Thursday, July 8, 2010

Round 3: Top 3 Adult Theater Women - Bob in Biloxi Weighs In

Doc here with Round 3 of the "Top 3 Adult Theater Women".  Todays nominee comes from frequent flyer Bob in Biloxi, a regular beat reporter from our Southeast field office.  Here is his take:
She's Angel, awesome looking petite dark haired lady, always dresses to the nines. She prefers to start out at the gloryholes (ed. note: at The Gulf Coast Theater), once she finds a cock she likes, she invites you over to her booth. She has done the theater before but prefers the booth for a control method. Seems she doesn’t like being overrun with the vultures in the theater setting. Gives awesome toe curling blow jobs, and has a nice tight shaved pussy. Don't have any pics, not really sure she would like them posted if I did !
Thanks Bob.  Duly noted and logged into our poll!


UPDATED! Top 3 Adult Theater Women Report: Robin of "When I Feel Naughty", by OldBeatNik

Doc here with an update from OldBeatNik on his Top 3 nominee, Robin of "When I Feel Naughty" fame (or infamy).  OBN has followed up his first report with an in-depth profile of Robin, from a participant level (I think this is the first time someone who actually played with Robin has written about it).

So here is OldBeatNik's updated nominee report:


Robin of the"When I Feel Naughty" website is my pick for most memorable theater woman. She was fun, sexy, really good looking, fucked and sucked anyone and everyone, took it in the ass and her husband/boyfriend videoed and photographed it all. 

Here is my first hand story:

In the late 90's and early oughts there was a website called "When I feel Naughty" run by a couple; the male half was the photographer/videographer and the female half was the infamous Robin. You have seen her videos and photos all over the place. It was my pleasure to spend a weekend with her at a theater in Battle Creek Mi.

Robin is beautiful if you like small women. She is only 5'3" or 4, 100-110lbs or so at first 110-120 or so towards the end. Small tits but they looked good on her. Her male escort (never did find out if he was hubby or boyfriend) was a man of my own heart and a god to all us nebbishes. He had found a young (in her early to mid 20's)beautiful woman stripping in a club and turned her into a gangbang loving slut who also loved to have those gangbangs in public, with strangers, and be filmed while doing them.

He always dressed her in short flippy skirts, the kind you can easily get your hands under and easy to move out of the way. She always started her playing fully clothed and when she got to fucking she just flipped that skirt up her legs and slipped your cock in. She always wore stockings, eithered gartered or thigh highs. She loved sucking cock and always wanted it in her mouth. She would look up into your eyes as you came into her wide open mouth. We would look into her deep set eyes and watch our cocks empty themselves on her tongue; she would look at the camera, show her cum filled mouth, then swallow the load. I never fucked her that weekend but I did cum in her mouth as much as I could.

They would enter the theater and sit for 10 or 15 minutes watching the movie and getting the cameras ready. Robin would turn and look at the men beginning to surround her as much as she watched the screen. When all was ready she would invite a guy to sit next to her, her guy got up and they both went to work. He with his cameras and Robin with her mouth, pussy and ass. I watched her, as part of a circle jerk, get fucked in the ass by four men in a row. As us jerkers got close to cumming we would step up to her face and cum in her mouth. This scene was choreographed, the guy wanted something special for the website (it was one of the reasons I drove 10 hours one way for). All other scenes were spontaneous. At one point each evening she would leave the theater and go to the booths and suck some anonymous cock through a glory hole as her man captured it for posterity. I am not a glory hole kind of guy. I like to see the women, especially the way they are dressed, as they come into a theater, there is something incredibly erotic about that sight. So I never went with them to the booths. Both nights I was at the theater there were other couples playing too, so I still had action to watch. On the website they told of their plan for the weekend so other couples were out in abundance. On Friday night one of the other women got into the act and ate Robins pussy, other than that once it was all men all the time.

Friday night she had her pussy eaten by a woman, sucked at least a dozen cocks, had somewhere near 20 loads dropped in her mouth and been fucked by eight men.

Saturday night she sucked another dozen men, was fucked in the ass by four men and fucked a half dozen others.

And this was just one weekend in the myriad they had while the website existed. They did this once every other month or so for several years. In between they would go dogging and to a park somewhere in Michigan where she would fuck and suck several strangers.

She was quite the woman; and for "this thing of ours" theirs' was the best site on the web.

I humbly submit my vote for Robin

Doc here again...Robin played at the adult theaters in Grand Rapids and Battle Creek, Michigan. The Cini-Mini I and II, and Romantix were her usual haunts.  Romantix is still around, but the Cini-Mini I&II I believe is history.