Victorian term for cunnilingus, which means to "Lingus" her "Cunni".

Friday they met up with another couple around the same age. The man was a distinguished looking fellow with a full head of white hair. He was tall, a bit on the prosperous (heavy) side Call him "The Colonel" . His wife was very beautiful. She was at least 50, maybe older. She had reddish brown hair. She looked like Audrey Meadows or Lee Remick. She had a classic early "50s" look. They had been in a few times before. In fact she had fucked and played with the back gentleman. Her preference is big black cock, perhaps just big, perhaps just black.

One would hardly know this by the way she sat on Friday Night, prim and proper in her flower print dress her legs crossed revealing her shapely legs, stockings and garters. Her dress was unbuttoned to show off her perfectly round 34b breasts. She was wearing a frilly lace bra.

The four of them sat on the back bench of the couples section, surrounded by all of the men, old and young watching intently The black guy had a woman on either side and was playing with both of them while "The Colonel" watched. He would deep kiss one, then he would deep kiss the other. It was very hot. It probably stirred up some emotions in some of the guys who were watching. These women were dressed like they had just come from a society gathering or a book club held in Savannah.

The blonde decided to let her old man devote his undivided attention to the other woman, the one who looked like Lee Remick. By this time the blonde was dressed only in a body stocking that revealed her luscious body to perfection. She lay back in the corner and started to play with herself, while she watched her man (Mr. Black Gentleman) with the other woman ("The Colonel's" wife.) After a while the blonde came back over and began sucking on her old mans cock. His cock was perhaps, one of the reasons these women found him so appealing. It was like one of those peppermills that the waiter brings around to your table, while your having your salad. "Would madam like some cock on her salad? Let me know how much? You want all of it , all night? Jeez , lady I got other customers."Anyway, he had a nice sized , black dick, maybe not quite the size of a peppermill.

The four of them were the center of attention, Friday night, while I was there. All of the other action revolved around them. For example, a young couple came in. She looked like a prettier Carmen Soprano. They didn't stay long, 10 minutes. But while they were in, they watched the four in the back, subtly playing. It must have turned them on. They started rubbing each other. She leaned on him like a cat rubbing up against a leg. When they left , I have no doubt they were going to find some place quiet to fuck as quickly as possible. I wish they had stayed and played. Oh well.

A young guy wearing a cowboy hat came in with a young girl. She was tall, had dark hair, wore glasses. She was pretty in an unusual sort of way. Through out the night they fucked and sucked each other. I didn't see them get together with anybody else. They made sure we could all see. He would occasionally whip her with a small whip, but it wasn't over the top.

The most dangerously exciting scene of the night was when this guy who looked a little like Dennis Farina (white hair ,dark moustache) brought in a cute young woman with a nice ass and big shapely breasts. They sat in the main section to the left " The Grotto". Pretty soon she was completely naked and was taking on all comers. One of the most exciting moments in an adult theater is when a pretty woman gets on her knees to suck on some strangers cock, and sticks her ass up in the air, ready to get fucked by the nearest hard dick. When this happened Friday, a young Hispanic guy got behind her and put it right in. She was sucking every cock that was stuck in her face. Men were fucking her with condoms and without condoms. They were coming inside of her tight wet pussy. She would yell, almost in pain while she was being fucked. A friend of mine sat down next to her, hoping to get a blow job. Instead she climbed right on top of his hard cock and rode him until he came deep in her cunt. It was amazing.

At one point , Mr. Black Gentleman brought his beautiful blonde lady down to watch the action. She started
writhing in lust while she watched this young woman get fucked. Pretty soon this blonde was surrounded by men and was being felt up by as many as could get their hands on her. She played with a few of them, but she never took her eyes off the girl. Before it got too overwhelming, they returned to the couples section.

Later, there was one guy left fucking the young woman. When he pulled his dripping cock out, I put my finger inside of her. She moved back and forth on it. Her cunt was wet and oily. I thought about fucking her, but decided not to. Maybe some day, I'll take the chance. The idea really turns me on, for some reason.

This lady couldn't get enough. On the way out of the theater , they stopped to watch the couples in the couples section. All of the action made her horny again. Some of us guys lifted her dress and played with her ass. She moved away from us and made her way towards the exit. But before she walked out of the theater, she let one or two more guys fuck her, right next to the entrance of the theater. The woman was unstoppable. Men were like potato chips to her.

