Saturday, December 17, 2011

Flash Report: Big Night @ CTs in Gary by The Back Row Reporter - 12/16/11

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Back Row Reporter.  The setting is CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, and the build-up to last night was a few days in the making.  Both ladies who attended are now regulars at CTs, and The Gallery was not disappointed.

Here is The Back Row Reporter...


Hi Doc,

It was a very good night at CTs Adult Theater last night.  Both PurePleasure and the "DR" put on a heck of a show.  Many of CTs fans may know of PurePleasure and she's one of CTs all time favorite ladies.  But this new lady - "The DR" is coming on strong. 

This was the DR's 3rd visit as reported in the post on CT and I had the good fortune to see her on one previous occasion.  She is called the "DR" because it's been said that she is a real doctor as in an MD (doctor of medicine).  But who knows and who cares really.  I guess it may be a big turn on to some guys to think they have nailed a doctor.  But for me it only matters that she's very sexy. 

The "DR" is on the slim side with a tight body and a nice rack.  And although I prefer the thicker women (as in PurePleasure), the "DR" is very hot.  So last night we had 2 hot women.  And as I'd hoped at some point they were both fucking at the same time.  That's a big turn on for me as it brings back memories of my first "real" experience at CTs with multiple women fucking.

PurePleasure arrived first at about 9:45pm.  After a little warm up with her husband she got right down to business.  PurePleasure had already posted her preference.  She sucks and jerks all comers but she prefers to fuck only black fellas.  No worries guys because PurePleasure is an exceptionally good giver of blowjobs and jerksoffs.  Everyone leaves happy with PurePleasure.  She's a sexy, thick, mature lady.... hmmm, just like I like em.  And she dressed the part too.  Very nice getup with sexy black stockings.  She sucked and jerked a few fellas to a happy ending and fucked a couple black guys. 

At the start there weren't alot of fellas there and only a couple black guys.  This can be both good and bad.  Good for those of us there because the wait isn't long and coming back for seconds isn't a problem.  But bad because it really doesn't take long for a honey like PurePleasure to drain the available guys and be left waiting and wanting more.  Fortunately, more fellas showed up.  And more sucking, jerking, and fucking occurred.

The "DR" arrived at about 10:50pm.  She arrived in a long coat which was removed to reveal everything.  That's right she had nothing on under that coat.  Her fella is a big black guy who's apparently her master.  So this is a master/sub type of thing.  They arrived with another lady in tow.  A thicker lady as opposed to the DR's slim build.  Both are white ladies that I guess to be in their early 40s.  A nice combo to bring to CTs.  Alas, the other lady didn't play with the crowd.  She played a little with their master (getting finger banged by him and sucking him some).  But the "DR" didn't waste a moment of time taking off the coat and climbing right on to the table.  The fellas quickly surrounded her and the gangbang was on.

Before this her fella/master stated the rules rather forcefully (condoms all the time for everything).
So PurePleasure is still there and just as I'd hoped there came a time when both ladies were fucking.  I like the sound and sight of it.  It's nice to see a gangbang.  But with two or more women at the same time it's just intensified. 

PurePleasure requires condoms for fucking.  So while the "DR" is getting pounded on the table another black fella strapped on a condom and went to work on PurePleasure.  The "DR" on the table and PurePleasure just a couple feet away kneeling dogging style on a seat.  Wow,  I stood witness to this getting ever harder which is a feat given that PurePlease had already drained me.  I'm waiting in line for the "DR" with a great view of PurePleasure getting it dogging.  She's enjoying it, he's cumming after a good go, and I'm enjoying sight of it. 

I know I'm just moments from mounting the "DR" but yeah, I've got my preference and the sexy lady PurePleasure does it for me.  But I'm up next and before I can fully re-imagine that scene I'm totally balls deep into the "DR".  Nice and tight this pussy is.  I'm giving her all I got captain but it's not long before my warp drive faded and I pull out to make way for the next fella.  I guess PurePleasure got the best I had to give last night and that's all right by me.

It was quite a scene last night and one I hope repeats often.  PurePleasure ranks up there with my favorites which include WISWIFE4USE and Laney from Texas.  But this new lady - the "DR" is coming on strong.

Signing off from the back row,


Nicely done BRR!  I was getting progress reports into the news desk here at The Journal on Friday night about the action @ CTs with PurePleasure and The Dr.   Luckily, we had a man on the ground, deeply embedded in the front lines PurePleasure and The Dr.

Keep the reports coming sir!


A Holiday Message From The Good Doctor

Doc here with a quick holiday message to you, the good readers and reporters of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

I am here to offer my apologies for the last week and a half of little to no new reports here at The Journal.  It has been a busy time here in The Valley, where besides The Journal, I juggle two additional business in the vanilla world.  And of course, Christmas is the busy time of year for them.  However, the rush is over, and I can put my lab coat back on and resume my duties here at The Journal.

If you have submitted a report in the last 7-10 days, I will get to your report and have it up. To those few who have let me know that they are not happy with the delay nor with The Good Doctor, I apologize.  Please realize The Journal is online as a free service to you, not a profit vehicle for your old resort waiter looking buddy. 

So check back often in between wrapping gifts, sipping egg nogg, or taking liberties with a nubile lass in an adult theater. 

Buon Natale!