Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flash Report! "Wading In With WM" - Horse Cave, KY & Theatair X in Clarksville, IN

Doc here with a brand new feature here at the Journal... "Wading In With WM". WM will be contributing a series reports on an ongoing basis on his visits to adult theaters. 

So join WM as he wades into Horse Cave, KY and Theatair X in Clarksville, KY.



My travels took me through Kentucky on my way to Louisville for a meeting a few weeks ago.  I stopped at the ABS in Horse Cave, KY (Ed. note: DC Adult Books) and arrived in the early evening, expecting great things.  I stayed for a couple of hours and didn't see any couples come in, but one of the regulars told me that there had been an older couple in that afternoon and stayed for a few hours and left very pleased as did the guys.
The next night I visited Theatair X in Clarksville, IN.  I had heard great things about this place and was hoping that I would get my theater cherry popped while I was there.  I went into the straight theater and all that was there were a few guys and a red headed TS.

Theatair X
4505 Highway 31 E, Clarksville, IN

After being there for a couple of hours, I was ready to go, but held out hope.  My wait paid off as a couple walked in.  I perked up in my second row seat and watched as they walked to the front and settled in right in front of me.  I know she was there for a good time as she was dressed in all black... a trench coat and boots, with very little on under it.  When she shed the coat, she had on a black nightie with no panties. 

They enjoyed the movie for a while and finally started kissing and teasing each other.  Then she slipped of her bra straps and revealed her nice tits. After that he started rubbing her pussy to which she came at least twice.  Then she leaned over and started sucking his cock.  As I peered over my sit, I had a birds eye view of her nice ass, which he was playing with.  As I watched, my patience paid off as he asked me if I would like to touch her ass?   I thought of course and then move up to the seat next to her. 

As I stroked her nice firm ass, I moved my hand down to her super wet pussy, which was very tight.  I gently teased her and gently slipped one finger in.  Then as I slipped a second finger in she moaned loudly.  As I started moving them in and out, she started moving her ass in rhythm.  As she got into it more, I slipped a third and then a fourth finger into her pussy!   She pumped against my hand for a while finally cumming all over it, as she continued sucking her mans cock.
As the crowd of 6 guys around me watched, I didn't want to hog her, so I moved over and sit on the other side of them and the other guys moved in.  By them doing this, it scared her and she froze up and shut off all action.  I had some conversation with them and we said our thanks to each other and they left. 

All in all, great visit and will definitely plan to go back.



Doc here again... Nicely done WM!  There will be more reports in the near future, including one from Fantasyland in Tampa that I will be editing soon (it's a good one!).

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to submit to The Journal, just like WM did?  Just e-mail your best buddy, The Good Doctor at I'll do the rest...