There is a couple who has been coming in quite frequently. Their children are older so they have more time to play. She is very thin, pretty and classy. She looks a little like an Hispanic or Asian"Cruella Deville". She always wears sexy clothes and spends a long time masturbating. They sit in the front of the couples section, next to the rope. They had just come in when I had to leave on Friday. (Work plus I wasn't feeling well). I know that they have only just recently started playing with other men. I heard that on Friday or some other night last week, she went up on stage and invited anyone who wanted to fuck her. I can't confirm this, but if its true, it means that they are progressing nicely into hardcore adult theater sex.

When they first came in, about a year ago, they sat in the back row of the couples section- showing off and playing for hours on end. Each step in her "education" has been very exciting. I'm sure someone out there can confirm or deny whether or not she is now "taking on all comers."

So , is the price of Gasoline keeping you away from the Jefferson. Maybe they should give some kind of discount to people who drive more than 100 miles to spend an evening at the Jeff. I drive all day for my work. Thank goodness, I can walk to the Jefferson Theater from my house.
Doc here again...Hope you enjoyed Part 2 of Blast from the Past: The Jefferson.  There is plenty more to come in the next few days and week about The Jeff.

Thanks again to Brent for allowing The Good Doctor to repost his excellent work.


Blast from the Past! The Jefferson Theater in Portland, OR: Part 1

The Jefferson
original entrance, c1982

Doc here with the first in a series of historical articles and reports from now-closed The Jefferson Theater in Portland, OR.   The "Jeff" was the best example of the best of the best adult theaters in the country for many many years. Once again, our travel guide for this trip will be Brent, the poet laureate of "this thing of our's".


"The Author, at home"

A lady E-Mailed me recently about going to the Jefferson Theater. She  is a little bit nervous and scared about what might happen to her, there. If she is lucky, nothing will happen to her there. If she is really lucky EVERYTHING will happen to her there. Seriously, I tried to tell her that it's not all that bad, once you are in the couples' section. Its always better when there are other couples playing.

The Jefferson Theater is a theater that shows X- Rated movies and encourages the audience to explore their sexual fantasies while they are there. You have to be a member in good standing (!) to participate in the Jefferson experience. The Jefferson Experience varies from hour to hour, day to day; and week to week. One hundred different people can have one hundred different experiences at the same time and they are all Jefferson Experiences. At its best, the place is electric with sex.

A current of eroticism runs through it and gently shocks everyone. At it's worst , its a gay geriatric flop house for the hygienically challenged. Those are the times that it is a typical Porno Theater, a refuge from time, the outside world and your crummy life.

Part of the "charm' of the Jefferson is it's Porn Theater ambience. I believe couples get turned on by the seediness. The Oregon Theater is actually seedier. It's bigger and dingier and the movies are all at least ten years old (Hello, hairy pussies).

Last week was Spring Break week. Sunday was Easter. There were a lot of red erections, Saturday night at the Jefferson Theater. During the previous week, I chose the wrong nights to visit. I went Monday and
Wednesday and the hot action was on Tuesday and Thursday. I heard from one source that there was a sexy sluttish looking black woman in with her boyfriend on Tuesday and that she had sex with some of the guys . I
can't confirm this and I was unable to get more details about her adventures. Sorry I can't be more descriptive, but I'll post it anyway. Same with Thursday. I heard there were five couples in and they all played or showed off. The guy told me that it was more like a Friday Night on Thursday. I must be getting lazy. In the old days I would have been there every night. It's just that there are so many hot couples and women who visit the Jefferson, that I know I will catch action at least once a week. It's like a Field Of Wet Dreams.

I finally caught some action on Friday Night. At first I wasn't going to go down. I was tired and tooth 18 was throbbing in pain. But I decided to check it out anyway. I walked into the auditorium part of the theater and immediately knew there was something going on. It's always a rush to walk into an Adult Theater when there is action. Friday ,the first thing I thought was "Who is she and what is she doing?" She looked like Cagney or Lacey. She was good looking, probably in her mid fifties. She had short gray hair that was cut nicely.. She had a pretty good body. It looked like the kind of body that had been fucked a number of times by a number of guys, with a pizza afterwards.

She was down on the stage and was surrounded by men. One tall, thin, young black man was mounting her like a grasshopper. Her legs were spread wide. He hairy pussy was wet with excitement and sweat. One man was kneeling by her mouth, feeding her his cock while another guy played with her big floppy boobs and still another guy had placed his most important possession, his dick, in her hands.

I watched for a while. She was at the tail end of her impromptu theater gang bang. Her husband was watching from the audience. I was told that they had been there for most of the evening and she had already fucked about ten guys. It looked to me like she was ready to fuck ten more. By the time I got there most of the guys had left her but I imagine it had been a big cluster fuck earlier.

