Friday, June 28, 2013

Coming Attraction! Sexy Slut @ Video Liquidators in Buffalo Saturday 6/29 @ 9:30PM (w/8 PICS!)

Doc here with a Coming Attraction announcement... Tomorrow, Saturday 6/29 @ Video Liquidators, 1770 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY, a good friend of mine will be taking his sexy slut friend for a night at the adult theater.

Here are the details, plus HOT pics of his slutty friend. 



Hot sexy slut from Toronto going to Video Liquidators in Buffalo with her
straight lover this Saturday June 29th. We should be there after 9 30pm. She has
long brunette hair w/beautiful brown eyes. tall girl -  5ft 8inches, small tities but
a killer ass! She will be dressed for the part as my white slut trolling for BBC
.....we were there a few weeks ago and she loved it!

Also might head to TOTT afterwards...again...she perfers BBC. Loves to see guys jurk off and cum on her tits etc.. We look forward to seeing you!

Here are a few pics of this sexy slut!:

Flash Report! Last Night at The Gulf Coast Adult Theater by G.K. Arbee

Doc here with a great first time report from our newest contributor, G.K. Arbee. He will be covering the Gulf Coast Adult Theater over the next few days, and this is report #1 from just last night.
Take it away, sir!
Good Dr,
Thursday, June 27, 2013.
Report from G.K. Arbee from the Biloxi Adult Theater.
I live in North Ft. Worth Texas, and I knew I had an upcoming business trip to the Gulf Coast coming near. So, I decided to ask for a couple extra days off from work and the wifey, to “vacation” down in Biloxi. I didn’t have to tell them it would be at the Adult Theater and or Bookstore. My business here wouldn’t be until first week in July, so that would give me all day Fri, Sat, and Sunday to have fun.  Now, I’ve been reading the fine blog of the Great Dr. Lizardo, and some of the great contributors from the Biloxi area, but haven’t read anything too current. 
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
My last visit in Feb 2013 were  to the theater and bookstore here were awful. I spent 8 house in the Theater and 2 more in the bookstore, NOTHING. The theater had mostly the confused, and those couples that did venture in were so harassed, they quickly left. I did see a few couples in the theater, but had no interest of doing anything. The bookstore was way worse. The dude behind the counter was a total asshole, like to smoke pot in the store, place stunk and the confused were all I saw there. The ONLY GOOD THING to come from the visit in February, a non-confused guy in the parking lot told me about your Adult Theater Blog!! I’ve been addicted ever since!
OK, so I pack up the car and head for Biloxi Thursday around noon and really just plan on going to my hotel and go to the theater on Fri-Sun. I get held up in traffic, road construction, my Cell phone totally crapped out on me, and I figure, ah, what the fuck. I decide to detour down to the Theater, even though I have to pay my 10 bucks and they will close in 90 minutes.
I enter the theater, take a piss, pay for a theater ticket and a condom, and figure, what the hell, this will be an hour wasted.
MAN WAS I SURPRISED!! I walk in and there’s a huge crowd around the middle couch. As soon as I go through the door I hear a woman Moaning in passion. I did not recognize her from any of the old postings on the blog. She was late 40’s, chunky, but NOT a BBW.  I’ll call her Thursday Night Surprise—TNS.
Gulf Coast Theater
Interior #1
TNS is very attractive, nice natural 36 tits. When I walk in, she’s got a BBC in her pussy and she’s sucking off another dude. There is a guy in his late 50’s that is with her, holding up her legs. All the action with her was covered, (glad to see!!). After the monster BBC cums inside his condom, she wipes herself down with a towel, and, like the greedy bastard that I am, jump in and give her beautiful lightly hairy pussy a nice licking. Shit, I’d just finished a 11 hour car ride, was dead dog tired, and just fried an expensive cell phone.., but, just wasn’t into suiting up and performing in front of the crowd.
After I ate her pussy, a King Kong sized BBC gave her the thrill she was looking for, she was moaning loudly with pleasure and did have an orgasm. She then said she was getting sore and needed to sit up for a minute and she wanted some water. Well, I went and got her some water, came back and she said “thank you”.  Then another guy started fucking TNS again and I stood up, asked her guy if she would suck me. He said that she was to reward me for getting her water and to go ahead and let her suck and or jerk me, but she does not like to swallow, but by all means you can cum all over her, just watch the eyes. I stood up, took of my pants, was already hard and TNS sucked me bare for less than a minute, then gave me a hand job until I unloaded a massive load on her tits and cheek. I did get a small applause from the guys for being the first one to cum on her. It was a big load.
After I shot my wad, I put my pants back on, thanked the man for sharing his wonderful cumslut and staggered out the door in total shock.  I’ve been visiting the theaters in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and all along the Gulf Coast for 25 years and know that the odds of that happening are so slim.
There seems to be no substitute for spending hour after hour at the theater just hoping to get lucky. Tonight proved to me that sometimes, it’s just all a matter of luck.
I’ve spent days and days with my ass in an uncomfortable seats all over the southern US, only to be surrounded by the confused or the TS/CD or nervous couples.  I gave myself 3 days to just hope against hope that I would see some action, and perhaps get a little lucky…. On a fluke, I say “What the Fuck” and go to the theater for just 90minutes and have my best experience ever in an adult theater. 
Ok, so I’m back at my hotel, wondering how in the hell I will ever top this. I’ll be at the Theater from open to close on Friday through Sunday!! I hope more reports will follow!!!

G.K. Arbee
Doc here again... Many thanks not only for today's report, but in advance of the reports soon to come from Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater.  You are off to a great start, sir.