Thursday, June 10, 2010

R&R For The Good Doctor

"A Dr. Emilio Sunset", circa 2010

This is the time of year where adult theater sex bloggers take a little R&R.  For example, my esteemed colleague, Major_Voyeur, took a week off and traveled to Lake Ecolli where he had sex something like 130 times that week.  (Make sure you check out his blog from that week at

The Good Doctor has been burning the candle at both ends for several months now since he recently expanded his practice in The Valley.  I'm out of gas, ladies and gentlemen of This Thing of Our's.   The batteries need to be recharged, and I have found the ideal location to do just that...The beautiful Isle of Stugots.
During my week away, I encourage you to submit any field reports, Blasts from the Past, photos, or theater profiles to me at  When I get back to my office, tan and rested, I will be publishing reports like a mad man.  Make your report one of them.

To get your fix of this Thing of Our's in my absence, please visit Major_Voyeur's most awesome blog. 

So to you all, and all the ships at sea, see you back here in a week.


Flash Reports: Portland and Gary, IN

Doc here with two Flash Reports from the top 2 adult theater markets according to the latest Power Rankings:  Portland, OR & Gary, IN.

Let's start with Portland.

Kittycat Kiss made a visit to The Oregon Theater and judging from the 1st person account she has provided, had a fun and cum filled evening in the theater on Division Street:
June 5th, 2010 @ The Oregon

I got to the theater at 6 PM with my escort. We went right to the new couples section and began to play immediately. Knowing my escort is very much a boob man I flung my 40 D's out immediately. He enjoyed my nipples as the men looked on. There was more men there than usual for when I visit and they all looked
like they were enjoying the show (DUH). My escort also likes eating pussy, so down he went, MMM. It wasn't long before he sent me into orbit and I spread cum all over his face. Then he took a drink of the COLD water and douched my pussy with it, OMG that was intense.

While the water drained from my pussy he took it all back into his mouth then came up and kissed me, sharing. I gargled with it and swallowed it down, yummy, pussy water. He continued to lick and eat my pussy to several more orgasms, once I have the first one they cum easily. I was ready to suck on some cock so we moved closer to the edge of the couples section. When I bend over to take his cock hands were all over me rubbing my ass, caressing my nipples and fingering my wet hole. After sucking his cock a bit he brought out the toys from his "bag of tricks."

Started with a vibrating strap on that he used to fuck me with and brought me to an intense orgasm as the guys continued to caress my body and stroke their cocks all around me. After getting me off again, he brought out the BIG boy. (smiling) He had to work this one into my tight little hole, but fucked me with it as I was doggie on the couch, cocks in my face everywhere. There was one cock I just couldn't leave alone and sucked on him. But my escort wanted more pussy, so I lay back on the couch and he ate me some more to a few more orgasms.

I finally had to have some cock and had him lay on the couch. I straddled him and rode him until he filled my cunt with his load. OMG it felt so good to be filled up. Forgive me but not sure if at this point what happened next exactly, we played a bit more in the couples section, we were in there for about an hour. Finally Kitty was ready to take on all the cock I could get. Main_man was there and introduced himself with handing me a bottle of water, so once I headed to the table up front and I invited him to be the first to give me some cock.

Guys naturally followed to the table and continued to stroke their cocks and take their turns. Nothing like getting all I want, I got to admit I'm selfish when it comes to cock, I want them all, any place I can have them. Man after man fucked my cunt, some with condoms and some without. Generally I prefer condoms but this was a "bring it on" kind of night. Some even took my ass and filled it with loads, love that! The guys got me in every way, my ass at the end of the table, bend over the end of the table as I was standing, laying on the table and up on all fours on the table too. At one point as I was laying on my back on the table taking cock after cock, one bold man ( I like that) climbed over my face and let me suck his cock until he spilled his load all over my face. Now I have to say here that it was a HUGE load that covered my face and since I was a bit busy satisfying you all, could not get up and leave for towels to clean my face and eyes off, so thank you to the guys who brought towels and napkins and helped clean it from my eyes especially. And thank you all for not cumming in my mouth, a NO NO for Kitty.

So back to the events . . . . . How does one recall everything exactly as it happens, I mean I was there playing for 3 ½ hours. So I'll keep it general. For the rest of the night I mingled with some of the guests, men women and cross dressers too. Occasionally stopping to join my escort as he was playing elsewhere. I finally joined up with Juli, the blonde CD with a glowing mouth. She asked me to fist her ass, a first for me. So on the glove went ant I worked my hand into her ass. The guys gathered of course and I heard a comment, that "I have never seen that before." Glad that I could give you all something to enjoy, that I could fuck all the cock that I wanted or wanted to fuck me and that you all enjoyed the show. I had a blast and look forward to going back again.
At CTs Adult Theater and Bookstore in Gary, IN, the "NOWWWW" flags sent out by the owner Pete were coming fast and furious on Saturday 6/5.  This quick note from poster "Jim and Mary" says it all:
Hey Everyone!

If you weren't at CT's last night, then you missed the time of your life. There were so many women there that it was a buffet of anything you were looking for lol. The theater was so crowded that folks were fucking in the booths & giving blow jobs in the lobby lol.

Thanks again to Pete for giving us all a place to come & play!

Jim & Mary
Doc here again...  It was one of those crazy weekends at both PDX and Gary that I wish I was there to observe and report.

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The God Doctor's Journal?  E-mail me at, and all your wishes will come true.