Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tonight at Buffalo's Video Liquidators on Elmwood Avenue at 10:30pm: Blonde Hotwife from Toronto

Doc here with an Upcoming Visit Announcement from my good friend, Tony in Toronto.

Do you like your MILFS blonde haired, blue eyed?  Will you be in Buffalo, NY this Saturday May 18th?  If so, you are in luck my friends... Here is who is coming to dinner:

She is blonde, blue eyes, a sexy hotwife from Toronto with a killer ass and tiny titties. Cummmmming to play with straight hubby and lover at Buffalo's Video Liduidators on Elmwood Avenue this Saturday May 18th. 

Will arrive after 10:30pm dressed for the part. Looking and craving BBC(s).


Flash Report! The Happy Yid @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago - Friday Night 5/17

Doc here with a Flash Report from last night @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicagoland. I had advanced warning that it was going to be a good night at 15th from a regular couple I know.  Unfortunately for The Good Doctor, I was on rounds last night and could not attend.
Luckily for us, The Happy Yid was there last night, and was kind enough to submit his report while the iron was still hot.
So please sit back, pop open a Fanta, and enjoy this report from regular contributor, The Happy Yid.
Hello Doc,
Wow was last night fun!  Went to 15th Avenue Adult Theater and paid the single rent of $20 for the theatre.  Took a quick stroll and saw some of the usual suspects hanging near the booth doors.  Went into the theatre and the Couples area was empty but 5 guys interspersed around the seats.  Sitting down on the corner seat of the row in front of the couples section is a very regular at the 15th Ave. 
15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa
 I am sitting there 10 minutes enjoying the movie (big titted woman sucking cock) when in walks a BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIRED BLONDE into the theatre with her hubby.  You see, she's a regular and instantly kisses hello and such like long time friends.  Well after a few seconds and this hottie is sucking our regular friends cock. 

As a crowd surrounds (let's call her 'Blondie') quickly turns to" Dagwood"  hands her clothing as she hops on board while a few of the guys begin after securing ok from both Blondie and Dagwood to play and touch what's available!
One of the other regulars suggests if they want, there is a massage table bed behind the screen!  Blondie seems excited and the crowd extremely respectful backs up and escorts Blondie and Dagwood behind the screen.  Blondie hops up and quickly lays down tits up on the bed and invites all "cummers"!  As Blondie is literally handling 3 cocks (one in the mouth and one in each hand) Dagwood requests" everyone shoot your load on her Tits" and he holds on her left knee never losing interest.  Blondie is a slim 30's looking gal so fucking hot with sculpted tits and nice pink nipples on dime size crinkled (excitedly) aureoles.  Blondie had about 20 guys including yours truly get into the fun.
As the action slowed around Blondie I noticed that one fellow was sucking and eating her pussy for the whole time as Blondie eventually had a lot of orgasms (at least 4) squirting vibrating quaking orgasms. I returned to the main theatre and noticed 2 other couples all sitting in middle row.  They eventually went into the spa (additional charge for locker room sauna and occasionally the party room is opened for intermingling with couples)
It was a great night !  Mind and schmuck were happy and I had a story to tell you all!  Just remember go slow and ASK FIRST!  You will be surprised what a bit of thanks and respect and manners gets you!
One comment at 15th street standing is not allowed (which I agree prevents the couples from feeling crowded in.  Come in and sit down and relax good things will happen!
Enjoying this thing of ours till next time!
Happy Yid !
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Happy Yid for his report... Keep up the fine work, sir.
Were you at 15th Avenue Adult Theater last night as well, and would like to throw your two cents worth in?  Please e-mail The Good Doctor @ We would love to hear from you.