Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Field Report: Jolar Theater in San Diego by Erin Go Bragh

Doc here with an outstanding first-time report from our latest addition to the Dr. Emilio I-Team: Mr. Erin Go Bragh.  Submissions like Erin 's Field Report on The Jolar in San Diego are great to receive.  Why? Because he has used The Journal as a resource to explore the adult theater scene (in San Diego), and after his initial recon mission, with be going back with his best girl.

Here is EGB's report on The Jolar:



I was so glad to stumble across your page about a month ago. I had no idea the adult theater scene was still active. I didn't even know there were still adult theaters within driving distance of me!
On to my story...

I had read about The Jolar in San Diego on your very informative (and hot) pages. It was perfect timing. My friend is getting married and his best man bungled his bachelor party really bad. Here's a guy that's as sex crazed as I am, who's never even been to a strip club, and there's no prospect of naked women on his agenda.

As soon as I read about the Jolar, I swung into action. Us and the old ladys' swing together, so I messaged his fiancée about going, and got the green light right away. I contacted him, and we were off to the races last Sunday. Knowing Sunday afternoon wasn't likely to contain much action aside from a sausage fest, we took our chances driving two hours out there.

Doc, I felt like I'd stepped into a place of historical value thinking about the Mexican girl you fucked in the parking lot (story link HERE). We went inside and chatted up the clerk who was very friendly and accommodating. He let us go into the theater before we paid to scope the action, and ended up only charging us for one admission due to my buddy's bachelor party situation.

First off I have to say that I've been all across this great country, and the Jolar has one of the cleanest bathrooms I've ever been in. The theater setup is small, but the chairs are very nice, and also clean. The courtesy tissues are placed very frequently, and the porn was pretty good.

Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA

We both had to work early, and sadly in our hour or so in the theater, there was no couple/female attendance. You win some you lose some. The consolation of getting private fantasy shows on our way out was still great though. He had Bobbi, a smoking hot blonde with a very nice large rack, and I had Kianna, a nice tight little Asian girl. We compared notes after, and they both gave stellar shows that were sure to require some glass cleaning from the janitor. Both booths were very clean, also with tissues. The video arcade booths looked spacious, and clean, but we didn't go into them. Don't know if they have glory holes or not (Ed. note: They don't unfortunately).

As we left we inquired to the clerk, and found out that couples are always free, and that Wednesday and Saturday nights are couples nights.

We made the trip back home and described the scene to our respective missis' and we now have a scheduled double date night there a few Saturday's after the wedding. My wife says she hopes they have glory holes because the thought of sucking anonymous cock has her VERY turned on. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for introducing us to "this thing of ours" !

Erin Go Bragh


Doc here again... Thanks again to Erin Go Bragh for a great first time report.  Keep up the great work! I'm glad that The Journal has opened the doors to this thing of ours' for you, your friends, and your SO. That is our (OK, my) goal with The Journal.  Provide a public service to our niche of society, and to allow others to live vicariously through our experiences.  If The Journal can open a couple's eyes to the world of adult theaters, then my job here has been accomplished.

I am looking forward to EGB's next report, this time involving his lady and the couple they swing with.  Who know's, maybe even Estella might be in attendance the night they visit.

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