Sunday, August 21, 2011

TOP Adult Theater Experience - Round 1 - Randy @ The Jefferson Theater in Portland

Doc here with the first entry into the All-Time TOP Adult Theater Experience rodeo... First time contributor Randy had a great experience at the late great Jefferson Theater in Portland, OR. 

You are going to have a couple good laughs during this report...You'll know when you get to them.

Here is Randy's entry... Enjoy!


Old Jefferson Theater in Portland, Oregon, circa 2000

Classic old theater. Sitting up front near the stage when a couple comes in and they boldly come right to the stage where a buxom red-head and her man have been putting on a show for 15-20 minutes.  She was flashing her tits, talking dirty to the crowd, enjoying being the center of attention. 

Jefferson Theater
Once the second couple comes in, the red head is all about the girl.  The bold couple communicate in a complicated series of burping and farting sounds (no joke) but she backs up to the stage, bends over to suck cock displayed in the front row and the red head fingers her from behind.  This goes on for 15-20 minutes...she will suck a guy for a while and then go on to the next one, all the while the red head is working digits in her pussy, enjoying herself. 

By the time my cock is at the front of the que, the red head has pulled out a full sized mag light. covered it with a condom, and is fucking our lady with it.  My cock is down this gal's throat, her man is burping and making farting sounds that apparently means something to her, and the red head has turned on the mag light and it is shining on the screen. 

I remember looking down her back and only seeing the head of the mag light sticking out of her pussy.  She blew me for 5 minutes, as she broke into a sweat and turned beet red from the mag light fucking.  She finally had to call a time out and took a water break.   Between the blowjob, the mag light and the burp/fart lexicon, it was is was by far the craziest theater experience.



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Thanks to Randy for a great report from the late great Jeff.