Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blast From The Past! Woody From The North on the Tampa Scene

Doc here with a great first time Blast From The Past Report from Woody from the North.  His report showcases Thee Love Shack, in Tampa, FL.

Here is Woody...

Hello Doc et. al. ,

Woody here from the North.  I travel quite a bit and as such have opportunities to sample many of our fine venues.

This is not a recent report, but it was my first actual foray into "this thing of ours".  By the way, I love that phrase as it makes everyone seem part of the group even though we are all a bit out there. Having been married for several years and over those years we had a bit of playful fooling around in theaters, but I have to admit I never realized what I was missing.

A few years back, on a business trip to Tampa, I had a Saturday night free and went to a video store in Drew Park near the airport.  I don't remember the name of the place, but it had a bookstore and booths on the first floor with three or so theaters upstairs.  Maybe you or one of our fine members knows the name.  (ed note: This is Thee Love Shack in Tampa).

There was a very dark large theater, with some smaller rooms.  I went into one room that seated 8 or 10.  There were five guys or so and one couple with an absolute knockout of a redhead wife.  She had a short skirt on with beautiful white panties.  The two of them seemed to be in and a lot with the husband looking for the best venue and the wife just going along.  She seemed very interested in the guys stroking their dicks.  Not much happened and the couple got up and left. 

Thee Love Shack, Tampa, FL
Like a herd of sheep, the crowd moved into the large dark theater.  It was very dark, I took a seat near the back, and eventually I noticed a couple of women near the back, with a couple or two more toward the front.  I think the women in the back were probably working girls, but they were nice in any case. 

After a while, there was a sudden rush to one side which reminded me of a feeding frenzy when fish are fed.  I had to investigate, and there was a couple where the blonde wife was taking on all comers.  I worked my way into the line and after a few minutes got my turn.  The husband asked if I had a condom, which I did and so with his wife on a chair, and me between her legs, I was able to get my first real theater sex.  She was busy stroking and sucking and fucking all that were present. 

I finished, and then after a half hour or so, the temperature in the room was hot and stuffy and the woman asked for a water.  I went downstairs to get her a water and brought it back for her.   They started again, and continued for quite a while. 

As they were leaving, they said "thanks for the water", and I said "THANK YOU!"  As the couple left the theater, the working girls had a long round of applause for the honored guests. Back in the hotel room I couldn't believe how my best sexual experience had come true, and the rest of course is history.

If folks are interested, I can relay other trips, even though they aren't very recent.

Woody from the North


Doc here again... Thanks for the great first time report Woody!  By all means, continue to submit these "Blasts From The Past" Reports... I many cases, all that is left of many classic adult theaters from the past are the stories.  And The Journal is as good a place to relay these events as any.

The Journal needs your reports... Just e-mail Turk Broda The Good Doctor at, provide a pen name (if you haven't submitted previously), and I will do the rest... Editing, formatting, polishing.  You get the byline and the glory.