Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Flash Report! Brent from Portland (& 2 Amigos) Hit Secrets in Des Moines, WA

Doc here, a man who some say has the fish-slinging ability of legendary tosser Jim "The Man of La Mackerel" Smallwood, with a great Flash Report from my good friend Brent in Portland

Brent, along with two technical advisors, ventured north to Secrets in Des Moines, WA for a look-see and a dosey-do at the Pacific Northwest's hottest adult theater/ABS.  There are a million stories in the naked Northwest... This is one of them. 

Let's kick back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy the theater of the mind presented by the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent. 

Take it away, sir!


Friday had been slow at The Oregon Theater in Portland, so Saturday 10/29/16 I decided to ride up to Des Moines, WA, with a couple of amigos and check out the action at Secrets.

Secrets is one of the cleanest, couples-friendly adult theaters in the Northwest. When we arrived, there were a lot of people hanging out by the front counter- Secrets staff is very friendly to everyone, but especially to the regulars. Saturday, all of the employees were wearing sexy costumes, a sexy witch, a nun whose habit barely covered her ass, and M, the owner, was either in costume or on his way to First Saturday at The Oregon. 

Des Moines, WA
Throughout the night I saw clerks escorting new couples around the building, stopping occasionally to watch the action, explaining to them the @Secrets philosophy and making them feel comfortable.

The action ebbed and flowed. Sometimes I thought a couple had left and then they would reappear again. A short, fit, Linda Hamilton type , came into the main theater with her man and started playing with a lady-boy who is 99 percent passable- they are both regulars @Secrets. The encounter escalated quickly, another couple showed up, She was Asian/ Native Alaskan with beautiful round breasts and thick, hard dark nipples.Her man had her skirt hiked up and was playing with her pussy while they watched LH suck, fuck and jack any dick that was in her horny space.

Later, the sexy Alaskan native, hooked up with a model beautiful black chick and had her first girl on girl experience, on one of the black vinyl couches in Theater 2.

Public Service Announcement: The Art Cinema's Admission Prices to Remain the Same

Doc here, a man who some say should rent out a vacation villa near Hartford, with an update from the mighty Art Cinema.
The following announcement from the owner of The Art Cinema should be good news to all patrons (current and future):
Great news in regard to ticket prices at the Art Cinema!
Despite a prior announcement of a ticket price increase, management has decided to retain the current admission prices for the Art until further notice.
They are:
Couples: $20
Singles: $15
Thanks again for your continued patronage of the Art Cinema, the #1 rated couples friendly adult theater in the US!

So there you have it, kids. No price increases at the mighty Art Cinema for everyday admission until further notice. 

As you were...


Box Score! Ghoul's Night Out Halloween Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford on 10/29/16

Doc here, a man who some say was once voted Groton, CT's most eligible bachelor (in 1992), with the Box Score from this past Saturday's huge Ghoul's Night Out Halloween Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, and hosted by your old friend in the white suit and aviators. 

It was a great evening on Franklin Avenue in Hartford, with great weather and some amazing outfits and costumes on the ladies (and guys too!).

In a follow-up report, The Good Doctor will give you a behind the scenes look at two incredible sexy girls who attended the event (courtesy of Doc's trusty camera). are the numbers:

BOX SCORE: Ghoul's Night Out