I wasn't going to stay long. I wanted to go home and knock myself out. But watching the lady get fucked on the stage by a few guys had released some endorphins into my system and I was feeling pretty good. I decided to stay and watch the couples in the couples section.

There was a woman, around 40 years old in there with her boyfriend. I know her.. She is a cheerful looking woman with a nice big body and knockers that are KNOCKERS. She and I had fun at the Oregon last week. She likes to ski outside the trails. Her boyfriend doesn't. Their visit on Friday was limited to fucking each other in the couples section and an occasional foray out into the audience to watch Nymphomaniac Granny fuck all comers. They stood pretty close and I thought "I bet she wishes that she was up there getting fucked".
The other couple that was in there was D, the dominant one and his hot Asian Girlfriend whose only fault (mine too) is that she talks too much. The only relevant thing. I heard her say was "Where is Brent.?" She wanted me to play with her and after a moments hesitation, I obliged. She walked out of the couples section, totally naked. She is in her forties but could pass as a school girl. She has a soft ,small body with smallish breasts. She is very erotic.

I took her down to one of the benches down by the stage. A large group of men followed us. Her boyfriend left her with me. I'm not sure where he went. We started kissing and feeling each other up. She lay down on
the bench and I put my face between her legs. I began to lick her sweet, shaved pussy. I heard her moan in pleasure. It was very encouraging. I stuck a couple of fingers into her pussy. and worked them in and out of her. I felt her constrict around my fingers .She was having a good time and I felt honored to be part of it. I sensed the other guys around me but I didn't really see them. I couldn't tell if others were feeling her up because my field of vision was her lower body. I decided to take a break. Another man took my place. I
reassured her that he was just as good at oral sex as me, even though I didn't know the guy. She checked with her boyfriend and he seemed okay with it so there was a new tongue in Tuna Town. I walked out and stood by the couples section. My friend was still there, playing with her man. I looked down to the front of the theater where I had just been.

There were about 15 men clustered around the hot girl I had just been with. I could hear her cry out in lust and Jefferson Theater ecstasy. It was a nice sight. I went home and slept like the innocent man I think I am. The next day I heard there was action later that night. "Young,' 'Hot', "Stayed By Themselves" were some of the words I heard to describe the late Friday action.

I didn't know what to expect at the Jefferson on Saturday night. After all, it was the day before Easter. But I doubt if that means anything to those who enjoy or want to enjoy the Jefferson Experience. Once, many years ago ,I spent a memorable Easter Saturday at the Adult Theaters in Albuquerque. At that time, it was an amazing night. I still remember it. Couple after couple kept coming in and fucking guys. One woman took half of the Madam X Theater to her motel room for a White Trash Slut gang bang. This was pre Aids and pre condom, so she got very sloppy after about the eight guy had come inside her. I remember I got laid four times by four different women, that night. The last was a beautiful young black girl in her and her husband's hotel room.
Ever since that night, I've always looked forward to Easter Saturday. Nothing like that has happened since that time over 20 years ago; but I keep coming back.

Theater Sex with hot couples has been going on for a long time in middle America. Before that, I guess public sex happened at Drive Inns, cocktail parties and Fraternity Houses.Where did people go to show off and have sex with strangers before swing clubs, glory holes and porn theaters? Where did Mrs. Cleaver go  to get gang banged?

I walked in to the Jefferson Theater around 9:30 on Saturday night. There were two women in the couples section when I arrived. They were young, sweet, a little shy and very sexy. Men were lined up around the
couples section watching them. They were doing nothing. I sat down in the front of the theater and talked to a guy about The Power Exchange in San Francisco. I hear it's a Mecca for unusual sex. The Mecca in
Tacoma is not a Mecca for straight couples having unusual sex. It discourages it. That's okay. The couples can come to Portland.

We wondered how long before the two girls got up and left. It has to be creepy having all those guys stare at you, when you are just sitting there. Except if its me who is staring. Then it isn't creepy. It's sexy.

End of Part 1
The Jefferson was an ideal adult theater, for both the active participant, or the active voyeur.  The DNA of the Jefferson now exisits at The Paris Theater in Portland.  The Jefferson and The Paris both have their own pros and cons...The bottom line is that The Paris exists, whereas The Jefferson does not any longer. 

The King is dead...Long live The King.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on this same channel.


New Feature! Classic Coming Attractions

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Here is the trailer for "Insatiable", the infamous meeting of two porn legends: Marilyn Chambers and John Holmes.  Sit back and enjoy...Dr.'s orders.