Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flash Report: "Better Than Sugar" at The Paris Theater in Portland

Doc here with a Flash Report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours', Brent in Portland.  Looks like last night in The Rose City was a hot one.  Here is Brent with his report:

It was an enjoyable evening at The Paris Theater, Tuesday, January 4, 2011. I got there at the tail end of Kitty Cat Kiss' fuck -venture.

When I walked in she was naked and riding the cock of one of the regulars. After that she took a break and talked with some of the guys who were there. Then she and her FWB went into the couples section where he proceeded to fuck her ass with his big dick and treat her like the unrepentant slut that she is. Her screams of pleasure mixed with pain were fantastic.

After she left two other couples came to The Paris. The first lady was a big
girl with long dark hair. She had on a skirt and boots. She and her man have
been in before. Tuesday night she brought a 7 inch dildo with her. She spread
her legs wide and fucked herself with it, sliding the long fake penis in an out all the way.

After awhile, that wasn't good enough so she went over to the couples annex, handed a condom to a good looking guy, who had been stroking his cock and watching the show, straddled him and fucked him until they were both satisfied.

All this time the other couple was watching her and the guys jacking off to her. She looked like she was a Latina. Or she could have been from India. She couldn't take her eyes off the boys in the penis gallery. Her eyes flashed with excitement . Or maybe she just thought it was all very funny.

2011 is starting out great at The Paris. A man could have gotten laid there, by
a different woman every day since Friday, if had the wherewithall. A girl could
have had the same luck , if she was so inclined..... and a little patience.
Doc here again... The Flag Reports from Portland have been flying hot and heavy, as Brent relayed earlier.  2011 is starting off fast... Hopefully the momentum continues!