Friday, August 3, 2012

Flash Report! Old Marine Corps Guy on The Barnett Superstore in San Diego

Doc here... This report from Old Marine Corps Guy is taken from his recent Tour of Duty 2012 from SoCal, to Las Vegas.

OMCG hits paydirt once again in San Diego, and it's Barnett Superstore this time. 

This is where we pick up our report...

Take it away, sir!


Friday, Barnett Superstore, San Diego.

Walked in about 11:00PM just as a very sexy lady in a blouse, mini skirt and high heels walked past me (alone) towards the front doors.  Long brown, mid back, length hair, about 30(ish) and looked kind of like Deborah Winger.  I thought then that she would be great to see in the theater, but I just went and paid my admission and went into the theater.

There were quite a few guys in both theaters, but no couples.  I had already been to the Adult Depot and there was nothing there either. I sat down to begin my wait for something to come in when I heard the door buzz and open and some high heel “clicks” start walking in.  Well, it was the woman who had walked by me when I came in.  She walked to a bald headed, mid 30’s, man sitting in the second row from the back and sat in hi lap.  They started talking and he started rubbing her tits.

He told her to take off her bra and she did that thing that women do with taking it off while it’s still inside her blouse (I still don’tknow how they do that).  Well, it came off and the blouse was pulled up to reveal some very delicious “C” cups.  He started bouncing them up and down (teasing the 20+ guys who were all watching and jacking off), and pinching her nipples. 

Well, he put her into the chair next to him, pulled her mini up and started playing with her pussy. You could tell that they had done this many times before by the relaxed manner that they were playing.  She kind of scooched up and pulled her skirt up to her waist and threw her legs over Herman's leg and the guy sitting next to her. Her man really started going to town with finger fucking her and she was moaning real loudly.

About this time the guy next to her started sucking on one tit and a guy from behind her started playing with the other one.  Then the another guy reached in to play with her pussy.  Her man told the guys to, “takegood care of her, guys”, and got up and went into the other theater.!!!  This blew my mind, and it must have everyone else too because then it became a feeding frenzy.

One guy got down and started eating her pussy, I sat down next to her and she started jacking me off until I got up on the seat and started jacking off close to her face (I was hoping :D).  Well, she took the hint and started sucking my cock with a whole lot of slurping. While she was sucking me off, the guy who had been eating her pussy put on a cover and started fucking her.  You could tell that she liked it a lot because of all the moaning she was doing.  He and I seemed to finish at the same time (he covered, me uncovered and came in her mouth…she was a swallower).  We both got up to let the next guys get up to bat.

I went outside to catch my breath and the guy who fucked her, and a couple of other guys were outside and we started talking.  They told me that this couple were regular sand came in about once a month and would usually stay until four or five in the morning.  Well, just about the time that was said, the couple came out, got in their car and drove off.  Well, we thought that was strange for them,but things change.  It seems like she fucked 4 guys and blew 3 more while we were outside talking, before they left.  They had a good time.

I was back into the theater about 45 minutes later when they came back in.  They had gone out to the liquor store.  They downed a few drink sand talked with the guys who were still in the theater. (the crowd had thinned out by was after 0200). 

Well, after their drinks she took off all her clothes and said she wanted as much more as she could get. There were only about 8 or 10 of us left by this time, but most of us came to the rescue for her.  She took on all cummers until there was only me left. I’m an old guy, and I’d already cum about 2 hours before but I said, “One More For The Corps”, covered up and started to fuck her.  I was amazed at how tight he pussy was,especially after all the dick that had fucked her already.  It didn’t take that long before I came and said thanks.  I pulled up my pants and left.  I checked my watch and it was 0430.  I figured she had been there for over 5hours, and I have no idea how many cocks she had that night, but I know she was smiling when all was said and done. 

It was a good night, Maynard.  :D


Thank you sir for another great report from the trenches.  Keep up the fine work!